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  • My age:
  • 22
  • Tint of my eyes:
  • I’ve got brilliant hazel green eyes
  • What is my Sign of the zodiac:
  • Virgo
  • My body type:
  • My figure type is quite thin
  • Favourite drink:
  • Lager


A ticklish clit can be a bitch. A super ticklish clit can be an agony, but of the very best kind.


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Remember to give credit where credit is due! Post Reply topic Next topic. These events all took place quite some time ago, in the summer of My parents wanted to take a one-week vacation at Niagara Falls and discovered that my Uncle Harold and Aunt Marilyn also planned a vacation there. Harold was one of my father's older brothers. They decided to plan a trip together. My parents were going to drive from New Jersey, where we lived, up to their house near Peekskill, NY, and then the four of them could share one car, saving expenses, for the trip further north.

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The best time for the trip, from my parents' point of view, was sometime during the four weeks that my older brother, aged 14, was going to be in Boy Scout camp. My aunt and uncle had two daughters, Joan and Debby.

Joan was 17 and away for eight weeks with a job as a camp counselor. Debby, at 15, was considered old enough to stay home alone. At age 10, I was obviously not old enough to be left alone. My parents solved that problem without spending any money for a babysitter—they had my aunt and uncle tell my cousin Debby that I would be staying in their house for a week while her parents were gone.

When she protested that she should be paid for babysitting, her parents told her that I was a well-behaved, quiet boy who liked to read a lot which was trueand that her only responsibility was to prepare meals for two people instead of just for herself that week. She was reminded that their large freezer would be stocked with plenty of dinners already cooked for the two of us.

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And so the plans were finalized and the date chosen. Debby was not too happy about these arrangements but had no choice. She had looked forward to a week of peace and quiet to do lots of reading, not to having a potentially noisy brat in the house.

Friday My father took off from work early that Friday so the three of us could avoid evening rush hour. We reached their house in Peekskill by dinner time and all six of us ate dinner, cooked by my Aunt Marilyn. Uncle Harry remarked that he knew I liked to read science fiction and that he had put his science fiction magazine collection in the room where I'd be staying, their guest room. I thanked him for that and I thanked my aunt for the dinner. My cousin Debby didn't speak to me at all. When dinner was over, we all watched TV for a while. When I was told to get ready for bed at 9pm, I was shocked that the four grown-ups were all getting ready to go to sleep also.

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My parents would spend the night in their finished basement where there was a convertible couch. She and I had no need to get up early, of course. I stared at her lovely bare feet for a few seconds. I've always been attracted to girl's and women's feet. At this point I should describe my cousin. She had light brown hair and brown eyes. She was fit from her hobby of playing tennis. I had dark brown hair and brown eyes. I was not athletic, but rather a quiet kid who did read a lot.

Saturday Morning When I woke up on Saturday morning it was am and the adults were long gone. I went to the kitchen in my pajamas and found a cereal bowl, spoon, and napkin set out for me. I found cereal and milk easily enough and also bread to make toast. I put my breakfast dishes into the sink.

I noticed, walking back to my room, that Debby was back in the living room reading, sitting on the couch with Tied and tickled stories bare feet up on the coffee table, just like the evening before. She was wearing blue jeans and a pale blue t-shirt. After putting on jeans and a t-shirt myself, I didn't put on sandals or socks and shoes. I wanted to be able to move around quietly.

‘tickling’ stories

I crawled into the living room very quietly, keeping down below Debby's line of sight in case she peered over her book. I crawled until I was near her bare feet, still on the coffee table, crossed right over left. I don't think she really didn't see me. More likely she was just ignoring me hoping that I would go away. I didn't. I ran two fingers the full length of the sole of her right foot, from her heel to her toes.

She giggled but had no other reaction. I did the same to the sole of her left foot. She laughed loudly and pulled both feet away. She took up a new position on the couch, legs tucked under her. What would it take to get you to leave me alone? She likely would have let me do those things for some peace in the house. I blushed again. She proceeded to cut the clothesline into convenient lengths.

I got down on the rug on my belly and put my hands behind my back, wrists crossed, and waited. She cinched the rope work and knotted it several times. She tied my right wrist to my left elbow in the same way. With another piece of rope, she tied my forearms together and then passed that rope under me and around me several times. She secured my forearms pressed against my back.

She tied my ankles together and tied my legs together just above and just below my knees. She then raised my ankles and tied them to the ropes binding my forearms, completing a hogtie, although not a strict one. I wriggled for about ten seconds, not really trying to get out but rather luxuriating in the feeling of being helpless. I howled with laughter.

Bound, tied & tickled

I hid one sole behind the other foot and scrunched my toes. She came back with yarn from her mother's knitting supplies. She tied my big toes together and then tied them back to the rope around my ankles. She d tickling my feet, relentlessly. I howled and shrieked with laughter.

I struggled in the ropes but couldn't loosen anything. I laughed and laughed.

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I could hear her rummaging around up there and also heard the toilet in the upstairs bathroom flush. She was getting something from the bathroom. When I opened my mouth, she shoved in a dirty, smelly sock. There was also this in the medicine cabinet. I howled into my gag now which certainly muffled it enough for nobody outside the house to hear.

By the time she stopped, my face was red and tears had welled up in my eyes but not yet fallen. Here's the really strange thing. Even though it was torturous, even though I was desperate for her to stop while it was going on, I was really sorry that she had stopped. I truly wanted her to tickle me more.

I was sorry that I was gagged; I wished that I could beg her to start again, to tickle me for twice as long. Debby looked me over to see that I was alright and breathing well through my nose. She nodded to herself dug into my ribcage with both hands. She did that for about another 10 minutes.

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