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  • Age:
  • 42
  • What is my nationaly:
  • Turkish
  • My hair:
  • Luxuriant black hair
  • What I like to drink:
  • Rum
  • What is my favourite music:
  • I prefer to listen reggae


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Her best friend Lola persuades her to sell her virginity to Xavier Evers - a potential Alpha of a werewolf pack - and they become mated. She meets his older half-brother Greyson and finds herself pulled towards him, explained by the witch Big Mac that she is also mated to him by way of the due destini curse.

She later finds out she is half-Fae and during her travels through the Fae world, meets her Grandmother Wrenthorn and older her half-sister Artemis. Introduced as the main character having a sex dream but immediately revealed to be a virgin.

Best friends and roommates with Lola Aliyah Spillane. Described as a natural brunette who never dyes her hair, with its length to just below the breasts; straight with a slight wave when wet. Noted to have freckles across the bridge of her nose.

Torn between alpha bosses

Only wears mascara and eyeliner. Usually wears jeans or leggings and sleeps in her bra and panties. Mentioned to have C-cup bust. First time jumping out the window because yes there are multiple times this occurs in 1-ch 16 from the upstairs of the house in the first room she and Lola run into.

After she is almost attacked by a wolf-bear during her venture into the woods, she believes the brothers are doing human experiments. She lands in nettles and twists her left ankle getting up. Her first kiss with Xavier is 1-ch 21 in his bedroom, the second time is 1-ch 23 in the bathroom, in which both times Colton bursts through the door to interrupt them and tell Xavier about Lilac. The next time they kiss, she is trying to get him to talk about his mate 1-ch Torn between alphas free and she touches his penis - which is her first time. She kisses him and touches his penis again 1-ch 38 to get him to stay in her room.

She comments that it was bigger than every guy she had ever seen in pornos in 1- ch 40 where she ends up putting it in her mouth. Hates the sight of blood, mentioned that she usually passes out when her blood is drawn - but is unaffected when Xavier is wounded 1-ch Assumed to have asthma as she was about to have an attack during her run with Lola in escaping in 1-ch Her bankcard pin is She then threatens in 1-ch 34 to runs into the woods around the airport in an attempt to get away from the brothers and allow the other pack to kill her as a suicide mission.

Torn between alphas (mizpanda)

Has a split chapter POV with Xavier in 1-ch 42 where she was kidnapped by the rival pack who wants revenge on Xavier. Tells Xavier that she was being greedy for insisting they be together when she is not the appropriate standard for his position - that she is a human who cannot provide pedigree children and strong enough to bring his pack back together.

However, Xavier assures her that he is not definitively returning to the pack. She then decides to stay with him and drop out of school.

What happens in radish book torn between alphas?

States that mates have a strong bond in which their licks can help heal external wounds, but Xavier has Alpha genes which helped Cali to heal faster than normal. After escaping from the witch, Cali enters the Fae world through the portal at Haystack Rock with Greyson as her companion. There she meets Grandmother Wrenthorn, who captures Greyson so that he can fight as a werewolf in the Light Fae war against the Dark Fae. She meets Torin and Astrid who assist her in breaking out Greyson from her grandmother's estate.

However, her grandmother lets the both go free on a quest to save Orla by obtaining the Moon Buttercup flower, which is in the dangerous Dark Fae territory.

Her grandmother gives her a rose quartz crystal which can help detect when Dark Fae are nearby. She enlists the help of Torin and Astrid in her quest. Point of View Chapters: 2, 4, 6, 8 83, 86, 90, 93, 95, 97, 99,,,, He is able to mind link with Cali. He changes it to Cali the Collie when Lola says Cali would be offended to be compared to a Pomeranian instead of a border collie. She saves her mother Orla and wants to inform her father Tom about the supernatural.

He asks Artemis if she wants to dance, which she declines. He admits that he loves to dance and asks Cali if she remembers the Sadie Hawkins dance in high school that she asked him to. She denies it because she sees her as the flower girl.

She recalls that she only did things that Alex liked to do because her hobbies were too girly. So, she would play Sims and watch movies with Lola. She tells Hypatia that she only speaks English and basic Spanish.

Torn between alphas movie

She also states that it takes her at least 2 hours to decide on a breakfast staple when she gets to the cereal aisle. She states that the treehouse is in the far corner of the back yard and needs a coat of paint; it's in a tall elm tree. Tom had built it in the summer she turned nine because of her princess phase and she needed a tower.

She notices posters of One Direction on the walls. She reveals to Lola that Artemis is her sister. She states that she never had pleasure this intense. She also states that she took ancient Greek mythology in ninth grade, which she also zoned out on.

Torn between two alphas bundle: books 1 - 3 of 'torn between two alphas'

She learns that Mrs. It calls her Calliope. Demeter uses her silver dagger to stab Cali in the stomach.

Smith tells Cali that if she ever hurts Greyson she will never forgive her. She tells Cali to leave the pack and the two men, and return to Minnesota. He tells them she is beautiful with dark hair and porcelain skin.

Torn between alphas

She is strong and brave. She tells her Artemis-brain to shut up. Instead, she felt like Xavier and her were a team and Greyson was on the opposite side. Cali states that she would want to do all the things that normal couples do: go on dates, spend time together, without all the drama.

Torn between alphas (mizpanda)

She then tells Lola that to solve her problem would be if she could break the death part of the curse, but Lola wonders who would she choose? She likes how Xavier is protective, caring, and fights for the people he loves - her warrior wolf. Greyson is just as fierce but is kind and one of the few people who makes her feel seen. She then states that it was like asking her to choose between her right and left eye: she would be fine with either but was at her best with both. She mentions Greyson as her second boyfriend. She states that Orla could be relentless when she wanted to be and that was where she had gotten that particular personality quirk, then feels sympathetic to others as she realizes how annoying it was to have the same brand of determination used against her.

She imagines Xavier dressed in a tux with a bowtie opening doors, pulling out her seat, holding her hand across the table at a romantic restaurant while they feed each other bites of their dishes.

He begins to lick the blood from the bottle in a trance; she states it was like when she would eat a waffle and forget about the rest of the world. She was grounded for a week and her mother told her it was important to keep her word when she made a promise as it is dangerous not to. When she tells him she loves him, she states that the words came from deep within her heart.

She states she did feel beautiful when she was with him. In the study upstairs, there is a picture of her and Greyson standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. She states that they closed on their house last year in June - on her birthday as Greyson had hidden the key to the house inside her birthday cake and she had almost broken a tooth when she had bitten down on it.

She states her only references on mediums and seances are from TV shows and the booths at the Minnesota State Fair. She instinctively knows that Xavier was in danger. Gulliver told her that no one liked a tattle tale. She also feels amusement through their bond when they mind links each other at the Torn between alphas free time to warn the other to stay behind so that they could protect the other from an impending zombie battle.

It was a cotton candy pink Skydancer. He states she looks like a cute robot. Torn Between Alphas Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ?

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In a world where everyone has a soulmate, Alyssa happens to have three.


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Xavier's Redwood Pack : Cillian, Len.


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