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By: Kate Mitchell Jewett.


The guide for SOMA contains all the essential information required to complete the game.

Inside you will find a detailed walkthrough of the single player campaigncoupled with a large of helpful screenshots, as well as hints associated with solving logical and environmental puzzles and consequences of certain choices present in the game. Additionally, the guide contains all the information about notes, tablets, writings, maps, audio diaries that might not be necessary to complete the game, but they certainly build the atmosphere and tell their own story.

Additionally, the guide contains advice on gameplay mechanics like movement, using lighting and sounds or ways of dealing with specific types of enemies.

Credits and intro

The game has really impressive graphics and extremely advanced physics engine, which allows you to manipulate most of the items in the game world. The game focuses solely on sneaking in order to quietly slip next to an unsuspecting enemy, which can be a surprise to a lot of players. If you are not sure that the nearby area is clear and there are no enemies around, DO NOT use sprint. Sprinting will increase your overall speed and decrease the time needed to travel from one place to another, but the enemies will be able to locate you from a distance and will attack you. It is better to move without using the sprint option and the best to just move while crouching so that you will not attract the unnecessary attention from foes.

After completing about 1 of the game, your character will be given access to a flashlight. It is a powerful tool, as it has an unlimited Soma code for first door of power and most of the in-game locations are near pitch-black - without using it, you will miss a lot of additional content and collectibles. The flashlight, however, has its flaws - it draws the attention of your enemies, who will check or outright attack the sudden source of light in the area.

Each enemy in the game behaves differently. Some of them can see you from a huge distance, others are almost blind but can hear the smallest rustle, and there are even some which will notice you only when you are looking at them. Master the behavior of each and every enemy and you will be able to move around the map a lot easier.

The game lacks any "real" collectibles, as those are not marked or rewarded in any way. It is, however, worth to look for them, as by reading, looking through and listening various texts and recordings you will be able to learn a lot information about the world in which the game is set. Each chapter of the walkthrough as well as the separate section called "Collectibles has each and every one of them marked for you.

Despite the fact that the genre of the game is "horror" and there is no health bar visible on the screen, the main character will not die from a single enemy attack excluding few story events. After the attack, the character will have a blurry vision, which will almost return back to normal after a few seconds - the health will not however, and you will have to attach yourself to a growth WAU in order to regenerate it.

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Enemy attacks can be used against them as well. If an enemy blocks access to a certain area, you just rush at him, let him attack you, and when you regain control over the character the enemy will be "moved" several meters or rooms in some cases away from you, opening the ly inaccessible passageway. Do not abuse it, however, as the game will quickly get boring while doing so. The approaching threat can be "felt" - distortions are appearing on the screen, and in some cases even the lights can be turning on and off. The higher the intensity of those events, the closer the threat enemy is to your location.

If you are travelling via a tunnel, and the screen is suddenly flooded with distortions, there is an enemy approaching - hide behind cover and wait for the enemy to pass.

Header menu

After a short and certainly weird cutscene, you will wake up in the apartment, in the skin of the main character. Look around the area and locate the smartphone lying on the bedside cabinet - interact with it in order to learn about your next objective.

You have to find and collect a bottle containing the Tracer Fluid.

Before you do so, however, look around the area - there are plenty of things to find here. Those can be found quite easily, as they tend from time to time to glow slightly, becoming visible from a distance.

After getting out of the bed and answering the phone, check the lower drawer of the nightstand - inside you will find a bookwhich can be read. Put the item down and go along the wall on your left until you reach the cabinet, on which a wired telephone can be found - activate it and listen to the recorded message. There is nothing else in the cabined, so just continue on until you get to the bookshelf - on the second from the top shelf, on the left side, you will find a of photos which can be looked at.

Head towards the desk now - there's a leafletas well as a notepad here, and on the pin board located above the desk there are five photos too look at. In the upper drawer of the desk there's a newspaper clippingand in the middle one two Soma code for first door newspapers. Afterwards, interact with the computer so that you can check the available message list. You should focus on the one titled " Saturday off ", which can be found in the " Drafts " tab. After sending the message, leave the computer - ignore the nearby bathroom as there's nothing to do there.

Head towards the couch in the middle of the room - there's a book there.

Put the collectible back on the sofa and then check the dvd box located on the ledge below the TV. The TV itself can be interacted with as well, but you won't be able to watch a movie on it, so just ignore it. It's time to head to the kitchen area of the apartment. The cupboard located above the microwave hold the story item - a bottle containing Tracer Fluid. Collect it and drink the fluid, by pressing the interaction button again.

Afterwards, check the envelope lying on the rack by the door, and then collect the keys located right next to it - all that's left to do is to leave the apartment, by interacting with the door, which will bring you to a new location.

Soma square apartments

You will be moved to a new location, to the subway. There's nothing to do here - you can only look around the insides of the wagon, because you won't be able to move from your spot. When the phone starts ringing, pick it up, and after the conversation is over the main character will be moved yet again, this time to the target location.

