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Paul was reading the Sunday Sport, perusing through the contacts section when an ad caught his eye, Dominant Couple seek submissive pair to train. If you fancy this ring for a chat.


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My Submissive Neighbors "submissive couples enjoy being dominated" 8 Votes 8. Score 4.

Paul & susan's intitiation

Famous Story. Published 10 years ago. This is complete fiction, a brief tale of a submissive couple and their dominant Black neighbor. She was on the bed on her knees, hands handcuffed behind her back, blindfold and dog collar in place, just as I had instructed her.

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Her husband was on his knees in his blonde wig and red lipstick, on the side of the bed, I could see her pussy juices glistening on his face from him getting her pussy ready for me to fuck. I just stood for a moment and took in the view of this hot scene, my dick was super hard and I looked forward to fucking her with abandon, while her husband looked on and awaited my orders for him.

I slapped her hard on the ass, loving the reddening of her ass where my hand landed, she whimpered and it was music to my ears, her ass hole had been lubed, she was wearing black crouch-less panties and her blond hair was in a ponytail almost down to her ass. I picked up the leather leash and attached it to the ring on the collar. I gave it a pull and she whimpered again. I got behind her on the bed and drove my dick deep into her pussy, hearing the air blow out of it as I did, she yelled but stayed still, I pulled her into me with the leash and leaned in until my belly was hitting her ass cheeks, I held my dick in her for awhile, trying to go deeper though that was impossible, she had the full 9 inches in her.

I started fucking her in earnest, fingering her asshole as I banged her pussy. I started spanking her ass, relishing in her moans, she was shivering now, squirting all over my dick, I had plunged in one last time and pulled out, she let out a disappointed sigh. His words muffled by my dick in his mouth.

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I lined my dick up with her asshole and slid into her, slowly enjoying the tightness and the wetness of the lube, I roughly grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back, biting her neck as I continued to push my dick into her tight hole.

I fucked her deep.

I grabbed on to her hips and started to drive my dick and in and out of her, banging her asshole while she whimpered under me, I was lifting her off the bed with my plunges, damn she could take it in the ass. She was moaning loudly, shaking her head from side to side, begging me to fuck her harder.

I felt my balls begin to tighten and knew I was about to shoot a gallon of cup into this sexy slut. I reached under her and squeezed her tits hard as I continue to slam into her, I started erupting in her tight asshole, filling her up, I let out a loud groan and collapsed on top of her with my dick still in her. I finally catch my breath and pull my dick out her asshole and roll on my back and nod at her husband and he quickly begins to suck on my dick, I slap the wife on the ass and she immediately s her husband licking my balls and sucking my dick.

Wow, I love fucking my neighbors. Quickie Sex submissive couple neighbors bi-husband.

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My partner Tania and I have been in the lifestyle for several years.


I am sure that many men and women who are just discovering their submissiv