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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Was there ever anything between you and Trip? I commissioned starfleetspacecadet to draw me my favorite st enterprise couple having a wholesome beach day and boy did they deliver!!! I love it so much!


Discussion in ' Star Trek: Enterprise ' started by sekundantJun 28, The Trek BBS. Trip and T'pol come together without having Vulcan neuropressure Discussion in ' Star Trek: Enterprise ' started by sekundantJun 28, ed: Jun 27, OK, I come back again this thread, while I read too many fanfics at last couple of weeks which are mostly dedicated to TnT stories. I think there are too many people here which have done it already during all the years or even wrote some fanfics.

I do not give you some kind "heyy I find a music band called Metallica, they are surprisingly good" feeling but I have to say despite to my first and very limited experiences with Star Trek Enterprise fanfics, I find this time some of them are really good.

Maybe the ones which I read before were not for my taste. I did not get the point why Trip or T'Pol have to suffer worst kind of fate proposals, mental disabilities, etc and their characters became unrecognizable.

The same did by novels without any logical reason. I have to admit, I do not like novel Trip or T'Pol anymore.

And I say this as someone who were witness and victim of a civil war. I know what can a war make to human soul, but what the authors made of from TnT is very unrealistic and senseless to me. Well, this is not what I want to discuss here. Some fanfic authors do not take canon seriously and I feel mostly it is ok, since we can profit from unbound fantasy of the "artist".

I mean canon is a thing but I had a issue with inconsistency. Nevertheless, I am not sure if we can consider their solutions for our thread. Good example for such a fanfic is Rigil Kent's Divergent Paths which is begin after second season episode " Dead Stop" goes through in an alternative universe.

TnT were lost in a prewarp planet, are declared as dead, so they have to fight for survive and try to find a way to back and before this happen it takes even tooo much time they find a way to each other.

Not my favorite one, a little bit cliche, but indeed well written fanfic. Another most chosen motive is pon farr also I read at one from year ! I think they belong together as yin yang and it is the matter of time for such smart people to release it.

Marmolita — star trek: enterprise fanfic recommendations list

Last edited: Oct 7, ed: Aug 18, Location: Hopeful Romantic - carving jack-o-lanterns. Wonderful, creative, tons of talent. ScaryKittenRomanticOct 8, Nyotarules likes this. Ohh, Misscommunication is a crazy, funny story. I converted it to pdf file and sent my best Trekkie-sister with the hint " open ONLY in case of emergency such as winter blues, broken heart symptoms, chocolate withdrawal" As you said, it is unbelievable how many talented people with incredible passion and sincerity share their fantasy with us.

If one of them "Hopeful Romantic" is really you are, I want to say how grateful I am to all of you.

Now I am reading " Touching and Touched". It is great to know someone gives Lorian a possibility to meet his grandpa and getting faced him in subtle way with his prejudices After TATV and all the novels, I was very disappointed about Romulan wars, about TnT, about character developments of nearly all main characters incl.

Shranabout first steps to Federation. Maybe I have problem with my ears and could not hear the voices of my beloved protagonists, but I do not understand why this unremarkable, loser Archer should be the future president of Federation and idol of child T. Kirk, why T'Pol became this wooden, whiny, devote female at her relationship, why still loves she this horrible person, why Trip is so unlikable, stupid, ruthless asshole who imitates a sophisticated one?

Nevertheless, even persons with dementia have their moments, that they can be a person who they were. A mimic, a blaze of look, a memory from childhood, something. We are all changing as a human beings and not always in positively direction, but not totally denying who we are.

So, I want to declare here all fanfic authors even untalented ones and all fan filmers even very unprofessional ones my love from the bottom of my heart to giving to me hope, respect and joy about a steady component of my life. Last edited: Oct 8, I love "E2" and I especially love Lorian.

I would have really enjoyed watching that storyline continue in the series, and seeing how he influenced Trip and T'Pol Thanks for the kind words. You are the passionate reader that all writers dream of.

Happy reading. ScaryKittenRomanticOct 9, I would like to read new ENT stories from you. As I began first time to read ENT fanfic, what disturb me was the obsession with rape. T'Pol get raped, Malcolm get brutally raped, all the female crew members get raped, Hoshi get tortured and raped, Trip get gang raped by Orions, and so on. I saw only once a warning about the content. Please do not get me wrong, I have nothing against using a rape motive at the fanfic. Trek was never only entertainment, for example TNG's Chain of Command was supported by Amnesty of International and made great enlightenment work, imho.

Trip and t'pol come together without having vulcan neuropressure

So why not Trek fanfic does not touch such social issues. My problem with those kind of fanfics was, rape has no influence to the story arch or to character development, totally unnecessary act of violation. After couple of sorrow looks on their eyes they get "over with it" and at the next opportunity have a great sensual, wild sex with their partners or miraculously their memories erased, etc. I did not think it is a kind of perversity of authors, but using a very cheap trick to manipulate their readers.

As a fan, of course it is shocking to read something terribly about your favorite protagonists and you keep reading to know about their fates. As I began to read fanfics, I want to read the fanfics which are published during the show was on air, that was my only criteria.

Trip and t'pol come together without having vulcan neuropressure

I wanted to know, if show and expectations of fans were closely to each other. It was surprising to me that people could predict about Hoshi's development, Bromance of Malcolm and Trip, Dr. Phlox's role as a confident person for the crew, very good written Archer as a captain and TnT. Even they have better stories about TCW to tell. Maybe I have read random fanfics at least 5 have such rape scenes and I thought perhaps it was some kind of trend at that time and I gave it up to read them.

Ach, I forget to make a mention of another kind of "coming together" of TnT at fanfics: mind melt. T'pol has to initiate a mind melt for whatever reason he is badly wounded she wants give him relax or they need a very important information, he lost his memory etc. Nevertheless, i think, it was not a good idea for the show, since she has still suffered from Pa'nar syndrome until Vulcan trilogy. She would not proceed a mind melt to protect Trip from the disease. I cannot speak for any other fanfiction writers, but the reason I did it was 1 the show had so much unrealized potential that 2 wasn't being explored, due to 3 the constraints of TV parameters and 4 the desperate 4th season dash to cram 4 seasons of stuff into that last season, thereby 5 abandoning a slew of interesting storylines that I wanted to see continue or be resolved Regarding content There are plenty more.

A writer working for no pay other than reader comments is fueled by passion, a desire or need to tell the story, or tell it differently than the show did, maybe just see a scene that the show didn't have, or fix a plot that was royally screwed up. Which brings us back on topic. It would have been glorious. ScaryKittenRomanticOct 18, Amberlioness and sekundant like this. Last edited: Oct 23, I don't know why there wasn't more romance on the show.

The whole cast was attractive inside and out And he was married, though that did not seem to be an impediment.

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