You will end up in almost pitch-black room, so it would be wise to hit the light switch on - it can be found on the wall, to the right of your current position. As soon as the room is lit, head towards the desk located in the corner of the room. Here you will find a computerfrom which you will have access to a of s - there's nothing to send here this time though. In the upper drawer of the desk there's a note - check it out to find a access codewhich will be used very soon.

Soma square apartments

Put down the note, open the middle drawer and read the article - afterwards head towards the nearby door. Interact with them and then wait for a short while, until the main character tries calling David Munshi. After regaining control over Simon, interact with the control panel next to the door - enter the access code you've collected recently, open the door by pulling on the handle and enter the hallway.

Most of the nearby doors are locked - you can only enter the small room on the right side of the hallway, when you will find a couple of photographs hanging on the board, at the other side of the room. Leave the server-like room and go through the door at the end of the hallway, where David Munshi will be waiting for you. After a short conversation you will regain control over your character - there's nothing to collect or activate here, you can only speak with the doctor a few times to learn more about the experiment and your treatment.

After you've done it, sit on the armchair, and after a short while you will wake up at yet another location, and the proper part of the game will start.

The level starts while the character is sitting on the armchair from the mission. The room is pitch-black, but you can and definitely should solve the problem quite easily - on the opposite side of the room, practically straight ahead from your position there's a box with a red glowing light inside.

Approach the box, open the hatch and pull the lever - after a few seconds the room will be lit and you will be able to look around the area carefully. There are two terminals located in the room, the first one Omnitool Chip Installer situated on the opposite wall from the fuse box, and the second one next to the armchair on which the character was sitting a moment ago.

Both are inaccessible to you at the moment, but remember the location of the first one, because it will come in handy in a moment. The exit from this room is blocked, so you will have to make your own - pick up a fire extinguisher lying by the terminal and use it to smash the window located to the left of the blocked door. After smashing the glass, drop the fire extinguisher and jump through the newly created passage.

Approach the ly blocked doors and take the pneumatic lock off them, by pulling on the lever. Now you can get back to room by simply pressing the yellow button. Go along the corridor, until you reach the crossro - you can either go left, straight ahead, or right.

The passageway to the right is blocked, so just go to the left. On the wall, right next to the entrance to the room with the "Break Room" there's a terminal, which allows you to perform a Data Buffer. Activate it, listen to the "recordings" and get back to the crossro, as there's nothing else to do in both this room and the nearby toilet. From here go straight head, and then take a turn to the right - take the Soma code for first door lock off the doors, open them by pressing the orange button and then get inside.

Go to the further section of the room, where a robot on whom you can perform a Data Buffer awaits - it can be easily distinguished by sparks coming from the hanging husk of the machine. You will hear a noise coming from the corridor - prepare yourself, as from here on you will be faced with real threat enemies.

Leave the room and read the description on the screen - the game will inform you about the ability to lean right or left, which will be used numerous times during the playthrough, as enemies have are less likely to spot you when you are leaning out the corner, instead of running straight at them. Go along the corridor, to the right, through the newly unlocked passageway, and then again straight - there's nothing to collect or do here, and the corridor goes in one direction.

As soon as the lights will be turned off, you will be informed about another game "mechanic" - crouching and moving while crouching. As you might imagine, by moving in such a manner you are hidden, you move a lot quieter and enemies have to be in your immediate vicinity in order to hear your footsteps - by sprinting everywhere enemies will be able to hear you from several meters or even different rooms!

Approach the nearby door you will locate them by the red light next to themtake off the pneumatic lock and open them.

When the character regains consciousness, enter the room and wait for a while so that Simon can pull himself together, as your vision is probably extremely blurry at the moment. The whole "healing" element is known to those who are familiar with the Call of Duty series, as well as the games from the developers of SOMA - with each contact with an enemy or in some cases environment - such as electricitySimon will receive a certain amount of damage, which can be aled by pulsating image and blurry vision. You can get hit a few times only and then the character will die - you can regain health by connecting yourself to a growth you will learn about it later on in this guide.

When everything at least most goes back to normal, head towards the table located in the corner of the room.


There you will find a new toy, Omnitool. You will learn about the functionality of the item later on in the game, but it can be described as a universal key - with the help of Omnitool you will be able to unlock normally inaccessible passageways. Right next to the tool there's also a notewhich explains how the Omnitool works - activate it and then put it down.

Get back to the room in which your journey on this station started - to the terminal called " Omnitool Chip Installer " After arrival, place your Omnitool in the special slot on the left side of the terminal - it resembles a credit card reader.

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Wait for the system to boot and then activate the terminal. Select the "Omnitool" option and then press the "Unlock Tool Box" button. Now leave the terminal. To the left from the slot in which you've put the Omnitool there will be a stash which should now be open. The stash is full of Tool Chips, which are sort of expansion cards to the Omnitool - pick up one of them only one can be acquired by interacting with it and then place it in the Omnitool by interacting with it again.

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When opening up the door straight ahead from the 03 door, there will be a loud bang as the lights flicker.


Located in the sleek and fashionable SoMa neighborhood, this community is an urban oasis in the heart of the city.


The entire game can be completed in just over seven hours.