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The fairy ring transportation system is unlocked by members after starting the Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen quest and getting permission from the Fairy Godfather.


Fairy Rings make up one of the largest teleportation networks in RuneScape.

Fairy rings

You will find yourself with the ability to teleport to useful places you couldn't before, such as TzHaar, the Legends' GuildMiscellaniaCanifisand even near the lair of the almighty Kalphite Queen! The Fairy rings are used in Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queenbut like I have stated above, they can be used to teleport to other locations. Completion of the quest is NOT required. You just need to start the quest you do not need the skill requirements, but you do need the quest requirements and get permission from the Fairy Godfather to use them.

You can use fairy rings as many times as you want, there is nothing to charge or pay for. Using the rings is actually quite simple. Around RuneScape are multiple rings that look like this:. Rings you find outside of Zanaris will simply teleport you to the main and most powerful fairy ring in Zanaris, which is located southeast of the bank. This ring can teleport you to any other fairy ring around Runescape.

Fairy rings

You also need to have your Dramen Staff or Lunar Staff equipped when you use them or you will not be taken anywhere. Each controller contains four mushrooms inscribed with a letter from left to right: "abcd", "ijkl", "pqrs". Clicking on a mushroom will cause the controller to rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the position of the letter.

In the above image, clicking on the "b" will rotate the leftmost controller counterclockwise, while clicking on the "d" will rotate it clockwise. It is possible to add up to 8 locations of your choice to your favorites by clicking the green heart icon next to the coordinates in your travel log. This will automatically input the combination. If you click the "Fast Teleport" box, you will arrive at the location quicker due to circumventing the turning animation.

Metabolism boost: wow fairy magic sure is useful

Once you have dialed the combination you would like, click on the "Teleport to this location" button to arrive at the location you've chosen. Tip: You can rapidly click a ring to have it rotate multiple positions.

There are some coordinates you cannot use if you have not completed certain quests. For example, you cannot go anywhere in Canifis if you have not completed Priest in Peril. Location: Mudskipper Point, south of Port Sarim. It is useless, nothing to do here. Some call this dungeon a continuation to the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. In this dungeon, you can find many slayer monsters. Most of them are replicas of the ones in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

However, there are a few that reside only in this dungeon.

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Location: Close to the Fremennik Slayer Cave entrance. Location: Penguin Isle!

A small island by Miscellania with little level 2 penguins! Location: Outside the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. The colony is to the north. To the south, you can find a hunting area and Eagles' Peak. Location: Feldip Hills, by the pile of rock mine. To the south you can find a hunting area.

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Location: In a cave to the south of Jiggig. Location: The Haunted Woods. Before an update on May 7th,this fairy ring was one way.

It did not have a combination, but you were able to use it to get to Zanaris if you had a Dramen or Lunar Staff. The demons aren't aggressive, but the monsters are, unless your combat level is twice as high as them plus 1.

The basics

There is no way to access the Runecrafting portals. In this area you can kill the monsters for pouches too. Location: An Island in the river salve.

It is by the Nature Spirit alter, but you cannot get to it. Again, nothing useless island just for scenery.

Fairy rings - am i disabled??

Location: In the desert, near the Kalphite Lair. Close by are some Ugthanki and Desert Wolves. Remember to bring Waterskins, or you will start dying of thirst. Location: In the Ardougne zoo, with unicorns.

Not that pointless; it's got unicorns. You're also caged-in, so you cannot get out any other way expect through the fairy ring or teleportation. Location: This is the fisher kings realm. It is used in The Holy Grail quest. I already completed the quest, so I would say that you cannot use this combination until you finish the quest.

Location: This area is known as the " Enchanted Valley ".

Here you can find Centaurs, stags, and rabbits. Chopping the ancient pine trees will result in a Tree Spirit Random Event. There is also a person named Wood Dryad who you can talk to. Location: A southern part of TzHaar. You can still get to everyone else in TzHaar. Location: The west side of the Ancient Cavern. To unlock it, you must plant 5 Mushrooms by using them with the ring space while you have a Spade in your inventory.

Location: Yu'biusk, the destroyed land of the goblins. Requires completion of Land of the Goblins. Location: The Legends' Guild! Location: Miscellania. To use this combination, you must have completed the Fremennik Trials quest. Otherwise, you will only be teleported a short distance away. This ring is also a short walk away from the entrance to Yanille. Location: To the west of the Ape Atoll agility course. Location: This ring is in the big yard of Maple trees near the Sinclair Mansion.

You can find starflowers here and you can talk to a cosmic being. Location: Northwest of Shilo Village by the Karambwanji fishing spot.

This ring is very useful and fast for crafting nature runes, as the alter is a few steps and you can use the Zanaris bank to store and withdraw natures and essence. Location: Canifisnear the entrance to the swamp. Location: A small island near Draynor Village.

It is useless with nothing to do. It is also near Yanille, just a short walk away.

Location: An island to the south of Mos Le'Harmless. The bridges to the mainland can be repaired with 8 Planks, 16 Nails and a Hammer. Location: Home of Goraks and Cloud Banks. Protect prayers do not work. You can turn them on, but they can still hit through your prayer.

"a" coordinates

The cloud banks are a safety area. Goraks cannot attack you from inside. Goraks are level and drop Gorak Claws. Location: Northwest of the Sinclair Mansion. The other fairy ring that is also by the mansion is very close by.

Fairy rings

I wonder why? Location: North of the Nature alter to runecraft. At this location you can fish Karambwan. Location: A bit south of the Edgeville Canoe Station.

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The fairy ring transportation system is unlocked after starting the Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen quest and getting permission from the Fairy Godfather.


I've been trying to use the fairy rings around the map lately.