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  • My figure type is quite plump
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I write Slave Leia fan fiction, and will do more fan fiction in star wars. FanFiction unleash your imagination.


The human princess was small and petite, her skin a lovely creamy color and cheeks rosy, her long brown hair braided into a tight bun on the back of her, a necessity of having had to wear a large and uncomfortable helmet for an extended period of time. A few stray locks had come free and they fell across her face, her lips, painted with a deep red lipstick, parted in slight worry as she watched her friend - no, more than that; her lover - being led away by the guards.

She watched Han disappear from sight, then turned and looked at the tyrannical ruler of this smoky, dim and dank palace on the desert planet Tatooine. His cold reptilian eyes had not left her since he'd ordered Han taken away. And now he eyed her with barely-contained lust.

Slave leia fan fiction beckoned with his short, chubby, almost baby-like arms and suddenly Princess Leia Organa felt herself taken by the arms by two guards, a fat, green Gammorrean, the other a masked man, and hauled, resisting halfheartedly towards the Hutt. Jabba shifted about in great excitement, his eyes focusing on the chestplate of her armor, and what he knew lay beneath.

She thought back to how easy the plan had seemed.

Get in disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh, offering Chewie to Jabba in return for payment Somehow, though, Jabba had known. And now Han was being taken to who knew where She knew his reputation, and where this was going, and tried very, very hard to steel herself up for what was certain to be a very unpleasant experience. The crowd parted before their approach. As she was pushed towards where Mighty Jabba sat, he licked his lips. Despite having eyed Lyn Me as a replacement for Oola, the urge to feed her to the Rancor had been too great after he'd done the same to Oola.

And so instead of collaring her as his new pet he'd opened the trapdoor underneath her feet and sent her screaming into the blackness, and he'd greatly enjoyed her horrifying fate.

Leia knew of the incident. She remembered hearing the doomed Twi'Lek's screams shortly after her arrival at the palace while still disguised as Boushh. Leia, despite her predicament, felt her indignation rising, if not exactly her courage. This filthy slug repulsed her and pd to have her treated roughly by his thugs. Didn't he know who she was?

A princess and a key leader of the Rebellion? Being this close to the hideous gangster was nearly unbearable. Mighty Jabba listened to her pathetic words of - as far as he was concerned - false bravery. His mouth twisted into a smug smirk and a throaty little chuckle rumbled up from the depths of his throat.

Looking down at the thick tongue slathering those fat chops, Leia flinched and turned away in revulsion with pitiful little cry of "Ohhhh! She squeezed her eyes shut, wishing it was all a bad dream. The Gammorrean took her by both arms and shoved Slave leia fan fiction closer and closer, until she was shoved right up against the monstrous doughy belly.

Leia felt herself pushed against his fatty rolls, thick flesh squishing with wet squelching noises against her armor as her face came within inches of his own, slime being smeared over the front of her armor. Although she'd already suspected why Jabba had wanted her taken to him in this manner, it couldn't prepare her for it. Mighty Jabba's huge nostrils flared as they drank in the scene of the female flesh so near, and he uttered a gurgling sigh as he licked his lips. The Hutt enjoyed the look of disgust on her face.

Nearby, Threepio whimpered pathetically, moaning that he couldn't watch and turning away. Even Bib Fortuna looked a little disgusted and winced at what was beginning to unfold before him. Salacious Crumb would've burst into laughter at Leia's expense The monkey lizard would never cackle again, stewing as he was in the great gut of his Master. Leia squirmed and turned her head back around to glare into Jabba's glassy reptilian eyes with a look of angry defiance on her face. All her suspicions about the Hutt's reputation with women were now confirmed. She felt her courage returning, if only a little bit, and looked over his huge face so close to her.

She found herself morbidly fascinated. Jabba gave her the satisfaction of hearing words of consideration.

Leia was wary of how easily he seemed to be accepting her offer, remembering how stubborn he was earlier when she was still disguised as Boushh. It entered her mind that Jabba was lying and just toying with her, but, all things considered, she was not in a position to argue.

