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  • What is my age:
  • I am 46
  • Where am I from:
  • New Zealand
  • Hair:
  • Silky brunet hair
  • My favourite music:
  • Reggae
  • What is my hobbies:
  • Singing
  • Smoker:
  • No


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My wife, Peg, and I were invited to my sister-in-law's for Thanksgiving last year and we always tried to accommodate her, first, because she's my wife's sister and, second, because she's a widow having lost her husband in the Iraq War. She and Peg have always been close, there's just a year and a half difference, Janet, being the younger one. During the meal, the conversation somehow got onto massages, I might have mentioned the back pains I'd been having, I don't know, and Janet said that she had a massage table in the back bedroom and that she'd be happy to give me a massage after we'd eaten. Well, I'd had massages before and they've always been quite pleasant, quite enjoyable, so I readily agreed.


So me and my wife are sitting around one day last summer, during the height of Covid. She has had a few knee problems in the past and complains about her back due to her work. Messages of support come in from the family and she gives us the information about her surgery dates.

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I said to just give me a call if she changes her mind, no pressure. Later that evening while my wife was out walking our dog I got a call. It was Bella. I say the offers still there and I can come fetch her tomorrow morning when my wife leaves for work.

She is obviously hesitant but agrees. I try to clear up the process to help her relax a bit, which I think worked. The next day my wife leaves for work and kisses me goodbye, wishing me a good day. Her and my wife look the same facially and are often mistaken for being twins, their bodies however are very different.

I could see her piercings through blue crop top she was wearing and her chunky legs in her running shorts. I watched her as she descended from her front door, my eyes locked on her breasts which bounced with every step.

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Once we got back home I set up my table, closed the blinds a little, lit some candles and put some slow music on. Bella tells me she has done some research on the proper protocol for getting a massage. Which I found funny. I tell Bella that she can remove her clothes and cover herself with the towel once she lies down. I leave the room for a minute until I hear her settle.

I have to admit, my heart was pounding. Bella was now on the table. Her butt covered by the towel I had left and the rest of her body completely exposed.


She had the same milky complexion as my wife that was especially noticeable on her breasts, which bulged out from beneath her on either side. Bella already said she wants a full body so I grab the oil and get started. I start with each hand, working my way up her arms to her shoulders, coming close to grazing the sides of her enormous breasts.

She moans and moves a little when I get to her shoulders so I focus there for a moment. Increasing the pressure and working out her kinks. She moans deeper and clenches her toes.


I start to move down her back towards the top of her butt so I lower the towel a little, exposing the top of her butt crack. I work more oil into her and she moans more and arches her back. She really had some built up tension in her back. Once I was finished with her back I went down to her feet. These things happen when a naked woman is laying in front of you so I continue up her thighs.

She asks me if I can give a glute massage too. I say of course and remove the towel completely. Her plump bare ass is now staring right at me. I grab more oil and massage it into her butt.

One cheek at a time. Her breathing gets heavier as I got closer to her asshole which is revealed as I press and pull her cheeks. At this point I was fully erect.


Her back was finished and it was time for her to turn over. I told her I was going to put on a tank top because I was hot but really I wanted by dick to soften incase she notices. I hear her fidgeting with something and walk back in. She lays down and closes her eyes.

My erection returns. Her legs pull apart slightly and I can see her pussy.

I get to her thighs and allow my fingers to slip just beneath the towel. Not touching her pussy, but close. She was in ecstasy. I pull the towel lower and begin on her stomach. Her nipples were big and pink, and pierced which raised them up from her puffy areolas. They were noticeably hard. I avoid them. Going back to get hands and arms.

Both of us are breathing deeply and precum is soaking a patch on my shorts. I avoid her nipple and move to her other breast which is slightly smaller with a tiny mole by her nipple. She begins massaging my cock at the base.

Her oily hand gliding up and down. But it felt too good to stop. I began to massage her breasts more sensually, teasing her nipples until I allowed them to slip between my fingers she moaned louder. And quickened her strokes on the head of my cock.

I started pinching and pulling at her nipples as I felt my orgasm building.


At this point she was touching herself beneath the towel which still covered her pussy, and I was too hesitant to explore down there. She threw her head back and her mouth fell open.

I could tell she was close. Bella stopped stroking and gripped tight. Leaning my head in I took one of her nipples into my mouth moving it with the piercing between my tongue, lips and teeth. This sent her over the edge. Her body began to shake and I started fucking her tight grip.

She let out a final moan and a little squeal as I shot ropes of cum across her body. We were both still for a moment panting and in ecstasy until she let go of my cock and opened her eyes. I said she can get cleaned up in the bathroom and I helped her off the table. She said thank you and left the room.

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I got cleaned up and put everything away by the time she came back out in her outfit, her skin was glistening still and her nipples were full. I offered her a coffee but she refused.

Her boyfriend was coming to pick her up and he would be outside in a minute. I asked if she had any plans for any future sessions.

She grabbed her stuff and came to kiss goodbye. Except this kiss was on the lips and she pressed herself against me.

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I placed a hand around her. I followed her to the door and let her out watching her ass sway down the driveway. Her boyfriend was parked at the end and I waved them both off. He waved back and she jokingly blew a kiss.

Source: reddit. You need conservative your wife to do something like this. You are a cheater and should be shunned, not admired. You are also very stupid putting your family at risk for big titties. If this is common for you, your should be revoked and you arrested for sexual assault.

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It happened all of a sudden and never expected to have in this way.


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My sister had just called my wife and said that she had finally packed up her bags and left her cheating husband.