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  • Clear gray eyes
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  • In my spare time I love riding a bike
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Thong confession stories and sins

I won the awards for best dressed, best peronaility, most likely to succed, most poise, and prettiest. Well, i was very popular, but my parents decided we just had to move!

I moved from Californa to Pennsylvania, so the weather was very different. In PA, it was fall, n the weather was about lows 60s.

The whore store

So, on my first day of school in PA, i wore a light pink ribbed juicy deer tanktop and a hott pink very very short frilly mini skirt. It never made a difference in CA when I literally always wore thongs because everyone in my school did.

I guess it's different in PA. It was really cold because I was dressed in summer clothes, but o well. Right when I walked into school, I had to go to the princiapls office because I was a new .

He told me all the information about, like, where my classes are and stuff, and then, as I was about to leave, he told me about the school dress code, like how everything, from shorts to skirts had to be bellow your knees and tanktops had to be at least three fingers wide mine was stti string-less then one finger. He said it was fine for today, but I had to go shopping for new clothe after school.

I said okay and left.

The teacher introduced me, and then i went on with the lesson being taught. All the guys were looking at me, so when the teacher weren't looking, i got up, and bent down to get my pencil, flashing my ass because i was wearing a thong and when you bend down, because my skirt was so short, you could see the triangle of the thong and the bottoms of my ass.

At recess, yes, there was recess, which is pretty weird to me, it was really windy. One of the jealous girls, wearing really ugly sweat pants, threw a football write at my face, I guess trying to make my face uglyer so they would get their guys back. Little did she know that I was and still am an excellent athlete, so i just caught the ball.

Thongs stories

But when I caught it, obviously, I had to lift my hands up. So, but skirt blew all the way up. All differnt jelous girls came up begind me and pulled my skirt up off my head and ran away with it to I don't know where.

I heard comments from the girls like : "Eww, that's disgusting! It was so embarrassing. Next Story ยป Nude Punishment.

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