Meager hope was still hope. Even if it ended up being false hope. She moistened her red lips and nodded a little hesitantly in response. The Hutt pursed his lips and glanced off to the side, then a moment later he suddenly opened his lips and leaned forward.

Leia watched, transfixed, as his huge face came even closer, and was still trying to process what he was doing as suddenly those rancid lips slid over her pert ruby-red ones in a horrifying, slimy kiss that had her squeezing her eyes shut and shuddering all over. After a moment he leaned back, a thin string of spittle connecting their mouths. A flick of the fat tongue broke it, and the glob dangled from Leia's pretty red lips as she panted. Leia was mildly relieved, but still horribly repulsed, her lips smeared with his saliva as she turned away once more, pursing her lips as Jabba licked her face again, slopping his tongue down her neck.

She shuddered once more as she felt the tongue slurp down her tender throat.

He barked something in Huttese and everyone except the Gammorrean guard holding her left the room, drawing the curtain after themselves. Jabba looked past her and nodded at the guard. The Gammorrean pulled Leia away from the dais by a few feet, then stopped, still holding her tightly. Leia turned her head to glare at him. The threat was unfinished, and yet she knew of Jabba's reputation for cruelty, which far exceeded his one for perversions.

She remembered Lyn Me's terrifying screams as she died down in the pit.

Perhaps it was best to submit. She nodded, and then allowed herself to be hauled away by the Gammorrean. Jabba watched her go and chuckled evilly. The next day, Jabba's tongue slid over her face for what seemed like the millionth time as Leia lay sprawled on the dais alongside him in the musky, dim audience chamber, her body against his moist bulk. Jabba's greasy bulk heaved against her naked belly and half-covered breasts. The Max Rebo band played a slow, smutty tune that fit the proceedings, and Yarna danced by herself out in the middle of the room, her fat body jiggling hypnotically.

Rystal and Greeata sang in seductive, sultry tones, having a little difficulty after the loss of Lyn Me forced them to adapt from being a trio to a duo, but no one noticed or cared. All eyes were on Jabba and newest prize. The floor show was just window dressing. This turn of events had certainly surprised Leia. She had assumed she'd be put in a cell like Han.

Instead, she found herself wearing a humiliatingly skimpy dancing girl's Slave leia fan fiction. Her hair now tied back in a single, long attractive braid that draped over one shoulder, and she was naked except for a golden metal bra and a long maroon loincloth with nothing underneath. Velvet shoes covered her small feet and a gilded collar encircled her throat. A length of golden chain ran from the front to Jabba's hand. He never let go of it, holding on to her at all times.

Leia tried to turn away with horror as his tongue again decided to explore her face, shifting uncomfortably against him as she squirmed in his doughy embrace. Jabba hugged one of his arms tighter around her slender waist, her taut tummy rubbing and heaving against his slimy rolls of fat as she was held against his great belly.

He started licking down along her jaw, her Slave leia fan fiction hands pushing against what could charitably be called his shoulders as that tongue roamed ever lower, leaving its glistening trail of saliva. Mighty Jabba enjoyed the slight bounce of her mostly covered breasts as she spat out the slime he'd smeared over her face. After the long night before and then this morning, Leia learned that his slime dried up and smeared off very easily when on human flesh. And so she endured him. Both in hopes that despite this degrading treatment he intended to hold to their deal, and, if not, then at least she could hold out until Luke arrived.

As she made another pathetic attempt to pull herself away, Mighty Jabba proceeded to start licking the base of her neck, right over her collar, as meanwhile he slipped a hand over her backside, groping right through the loincloth.

Leia closed her eyes and gave a soft grunt as she felt his hand clutching possessively over her small rear end, only partially covered by the back part of the loincloth. She didn't speak.

She hadn't said a single word to him since the day and she didn't intend to. Jabba slipped a couple of fat digits up under the back part of Leia's loincloth, groping along the bottom curve of her backside. Her rear felt firm to his touch.

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Princess Leia Organa watched, mortified, as her love was taken away from her.


While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.