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John Hutson does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. When a scrotum is empty this indicates an undescended testis. This occurs when a testis never moved down in to the scrotum as the male developed, or moves back up out of the scrotum and into the abdomen where it started.


They start in the lower belly abdomen then descend or move down into the scrotum before birth. The scrotum looks and feels empty, but most of the time there are no other symptoms.

In the abdomen, they will be too warm which will stop sperm from growing as well. The scrotum hangs below the body because sperm are very tiny male sex cells that like to keep cool. Unhealthy sperm le to infertility.

Additionally, undescended testicle is the most ificant risk factor for testicular cancer. The undescended testicle usually corrects itself before age one.

It can also be surgically corrected. There are two main types of surgery for undescended testicles:. At Alliance Urology Specialists in Greensboro, our goal is to provide the highest level of specialized urology care. Our board-certified physicians specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions, including undescended testicles.

To learn more about our treatment options, call to schedule an appointment. While a nephrologist specializes in diseases of the kidneys, urologists provide comprehensive care of the genitourinary system.

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Even though kidney stones form in the kidneys, they are passed with urine, making a urologist an ideal provider to diagnose and […]. Undescended Testicle. What are Undescended Testicles? There are different types of undescended testicles: Nonpalpable testicle is a testicle that cannot be felt in an exam.

It may be in the abdomen undescendedvery small atrophic or not there at all.

Retractile testicle is when the testes move freely from the scrotum to the groin. They can be moved by hand from the groin to the scrotum. It is noticed as the child grows.

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Treatment The undescended testicle usually corrects itself before age one. There are two main types of surgery for undescended testicles: Orchiopexy: Usually, a very quick and successful type of surgery. It includes two small cuts. One cut to find the testicle, and another cut to put the testicle in place. Almost always, the child can go home the same day.

How do i know there’s a problem?

With this, the testicle s are found and freed from nearby tissue. They are then moved into place and secured there.

If the testicle is too high in the abdomen, other treatment may be needed. Schedule an Appointment At Alliance Urology Specialists in Greensboro, our goal is to provide the highest level of specialized urology care. Request An Appointment. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Latest News. October 14, What Our Patients Are Saying Herrick and Ashley are always over the top with their attentiveness to my medical needs! They are always in tune with my care and always ask questions as to how my treatment is going! They always listen to my Bell is amazing. He is caring, compassionate, and willing to help find difficult answers. I feel very fortunate to have been able to see him. I had read about bad experiences at AUS, mine was just the opposite.

We received very courteous service checking in, our wait to see Dr. Eskridge wasn't long. His assistant was very pleasant and thorough as was my Dr. My visit at Alliance Urology Specialist was very positive as a new patient.

Undescended testicle

As soon as I stepped off the elevator I was directed to in online - which was awesome and fast, then I was called to a Check in is now streamlined with the addition of iP for the -in process. It takes only a few minutes and the best part is that the front desk staff computers are updated simultaneously!

I sat down in the Alliance Urology is awesome. After suffering with kidney stones for 40 years I went to them and have had wonderful .

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Love the staff and the care I have received. Would recommend them to all. Scott MacDiarmid and his staff were very professional and treated me with kindness.

This was my first visit and I was very nervous and in pain. Would highly recommend this physician!!

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