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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. If either were to step in the wrong place they would simply slip and probably fall to their death.


Post Your Comments? Just Now FanFiction unleash A book of all kinds of smut and lemon one shots, no restrictions. Sanguine is the god of debauchery after all.

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They were sweating, Skyrim 's winter air chilling them to the bone, but at least the room was warming up thanks to the heat of passion. Or hot, rough, sinful sex. Website: Fanfiction. Category : Use words in a sentence. Born to Lay Dragons, an elder scroll series fanfic. Contains several lemonsPwP, other warnings vary. Category : Use to in a sentence. StrongSkyrimSeveral.

Elder Scrolls oneshot collection Chapter 1: Skyrim Wife. StrongSkyrimStatus. Living Skyrim Chapter 1, an elder scroll series fanfic. I woke to the wood of a rattling cart in Skyrim fanfiction dragonborn lemon face. My head ached, my shoulder was jarred from the bump in the road, my wrists had a bad case of rope-burn, and I was cold wearing only a burlap set of clothes and footwraps. I peered out and saw a forest covered in snow and the. Category : Use series in a sentence. I was actually quite happy with the result. The priests, I thought, reflected their Goddess, Mara, Goddess of love and compassion quite well.

StrongSinceSkyrim. Elder Scrolls oneshot collection Chapter 3: Skyrim To be. Category : Use be in a sentence. ing the Companions, an elder scroll series fanfic. The atmosphere in the Underforge was heavy and leaden, the thick stone walls absorbing any sound, while the soot from the Skyforge itself coated everything in a coal-black layer of grime. Into this darkness, the Dragonborn moved, following the flickering yellow glow of Skjor's. Lemon Oneshots Chapter 1: Round One, a romance fiction. As soon as they got to the party she started teasing him. Website: Fictionpress. Category : Use a in a sentence.

Skyrim smut for a horny dovahkiin

Goosebumps form on her naked flesh as Toothless inspects her, before with a grunt of satisfaction, he stands in front of her. Gently he begins to lick her, first her. Website: M. Category : Use with in a sentence. Before she was the Dragonborn, she was Ailith Copperwing.

An overachieving mage with a talent for embarassing her teachers. A moment of carelessness throws her into the Imperial City Prison at 15 years old and face to face with a savage, locked up …. Website: Archiveofourown.

Category : Use of in a sentence.

SummarySheStrongSavage. An exiled Ulfric Stormcloak faces a terrifying new adversary, High Queen Elisif struggles to unite her homeland against the Thalmor, and retired sellsword Teldryn Sero embarks on a journey of life and death. A multiple perspective story in which Skyrim changes forever. Part 1 of Waters for a Hopeful. So sit your ass down, grab a capri-sun and enjoy this wack ass fanfic I made during a caffeine-induced mental breakdown. So stick around for that shit. Valerie, a young Breton girl, travels to Skyrim in hopes of finding the murderer of his father, leaving wealth and a comfortable life behind.

Skyrim lemon fanfic

While fighting drunkards in a tavern, She is unaware that she was observed by the Nazir, second-in-command of The Dark Brotherhood. SummaryStrongSkyrimSheSecond. Odahviing X Reader Odahviing x Dragon! Me: W. Website: Wattpad.

Breaking of the dragonborn

StrongStorySkyrim. The journal of my Argonian Dovahkiin, Knives-In-Head, as he first escapes near-death twice in one day, to building up a reputation and power in the Holds, to his adventures throughout the wilds of Skyrim. SummaryStrongSkyrimSpoiler. XD You set out to kill the one bane of pretty much everything that lives in skyrim. Alduin the world eater. It took you a very long time to find her wall which was located at sky haven temple. So few that have the Dragonborn and Saadia getting together. Good job! I don't think I've read too many 2nd Person stories, and this is definitely one for the books.

Saadia isn't one of my preferred "romances" in Skyrimbut if …. StrongSoSaadiaStoriesSkyrim.

Chapter 3: hrothgar

She is mistress only to Hircine, daughter of the wild. She is untameable, untouchable, unreachable. The primal instincts first saw her as a challenge, a rival for prey and territory, but now it …. StepsSheSaw. If you are as of yet unfamiliar with the works of Harem Lord, just know that he has a singular focus with his works — case in point, his name and the title of this thing.

Website: Stabbykobold. Category : Use by in a sentence. StrongSkyrimSingular. Serana Stories Wattpad. Midnight 16 2 2 Serana, an ancient pure-blood vampire, the daughter of Lord Harkon and Valerica, and a "Daughter of Coldharbour. SkyStrongSkyrimSerana. Our Top 10 Skyrim Fanfiction Stories. Below are our top ten fanfiction stories of Skyrimin no particular order. Website: Nerdsandscoundrels. StrongSkyrimStoriesShould.

Skyrim, Dark Brotherhood fanfic Babette's Agenda by. Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites.

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The former had spoken read: threatened to Garan Marethi, who revealed to him the information about about the Bloodstone Chalice.


Zephyr Silvertongue is an original character.