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I may be one of the only ones, but I love the way these armor sets look on my Bounty Hunter. If there is a booster pack on the back, why not have the rocket boost come from there? I'm not sure if this was intentional, or yet another bug.

I completely agree. Then I learned that the jetpack doesn't work for some reason. Could we please get a dev comment on whether this is a bug or and intended feature? If it is a bug, an ETA on a fix would be appreciated too. Wouldn't be the first time that armors with jetpacks attached to them have the rocket boost coming out of the feet. Ooooor it's a bug.

I got some green robe for my consular on Tython that uses the jetpack animation despite not having a jetpack on the model, but somehow this new armor doesn't have the animation despite having the model. This, this, this!!!

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I submitted a bug ticket, just in case. It would be nice if a dev or community manager could comment so we aren't left in the dark. I think the best way we can get a fix is for everyone to submit bug tickets. Unless a community manager sees this thread and puts the gears in motion. Actually, it shouldn't be sarcasm. If you look closely it IS a jetpack. For underwater travel. What y'all want is rocketpacks. That's what boba and jango had.

That's what the bounty hunters have in the game hence rocket jump and rocket punch instead of jet jump and jet punch. The jet pack is obviously made for underwater travel. It's not a bug that there are no rocket flames coming out if it since it isn't a rocket.

Why are people even surprised that this kind of stuff happens? I mean, really? It was never fixed and seeing that it may be considered outdated and only worth the bother if you're a collector, they'll never come to fix it. I bought the Underwater armor sets already but since I was told that it was plagued by this same issue, I didn't even bother to open the lockboxes. It's not that we are surprised On the subject of older gear: they still haven't addressed the hood issue up on some, down on others, or if it's up the model shows another hood down I think it's safer to say they would address newer, CM-originated gear though.

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It's not bugged. Not really. In the end, it comes down to a set of rules for each armor template that Bioware has put in place, which is why you have armor sets where the boost comes from the back, when there's no actual jet pack there or from the feet, when there's an actual jet pack on the back.

I honestly doubt they'll ever come to fix different armor sets on an individual basis. Some, as mentioned above, have a jet pack added on the back but for all intents and purposes, the template wasn't built that way so it assumes there's no pack there; Hence, the boost comes from the feet.

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Others have no jet pack at all and yet the boost comes from the back, like there's a jet pack there. Changing the different armor templates is probably too much of a hassle and changing around on an individual basis EDIT: My internet is toying with me Was under the impression my post had "disappeared" and now it's there. Yes please tell him is a "blubble pack" and "thruster" closest thing to a Aquapack like said ly.

Underwater, means Underwater Just submitted a bug report in-game. There are multiple thre on this topic, so it's clear that a ificant amount of people are frustrated by the malfunctioning jetpacks. It'd be very nice to get a dev response Swtor underwater explorer if this is even supposed to be a bug.

Again, it probably comes down to the armor template as I mentioned above; Each armor, as the way it is deed, appears to based off on and I believe it's fair to assume that each has a different set of rules. If a jetpack is there, it should be used instead of the animation coming from the character's feet. The devs have addressed other gear issues in the past - but the majority were from the CM. Thankfully, these sets are also from the CM They are such great looking sets.

It would be a shame if the jetpacks aren't utilized. I would consider the template issue you describe as a bug.

Buying the underwater explorer armor set from the gtn with credits

If it's working correctly taking into the set of rules defined for said template, then it's not a bug; It's working as originally envisioned or programmed by Bioware. What we may have here is a mistake in the template they chose for said armor sets.

I don't need to be told anything. There is no underwater travel in this game.

The model includes a jetpack, and it should be used as such. There is no written rule saying a jetpack on an underwater set can't be used anywhere but underwater. In the real world, rockets can go from underwater to the air. I hope that if enough people do, they will address it.

Ok point taken, but does the gear include an animation already from the feet? If so need to be changed to jetpack.

I find it funny that they even make an aquatic armor set when You will boil your private parts for Swtor underwater explorer. There is a reason that submarine launched missiles both icbm and cruise varieties are ejected to the surface on compressed gas and do not ignite their engines until they pop through the surface of the water. More likely to get comments on the jet pack over in the bug report forum.

I already posted one, which is still on the first. I hope we get a response and that it is addressed. Well there is no actual flight either It is what it is, which is a jetpack for underwater travel. Why would you assume that it would work like a rocketpack just because there is no underwater travel in the game? That would be like assuming that a rocket pack should be able to get you to fly like a flying mount. Or to say that blaster rifles should fire farther than 35 meters It's not a bug, it's not a rocket pack.

Not only that. I think I have to correct you there Andryah. But that is actually a rocket pack. Granted, the popular nonmenclature for rocket packs is "jetpack" but that doesn't mean it works on the jet engine principle. That's nice and all, but you are confusing jet propulsion with rocket propulsion. The video you show is of a rocket propelled missile. Not a jet propelled one. SAME model.

And as I said before again there is no underwater travel in this game, so labeling the pack's model, which is actively being used for other gear, as a "pump jet" is reaching. I could care less if the gear has "Underwater" in it. It doesn't change the fact that it is the SAME model used for other gear, which have properly used animations. If you don't want the gear to animate or don't care about the Swtor underwater explorer, I don't understand the need to stop in this thread and try to argue.

IMO, it isn't a jet pack. It is an undewater propulsion pack. And no, Jetpacks and Underwater propulsion packs are not the same thing.

It is not a bug. You are complaining because your scuba gear doesn't work as a Jet Pack. Manaan is coming in September. That's not end of the year. I agreed for the longest time, but then I noticed something So I am now completely recinding my statements and admitting that I am probably wrong in this. This should most likely be a working in-game jetpack since it has been used as one on earlier models.

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