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With BumblebeeParamount and Hasbro not only added another box office win for the Transformersthey secured the most critically acclaimed film in the franchise.


A Transformers Story. The police motorcycle wheeled into Mikaela Banes' motorcycle detailing shop, and waited.

Mikaela came into work the next morning and noticed that one of the garage doors was open to her shop. She looked around to see if anything was stolen, and noticed the police motorcycle sitting there. As she went looking for the cop she thought was investigating the break-in, the motorcycle transformed into a Decepticon. It crouched behind a large tool cabinet and got ready to grab Mikaela. As she rounded the corner, it leaped out, grabbing her the shoulders and pinning her to the ground. Mikaela screamed, but there was no one around to hear.

She frantically thrashed her arms and legs around, trying to get free, but to no avail. The decepticon laughed at her efforts to get free.

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Mikaela trembled as it used the knife to cut her halter-top and short shorts off. It then proceeded to cut her bra and panties off, leaving her with just her boots on. The decepticon then retracted it tongue-knife and extended two small arms with fingers on the ends and used these to alternately grab, pinch, and twist Mikaela's nipples. Even though this was happening against her will, Mikaela felt herself getting excited and her pussy getting damp. Sensing this, the decepticon smiled and Transformers sex stories a long, segmented arm from its midsection. The tip of the arm was rounded, making it look almost like a weird dildo.

The decepticon proceeded to thrust this arm as far as it would go into Mikaela's now soaked pussy. When it did this, at first it caused Mikaela pain, but as the decepticon withdrew the arm and then began pounding her pussy mercilessly with it, the pain became pleasure, which soon became intense pleasure.

Finally, after hours of merciless fucking, the decepticon withdrew its arm from Mikaela's very well-fucked pussy.

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My first study was a great success! Then she realized that it was Saturday and the shop was closed! Smiling to herself, she closed and locked the garage door and locked up the rest of her business. Then she rode her motorcycle home nakedpussy juice still running down her legs and getting all over her motorcycle, and she planned to let it dry there! When she got home, she stuck her finger in her still very wet pussy, brought it to her mouth and sucked her juices off.

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She decided that she was definitely not going to tell Sam or the Autobots about this new Decepticon! But maybe she would tell her girlfriends to look out for the best fuck of their life! Share Story.

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Story Details. A Transformers Story The police motorcycle wheeled into Mikaela Banes' motorcycle detailing shop, and waited.

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Looking for serious relations? Only here real single girls are ready to mingle! I copied and pasted this story into the online editor manually instead of the other methods. Same here I won't post on this site anymore until they get the formatting issue straightened out How does shit like this retain it's paragraphs, and good stuff get ran all together?

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Can you hear us SSP masters? I quit posting until you get this paragraph shit straighten out. Log in to comment or register here. Who Upvoted this Story. In You must to do that! Username: Password: Remember.

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Bumblebee had a crush on Mikaela, he always have had it ever since he first laid his eyes on the gorgeous human female.


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