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  • My age:
  • I'm 22 years old
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  • I’ve got dark gray-green eyes
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  • Dance
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  • Fishkeeping
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  • None


Not sure what goes where, which does what, how shit works, and whether or not you should keep your socks on are among the problems we faced. But, if we take a look at things properly, it's a lot different for girls. Think about it, penises are ugly. Like really ugly. Even as a bloke you can appreciate that there's no such thing as a good looking dick. With that in mind, girls have been taking to a Reddit thread to discuss what they thought the very first time they saw an erect penis.


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Archives RSS. It was my 13th birthday party. One for me and my friends to have a slumber party, the other for her to act as chaperone.

A chaperone who went to bed right after cake and ice cream. So we put on our PJs and pretended that the slumber portion of the party was commencing.

And just like that, my innocence was gone

I just officially became a teenager, so naturally my friends and I snuck out of the hotel room and went running around the hotel, chasing each other through the halls and up and down the elevator and into the closed indoor pool to get into the hot tub in our training bras. We heard something outside the giant sunroom the pool was in. We assumed it was a hotel employee who would catch us and rat us out to my mom. So we jumped out, got dressed, and ran into the first floor hallway.

When we got into the hallway we slowed down, so we could tiptoe back into our room. That back door of a hotel that remains locked and requires a room key to enter.

As we inched closer to our room, we got a better view of the door, and noticed a guy standing there without his shirt on. It was below freezing outside and the door was even steamed over from the freezing winter air. My first thought was that he must be homeless and freezing, which made me want to let him in.

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As I inched closer to the door my friends grabbed me, knowing my tendency to pick up stray animals, including humans. But motivated by my naive curiosity, I got even closer and noticed that he was shaking slightly, almost like he was almost going into convulsions.

As soon as I got close enough to look, a milky substance spray painted the glass door, dripping down it, melting away the steam. Through it I saw a pink head protruding out the end of his fingers, leaking the milky substance.

I stood there in shock, making it out like a panoramic poster that you stare at until you can find a figure in it. His pants were around down his ankles, and he was holding himself like he was peeing … milk. I was so confused I thought he might be an alien. Out of breath from screaming and running, panicked like we just saw the twins from Psycho riding their bikes down the hallway, we told the front desk employee the story, who then called the cops to report a voyeuristic man jacking off to teenage girls.

By the way, where is your mom?

And just like that, my innocence was gone

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And that was the first time I ever saw a penis. Pin It. Submit to Reddit. Favorite Saving…. THC concentrates vs Marijuana buds.

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I was shocked that penises are warm the first time I touched one.


As a dude who sees his own penis several times a day—in both erect and flaccid form—I can confirm that peens are very strange looking.


All of us are dealing with pretty unchartered territory the first time we see someone other than us naked.


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