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  • What is my age:
  • 24
  • Eyes:
  • I’ve got big hazel eyes
  • What is my Zodiac sign:
  • Leo
  • Favourite drink:
  • Champagne
  • What is my favourite music:
  • Reggae
  • Smoker:
  • Yes


Drama Romance Fantasy. I have been transferred to this small city in Eastern India, some months back. I am around 40, working in a fairly good organization in a managerial position.


I am a 30 year old married man. My wife was gone to her mothers house for a month. I was alone in the house. As a freelance writer I work from home. That day I was working on my laptop. Door bell ranged. I opened the door. It was Padmini. My 15 year old neighbor. A schoolgirl. Will you give it to me? I climbed on a stool and trying to take the book from the top of shelf. But suddenly I noticed that I was caught by Padmini. I was totally amused to discover that I was totally in her cradle of her arms. You have actually saved me from falling. But Padmini was more surprised to realize that she can actually pick up a man in cradle.

I bet I can climb a mountain carrying you. I was very ashamed. She swirled around herself with joy.

I was really helpless in her arms. I started struggling for escape. But she hold me tightly. I will not keep you down.

I was working as a forest officer in the tropical rain forest near Karnataka Kerala border. I was living in an old bungalow allotted to me by forest department. The days were full of activity but nights were thorny. The bungalow was full of leeches, ants, insects and encounter with poisonous snakes was a usual thing.

My family was in Mumbai and I was spending lonely nights recalling the passionate moments with my wife. I was 30 year old and recently married. In those days a man-eater tiger had created great threat to the near villages.

It had already killed many men, women and children. We were trying hard to capture it. Day by day the political pressure was increasing and our jobs were in danger. One day I was on the mission. Our team tracked the footmarks of the beast until we reached the bank of Moyar River.

The jungle queen

The river was surrounded by dense green trees. The river was not very deep, but it was full of crocodiles and the water was speedy. There were many whirs in the river bed. There was only a single local wooden raft to voyage in the river. All my colleagues suggested me to return back because the river was flowing in the direction of the prohibited part of forest.

That part of the forest was supposed to be ruled by forest goddesses. No civilian was allowed to enter this region. It was supposed to be the most sacred part of forest.

The ancient Holabu tribe was residing in this part of forest. The Holabu folks were totally isolated from outer world. They do not wear any cloth except a small piece of tiger or leopard skin wrapped around their waists.

They used to paint their bodies and eat row flesh roasted on fire. Some people told that they sometime eat the human flesh of enemy. Their language was very different and not understood by anyone outside the tribe. They worship goddesses who are supposed to be immortal.

They were also supposed to be expert in black magic. But I decided to go ahead because there was tremendous pressure on me to confine the man eater.

I had to go alone as there was only a single raft available. I took the anesthetic injections and my blow gun with me and drove my craft ahead. It was evening and my vessel was travelling through dense branches of the trees on the bank. The light was dim. Sounds of forest birds were accompanying the murmur of water. I was too anxious to enjoy the pleasant and cool breeze of wind slowly flowing over the water.

I suddenly heard a roar from far.

It was surely my pray. I parked the wooden raft near the bark of a tree on the bank and started chasing the sound. I entered in deep forest. I was walking for long time.

I marked the direction on trees but soon realized that I was lost. I was revolving around the same place again and again. Suddenly I felt an unexpected pull at my ankle and soon found myself hanging upside down to a tree. A herd of female warriors appeared from nowhere and released me from the rope. They confiscated my blow gun and medicines. They were talking in strange language. One black and young woman lifted me on her shoulder and start walking.

All other female solders started walking with her. I was very frightened. I tried my level best to escape and run away but she was very strong. They all were topless and armed with spear. The woman carrying me was tall and had kept her long hairs free over her back. As she had lifted me from front and carrying me on shoulder, I was bent over her back and my face was touching her strong butt which was partially covered with Cheetah skin.

My thighs were pressed over her uncovered breast.

Lift and dominate

Her shoulders and arms were muscular, her wrest was thin and thighs were massive. She had worn leather sandals with the strips tied on her muscular calves. She was walking very fast and there was no of toil on her face. I was struggling to escape and shouting for help but she slapped on my face with her left palm and I fainted for a moment. I stopped my effort and surrendered to her power. Suddenly I heard the sound of horns and drums. Some tribal men come dancing and bowed to the foot of female solders. The woman carrying me climbed some steps and put me on an altar. Then she tied me to a pillar.

They started shouting and hailing the goddess. I had given up the chance of my survival.

I was sure that they were going to eat my flash. But all of a sudden the sound of horns, trumpets and drums increases and a young lady came out from her cave.

All men and women bowed towered the young lady. She was approximately 16 year old.

She was totally uncovered except a live snake was wrapping her wrest and hiding her organs. She was fair. Her eyes were blue and hairs were golden. The snake was crawling all over her body from wrest to breast and breast to face.

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After the following day of marriage , my home is packed with visitor and I was sitting tight for night as it is my first night.