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She never imagined her simple meditation practice would go on to grant her superhuman strength and incredible muscles! Syren Rayna narrates this original MagnusMagneto female muscle growth story, enhanced with ambient music and visceral sound effects. No Effects — The bass boosted narration with ambient music, and no other sound effects. No Music — The bass boosted narration with the sound effects, and no music. Speech Only — The compiled narration without any alterations made to the performance. Backed by MagnusMagneto Satisfaction Guarantee.


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Syren rayna’s symbiote – fully voiced fmg story

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Exceeded 32 characters. Appearance: It would be very similar to Venom but with less muscle and more small in size only a monster would become when in extreme anger would have the typical white spider on the chest and back and have red hair Name: For the name you should put "Cure" is the opposite of "Venom" because Venom means hatred and pain as Cure means love and happiness. Well that's all I can say I hope the sequel esque even if you remember it. Report Review From ANON - SomeGuy on January 23, Hey man been re-reading this story over and over again, and I have to say that the sequel has a very good potential of having great chapters to read as it unfolds.

The situations would be interesting and unique like with Spider's Bite, and hope you would consider writing this up. I believe I saw some being written on FF. Anyway hopefully you could consider this cause I sure as hell would read it to the end! Mary Jane with the alien symbiote and she as a host with this look was the best option. How do you plan to do a sequel, so I have some suggestions for you in this story. Here they will: When Mary Jane are using the symbiote to make your walks as a heroine, her look with the symbiote would be the same as demonstrated in this fanfic, except that his hair in his skull would be covered while the rest of it is tied in a ponytail with some parts of the black symbiote stuck in the middle of the hair so that it is in this state and when she got back to normal, the hair would be all loose again.

When she got in intimacy with Peter and allowed the symbiote cover her body, she would be the same as before when ed with the costume, except that the spider symbol does not appear or on her back and not in the chest, leaving them fully black and his hair would be all loose, with the symbiote sometimes spreading to cover the peter body time for him to feel what Mary Jane feels to expose the body of Mary Jane as she holds her still active mask and show his eyes occasionally, clear your nose and your ears appear, but would be covered by the alien costume material and were blackened these parts.

His voice would be even more sexy but without the alien vibration it. How do you intend to get Peter to retrieve the black costume, simbonte will make a perfect replica Symbiote muscle growth story yourself in it and so Symbiote muscle growth story appearance of Peter Symbiote will be the same as his black uniform.

‘female muscle growth’ stories

But the copy of the symbiotic despite having a mind of its own as well as the original alien uniform, it would be totally submissive to Peter Parker as if it were his first host, and would only make his will, so Peter would not run the risk of being controlled by the symbiote but a little but influenced, especially on the nights of love with Mary Jane.

In addition, he referred to himself as 'I' instead of 'we' because this symbiont would be fused to Peter at a similar level that seen by Carnage. His toes were going to be shown individually by costume material, but would have no talon and sharp and not even the fingers of his hands, the stamped spider on his chest and on his back would not be present and these parties would be totally black and maybe he would have a long tongue, but are shown only when kissing Mary Jane in the mouth or makes a sensual gesture. In case your relationship become even more agitated, he could use his new super strength to increase your muscle mass and Mara Jane also do the same, leaving her with a similar physical size to She-Hulk.

The are my ideas for you. More will walk after. I honestly really hope that you contine it I know you said you will but This is honestly really good. I'm generally not into hentai, or other such stories. I wish such sex was possible, and that I was in Peter's place! Although stamina would be a unique challenge, given Symbiote muscle growth story new abilities afforded by the symbiote.

And it's safe to say the symbiote has found her you referred to the symbiote as she, so I'm guessing it identifies with the gender of its host, and I'm going along with that hypothesis true home at long last, although it's sad she had to go through such a painful journey to find it. But at least she knows Peter no longer has misgivings about her, given her new host and their actions.

It'll take awhile to get used to everything, but Peter shouldn't have any more issues with the former Venom symbiote. But I do have one question: The symbiote briefly spread itself over Peter's body during sex, so did she bond in some manner to him again, as well? It would easily explain the new neural link they have, and given what happened, Peter would be more receptive to ing with the symbiote.

And if not, then perhaps another like minded symbiote could bond with Peter, and the four could truly be one upon coupling again.

As for a new name for the symbiote, unfortunately I haven't any ideas at this time. Peter, MJ, and the Symbiote were abso-fucking-lutely astounding. You really outdid almost everyone on this site, pal. Words fail, my heart thundered, so good. And I always had the feeling that the evil could come back. Talk about tension. God damn, this was good.

Although I would stop from overusing the term Symbiote muscle growth story biomass as you really overused that term in this story. You could just say the suit, material, etc. Also when you said she made a 'swing' from it I have no idea what you meant. Did you mean webbing or from the actual suit as that part made no sense since the Venom symbiote unlike those on 'born' on Earth it has a limited use. If she did that it would be connected to her and a lot of her flesh would be exposed. It was also kind of fast how you just said swing with no real detail if you're going to do things like that they need to be explained better.

I was a little disappointed that the suit didn't seem to pull away from her body at all for any skin on skin contact as tasting the suit can't be as nice as his wife's skin at times. If you do a sequel I think Black Cat might be a bit hard given that Venom attacked her and most likely put her in the hospital when she found out Peter was married I got the comic collection of Venom's first story arch so maybe with her it would have to be make up kind of thing first without freaking her out after the beating Black Cat took.

Although Scream and Agony might be hard as Scream was literally psychotic at first and murdered Agony along with the other symbiotes on their team before Scream's symbiote fixed up the chemical unbalance in her brain that was causing it.

Good show all around. From the way this story is set, I have to say I think it's definitely an original approach for the Marvel universe with both Peter and the symbiote. Symbiote muscle growth story thought of giving Mary Jane the symbiote in that way nor how it could in that direction. Can't really say what a superhero name for Mary Jane powered by a symbiote could be. Scarlet Spider might be too obvious but it might be the only one available considering who she is and what she will be able to do. Report Review From Crimson-Striker on August 31, Gotta say that this is definitely an interesting way of starting a symbiote story in the Spider-Man section.

Usually its Peter that gets the symbiote and it goes from there to the various girls in the Marvel comics Universe. I definitely like the idea that it's Mary Jane that gets the symbiote since it sort of resets the whole situation into something else. With her being a symbiote-powered hero, why not call her Scarlet Spider or Scarlette Spider.

The black color of the symbiote could change just enough to be a dark red and there you go for a new heroine.

Hope to see a new chapter of this story soon. The potential it has will definitely set it apart from the other Spider-Man fics in this site. Report Review. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update .

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