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Naruto owns property fanfiction naruto owns property fanfiction Hell he owns your apparement building Sakura" said Tsunade as everyone eyes widened "His clan is the most powerful and wealthiest in all of Konnoh history and Naruto is the last of his clan therefore he controls everything that his clan's own. I really like FicSave is an open-source online fanfiction downloader that allows you to save stories from various fanfiction sites for offline reading. Though privileged, Beth was constantly ignored by her parents, and loved ones. Today was the day he would bring a girl home to be his own personal… assistant.


So I just recently watched an episode of the office Season 7 Episode 16 ; PDA and had gotten this idea : I don't know where it came from, but here it is :. They were in the same seat, Micheal in between her legs as she wrapped herself around him, placing lingering kisses to his neck and cheek as he grinned. Micheal clears his throat, making Gabe look at him, forcing a smile onto his lips. What is the purpose of this meeting?

The office in communities

It is quite apro-propriate," Micheal laughs, seemingly finding his humor hilarious. Not something you'd expect to hear from corporate? Well, guess what. Sabre is one hundred percent tolerant of office romances. He didn't know why he blurted that out, but he had a feeling it had something to do with the "bottomless champagne" lunch he and Pam had shared before coming back to work.

They had decided on spending their valentines Day "dinner" during lunch so they could spend the night with CeCe. I get it, Andy's slamming my girlfriend. Very funny. Kevin chuckles loudly, his childish humor making everyone slightly roll their eyes.

Perfect example. Look at Jim and Pam. They don't kiss. You would hardly even know that they were husband and wife. Keep it going. They high five, but when she turns her attention back to the front of the room, a twinge of hurt crosses her.

Did they really not look like a couple? Sure, they kept things professional at work because she felt subconscious of her own public displays of affection, but were they that prudent?

She bites on the side of her cheek, paying back attention to Gabe and his speech on PDA. So PDA's," Gabe starts up again, searching around the room, before his eyes land on Micheal and Holly again, a slight look of annoyance on his face, "That's gonna include behaviors such as hugging, kissing—". Basically, there is no precise definition but you know it when you see it—" Gabe stopped talking again, everyone staring at Micheal and Holly. She was kissing his neck, as Micheal smiled making chomping noises like a Dinosaur.

Oscar leans over from behind them, shoving at Micheals shoulder. Micheal looks at Gabe to Oscar again, his mouth falling open. It's the flirtatious whispering. Yeah, that's pretty hot. I'll give you that—" he chuckles, before stopping. You, are all hypocrites! You all do it! Dwight holds his hand up, saying "Micheal.

Confession: I have done PDA in the office. Everyone groans, and Micheal shakes his head with a look of disgust. As has Kelly. As has Meredith. As has Phyllis. As has Darryl.

As has Creed. As has Micheal. And as has Holly.

Pam felt her eyes stray to Jim, his zoned out expression making him look so much more relaxed and so much more, him. As she listened to Dwight name off all the people who've had sex in the office, she felt her heart squeeze tighter. She and Jim were one of the only ones who hadn't done it. She felt the familiar hurt of them not looking like a couple come back and bit her cheek, glancing away when Jim looked over to her. But here's what we're gonna do," Micheal begins again with a smile, and everyone groans.

Fic: the first time (jim/pam) r

No, no we're gonna have three closets! One for each base no homers, yes? Everyone erupts into arguing again and Micheal just stares at all of them like he doesn't understand why they're complaining. All of the alcohol they consumed on their lunch break must have given him the munchies, as all of the bagged foods behind the glass made his mouth water.

He lets out another "mhm", clicking a button on the machine, watching as it pushed the food down into the slot. She had always been the one to break up a kiss if it was getting too heated at the office, and the one to tell him that they were to save the intimacy for home. But the whole PDA speech had gotten to her head, and she had decided that she was only thinking this way because of the champagne she had dranken. Jim chuckles a little bit, fake gagging before muttering a nervous, " Ew —", his eyes trained on hers.

She looks away with tinted pink cheeks and laughs it off. His words made her look back to him, her lower lip pulled into her mouth as she widens her eyes. No, no. I don't know.

Do you? The thought soothed her as she stared up at him, lifting a shoulder. She was painfully nibbling on her lower lip as the smile fell from his lips. He pulled her down the stairs into the warehouse with him, a smile on his face as he kept her close to his back.

Nobody in there knocks before they enter, you know that. She was going to break the office rules with Jim. A grin spread across her cheeks as they walked up the stairs to the loft, quietly laughing and clinging onto each other.

Jim quickly froze, spinning around. Her nose bumped against his chest as he harshly whispered, "hurry, down, down! Someone's sleeping! Jim still held onto her hand as they made their way back up into the office, both red in the face, laughing off the nervousness.

Pam noticed that both Erin and Andy were still gone, and that Micheal and Holly were nowhere to be seen. He quickly scans the room, eyeing Ryan's closet office. Kelly wasn't in her desk juncture either, and Pam felt her heart elate. They both nonchalantly walk toward the door, praying nobody was paying attention to them.

Jim had his hand on the door knob, ready to turn it, before Erin and Andy opened it, smacking Jim in the chest with the door. Erin and Andy smile at them, and Pam feels her cheeks warm. Jim met her look, knowing that Ryan's office room wasn't the best option for their plans. But we haven't tried the bathrooms yet—" he says with a smile, and Pam felt her cheeks warm at his look. She followed him down the hallway, before they stopped outside the bathrooms. He took her hand, letting her slip in as they both chuckled. She turned around nearly screaming.

Jim finds himself chuckling, and after a second she is too. I mean, hell, pretty much everyone in this office has done it here without us knowing! She swings open the door, the room seemingly empty. She pokes her head out with a grin.

He smiles, glancing behind him briefly before closing the door to the bathroom, ushering both of them into the large, handicap bathroom.

He clicks the door shut and locks the stall, before turning around smiling. He pressed his lips against hers, pushing her against the wall of the stall, smiling into the kiss. Her hands rested on his chest, her mind finally easing itself of the consciousness of doing this in her work environment. His lips made her head spin, as her tongue brushed his, his thumb rubbing small circles on the thin line of exposed skin between her skirt and shirt.

She develed her hands through his hair, gently moaning at the feel of his lips on her neck, his hands splaying out and across her waist. She sighed softly, leaning into his touch when the door opened and both of them widened their eyes. Yes, I've been applying the ointment—". Merediths voice rang throughout the bathroom, as Jim stood up, meeting her look of panic with one of his own. I don't know, I've only had like, 4 STDs recently.

The office in entries

No, that wasn't an STD. That was something from hell. Pam wanted to gag, burying her face into Jims chest to keep from making a noise. The sound of something opening made her release a small breath against Jim's neck, making his head press down into his shoulder, containing a small laugh.

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