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Banner by kargrif. None of the stories featured here are Spander. The stories here all describe relationships involving Spike and Xander with Other People, so go elsewhere if this squicks you. Broken link? Please tell me. There's more to Dawn than meets the eye.


Most Favorite WIPs. Summary: She'd kicked his butt, taken the Gem and sent it off to Angel.

Btvs/ats non-crossover • romance • dawn/spike • 5 stories • updated dec 10

Buffy thought she'd seen the last of Spike. That he was in her house, in her roomwaking her out of a sound sleep and asking for okay, demanding her help meant that something had to be majorly wrong. They weren't due for another apocalypse, but Summary: Insert fake sister A into memory slot B.

When the monks form Dawn, the PTB take a helping hand in the creation of the fake memories. How does the interactions with Dawn in the past change Buffy and Spike's relationship in the present and ultimately the future? Begins in S5 but quickly downturns to S2. Many thanks to Pfeifferpack for the wonderful banner.

Summary: The First wasn't stupid, it had to know that Spike would win against Wood in that garage. Even if the fight wasn't fair. Even with the trigger driving him mad. So it stepped in. Just a single moment of intervention - and everything is different.

One tiny second of distraction, and Buffy's world ends. She wasn't ready for him to be gone.

Dose anyone else wish that dawn and spike had a romantic relationship

Will Buffy love him back when she discovers the truth? Summary: Willow's resurrection spell didn't go to plan.

The biker demons interrupted the ritual, which allowed the PTB to hijack the spell and bring Buffy back from a different death. A more confident Buffy who is no longer quite so determined to spare her friends' feelings A massive thanks to my wonderful beta Badwolfjedi and the lovely javajunkie for the fabulous banner. Summary: It all started with a one-night stand, and suddenly, Buffy Summers found herself involved with rock star and premiere bad boy of England, Spike Rock. Also, for general knowledge purposes: Buffy and Xander are step siblings, Willow's not gay, and the gang lives in L.

Summary: After Angel and his team lose the battle in the Alley, everyone dies, and the Powers offer Buffy a chance to go back and fix it all. There's a prophecy involved, and Buffy is not the only one to go back. She is sent back to when The Master 'killed' her the first time, but in this story her return to her old body happens before the body dies.

Beta by Spikeslovebite. A Gift for Maryperk. Summary: In a world where soulmates have the ability to write on each other's skin, Spike finds himself shackled to a five-year-old Buffy who--for once--listens to her mother's advice about not handing out personal information. With no way of tracking the annoyance down, Spike is forced to endure a decade of unavoidable communication. When Spike finally arrives in Sunnydale and discovers his soulmate is none other than the slayer, he revels in the notion of a destined death match, but the Powers That Be have other plans Eye of Eleos by pfeifferpack [R] Likes: 3, Comments: 1, Prompt 1, Banner 5: This beautiful banner was created by the amazingly talented artist, and my friend, N mcil.

Summary: Buffy Is flung back in time against her will to face old enemies and new. It's time for Buffy to put it right and she is doing it the only she knows how.

Her way and there is nothing The Council can do to stop her. Hindsight by Toften [R] Likes: 4, Comments: 2, Summary: "Give me another chance. I can fix it. Summary: From a challenge by tempestt : When he was a wee laddie, Rupert Giles found himself in a bit o' trouble. Come on, we all know 10 year-old Giles would've been a little hellion.

Spike, who's around because he's hunting the slayer Giles's grandmother is ased to is impressed by Giles's swaggering bravado and helps him out. In doing so he dubs Giles Lil' Ripper. A much more fitting name than nancy boy Rupert. So begins an on-and-off, life long friendship between the two When Spike shows up in School Hard Giles immediately recognizes Buffy's description so he sets up a meet.

After finding out why Spike is at the Hellmouth, Giles strikes a deal. He'll help Spike heal Drusilla if Spike agrees to help his slayer for an indeterminate amount of time.

At long last: the spike/dawn fic that has been plaguing me

Many, many thanks for your hard work and talent! A home at the end of the world by solstice [R] Likes: Comments: Sunnydale is devastated by the release of a prototype virus that was being developed by a branch of The Initiative.

Now, half the population is 'infected', and the other half is living on borrowed time. A bite will turn you into one of them, and Buffy's got her mom and sister to think about. With the gem, Spike's immune and so it makes perfect sense to Buffy that he should help them get out of town.

But this thing's already bigger than Sunnydale, and if Spike's their best chance of survival then it looks like he's along for the ride. Introducing : A vampire who's been needed before, but never exactly wanted. And a girl struggling to understand the true nature of good and evil, whilst standing shoulder to shoulder with the Slayer of Slayers.

Endless heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted! Summary: Season 2 AU: There's a dangerous vampire in town, William the Bloody, and Buffy can't help but enjoy their encounters more than she should. This new Big Bad Spike and dawn fanfiction cunning, clever, handsome But does a man really need a soul to be able to love? Rated NC for graphic torture, violence, smut, adult language. Summary: Buffy is a second too late to save Spike from Xander in Entropy.

Seeing him die at the hands of one of her best friend will break her, making her do something foolish. You should never use the "W" word in Sunnydale, even more if you have a newly restored Vengeance Demon with you.

Banner 14 by pfeifferpack. Slaying vampires, rebelling against her controlling Watcher, and clinging desperately to any semblance of a normal life keeps her going until she finds what she needs in the last place she would have expected. Buffy's story from the Wishverse.

Betaed by the fantastic All4Spike. Gorgeous banner by pfeifferpack. Summary: One night out on the town with her friends, who she hasn't exactly told about her new found poverty, Buffy finds herself abandoned and looking for the bus. She then finds herself dragged into a back alley and on her back. Fortunately, her attacker chose an alley already occupied by a rather bad-ass handsome stranger.

Unfortunately, the stranger's kind-of a jerk.

Summary: Enraged by Buffy's treatment of Spike in mid-season six, the goddess of love swoops in to offer succor to a vampire who has always loved too much and a lesson to a Slayer who scorned that love. For a challenge by pfeifferpack : I'd like a story where a goddess of love pick your pantheon watches Buffy turn her anger and violence upon Spike over and over and she becomes angered that Buffy doesn't value what is in front of her. Unconditional love is rare and Buffy did more than simply reject that love offered to her by Spike The goddess decided to have Buffy learn how rare a gift she is trashing in some way up to the writers imagination.

You can have the goddess make herself and her intention known or just have Buffy experience whatever lesson will show her the value of Spike's love. Thank you much for you your generous work on this amazing art! Summary: What if Buffy had paid more attention to what Spike said directly after, "Out. How would she have responded if she'd caught his blunder?

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