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Maureen is playing down the rumors about the lesbian story. This is probably some innocent girl crush story…I doubt there was an actual sexual relationship. But I do think this was a great way to get people interested in McCormicks upcoming book…. If you think about it everyone in Hollywood has been bulimic, on drugs and depressed….


It was a warm, sunny day. A typical day at the Brady household. The suburban neighborhood was alive with the sounds of children playing touch football in the street, dogs barking, and cars cruising.

Marsha had just gotten home from high school with Greg and Peter. Jan and Cindy had come home in Mom's car. But, just like it does every weekend, the Brady household was cumming alive. Mom and Dad had gone out to a dinner engagement with some of Mike's clients. They werent going to be home till about 12 that night. Plenty of time to PLAY!

Greg already had the speed out, and was laying a couple of lines for him and Peter. Just then, Marsha came into the room. Think I can have some? Everybody ran up the stairs to Greg's room, even Alice and Tiger. Not only speed and dope, but if they were lucky, maybe a bit of a "family affair" might start up, like it did LAST Friday.

That would be great!

Once everybody had sniffed a bit of Greg's magic powder, Peter asked the group if it wanted to play "GQ Model", like they did last Friday. She loved this game. So did Bobby! Oh yeah Because it was always Bobby that got to pose for the group.

The rest of the family never told Bobby cause they figured he'd be upset that the pictures of him were sent to that strange man down the street to be used for some magazine that none of them had ever heard of. Peter was in a drugstore, and he saw the picture that HE took of Bobby outside on the jungle jim. It was the picture where you could see Greg's hands doing something to Bobby's privates. It was making Bobby hard for the camera. Anyway, everybody at this point was shaking and sweating profusely cause of Greg's great speed.

Alice was already pulling out her vibrator, and nervously fingering the switch.

Marsha walked over to Bobby and grabbed his crotch. Bobby got his way. Like he always did. They knew that if they let Bobby call some of the shots early in the GQ game, Bobby would owe each of them a few favors. Heh heh heh. When Peter had finally taken Bobby's underwear off, the group was already visibly getting excited.

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Greg got out his two pairs of handcuffs. He gave one pair to Jan and the other pair to Cindy. He told both of them to take ALL their clothes off first, and then to cuff Bobby to the desk. Tiger, meanwhile was jumping up and downhe knew what was NEXT! Tiger ran over to bondage Bobby, and gave him a tongue bath, paying special attention to those VERY special little boy areas. Tiger knew how Bobby liked it. All this experience hadn't gone to waste on this dumb canine.

Alice, meanwhile, had gone into the Brady's bathroom to get Mrs. Brady's special jar of mentholatum cold cream. And she wasnt going to fix her makeup! You see, Marsha loved to look at all her brothers naked, while she had the live-in maid grease her up for some serious anal sex.

While the flashbulbs were popping in Greg's room, and Bobby's giggling could be heard across the hall, Greg took Marsha to their parent's bedroom. They knew perfectly well that it was their own daughter's rectum they were smellingbut what the hell, if it turns you on, right? Greg pounced on Marsha and started grabbing her pubic hair. He pulled it out in tufts, while groaning in her ear like a mule.

Greg continued to sing this silly nurseryrhime as he vigorously screwed his sister. Greg had always lusted after Marsha! Ever since the whole family went mule packing the Grand Canyon, and Greg rode right behind Marsha and her creamy pre-pubescent little butt, Greg just couldnt get her out of his mind. That iswhen he wasnt thinking about Peter.

Jan and marcia. together. there is a god.

Bobby seemed somewhat comforted by this consolation. Alice jumped up in front of the group! Now its time for my favorite game! They all loved it when Alice would whip out her Twister game.

Cindy was first. Spreading far, she put her right foot on the blue dot, and her left hand on the red dot. Everyone jumped in immediately when they saw the awesome sight of a juicy, fresh 7 year old girl spreading for the family. Peter was next, his obvious erection rubbing up and down in Cindy's face. Cindy eagerly gobbled it up. They had tried many times out back in Tiger's doghouse, but she just couldnt seem to keep her teeth out of the way. Yes, Bobby really enjoyed Peter's weenie in his mouth.

Now the entire group of Brady children was piled in one naked heap on Alice's Twister game. No, Mr. But since, Jan had had the clap last week and the week before, they couldnt do it.

"here’s the incestuous story"….brady bunch scandal or fantasy?

Come on! Tiger always loves it at high speed. Greg really liked to help insert the plastic toy while beating off. It really gave him a thrill. The dog shot its load easily, like it always does.

She always wished that Tiger had a little more staying power than he did. I guess thats because of all the times that Tiger had shot his load early while with Cindy. You know how unsatifying that can be. It was time for Cindy to learn what penetration is all about. Time for Cindy to become a "real" woman. Peter and Greg handcuffed the little girl to the rafters of the playhouse, suspending her above the floor.

Greg greased up his cock, stroking the HUGE length back and forth. Cum was already oozing from its tip. No mercy from this big brother. Peter, meanwhile had greased up his dick with Crisco and had placed it on Cindy's tight little rosebud butthole.

But what the hell.

Up in the house, Marsha and Jan were busy eating one another out, when they heard their little sister scream in pain. Immediately on hearing this, Marsha ripped her face from Jan's bush and began to shudder wildly.

Well, this is a long story, that could never be told in one night. But be sure to stay tuned to find out about what Mike and Carol did upon returning to the Brady household! What did Mom and Dad do, when Peter had to tell them that he had ruptured poor little Cindy's rectum Find out! Time to start the evening! Show Bobby how much you love him!

That's what sister means to me. Bobby will suck anything! He likes it, hey Bobby!!!!!!!

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When Jan Brady said "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia," it was not always to complain about her older sister; sometimes it was pillow talk.


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