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IF a woman wearing tiny shorts walked past you in the street, would your reaction be anything like this? A social experiment claims to reveal what members of the public did instinctively at the sight of a big bum - and some of the reactions are unbelievable.

Filmed for a YouTube prank, this footage sees a woman flaunt her big bum in the capital's parks, with a camera rolling to film how strangers responded to the sight. One man started to pleasure himself when he clocked the woman, whilst another ogled so obviously that he earned a slap from his furious girlfriend.

Meanwhile, members of the pervy public can be seen whipping out their phones to record a view of the woman's posterior for posterity. The video starts with an introduction by the YouTubers behind the video, who go by the names of DengisV and JasonMoments. But before the pranksters can even finish their into, they jokingly trail off as the curvy woman, who is in on the act, struts past them.

Then, members of the public are tested by the woman and her big bum, as she strolls through the public park to test how people will react to the sight. There are double-takes galore as she makes her way through the city, with the first man caught on camera nearly walking into a tree as he looks behind him for another glance.

The next bloke is clearly impressed by the sight, as he wakes up his sleeping mate for a second opinion on the woman's impressive booty. And one sick onlooker looks as if he's filming the woman as he instinctively reaches for his crotch and pleasures himself through his trousers.

One man is so mesmerised that he nearly falls off his scooter trying to ogle the woman, who went on to attract the attentions of a man who was out with his then-girlfriend. As he stares intently at the woman's booty, his girlfriend slaps him back down to earth, before grabbing her things and walking away from him, and his wandering eyes. The video was shared as a "booty bait" prank on YouTube this week, where it has been seen by overpeople already.

However, many viewers didn't believe that the reactions were real, claiming that the double takes and shock responses had been exaggerated by actors. Others pointed out that the microphones used to record the feuding couple's conversation must have been set up in advance, casting doubt on how genuine the video is.

But one viewer found it all convincing enough, joking: "I'd turn into a owl real quick with that head spin. Jump directly to the content. in.

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The latest Inmature Life prank shows a lady wearing very small shorts walks around a London park to see how men react when they see her, with shocking .


By Unity Blott For Mailonline.


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