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  • How old am I:
  • I'm 41 years old
  • Ethnic:
  • I was born in Switzerland
  • Color of my eyes:
  • Blue
  • What is my gender:
  • I am fem
  • Body type:
  • I'm quite overweight
  • Favourite drink:
  • Ale


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An archive of ball busting stories taken from the former site bbstories. Paying My Sister. Jeff was 18 and a rather good-looking guy. He had always been a hard worker and Sister ballbusting story every penny he earned thus accumulating quite a nice, if small, nestegg. But he was about to start spending lo of cash and might even have to get a second job. Jeff seemed normal except for one thing, his secret desire to be kicked in the balls Where Jeff was attractive, Melissa was a knockout.

She was the same height as Jeff, with lovely long legs. The difference between the twins was where Jeff was hardworking and spent his money wisely, Melissa was lazy, spoiled and was always short on cash. She always wanted to buy the most expensive clothes, the most expensive shoes and generally throw cash around like it was water. Yet Melissa didn't have a job, didn't WANT a job, and therefore had to fight with her parents for every penny she got. This was the crux of Jeff's plan. He was counting on his sister's greed to sway her to fulfill his dark fantasies. Jeff looked across the kitchen table to where his sister leaned back in her chair and rested her bare feet, legs crossed at the ankles, atop the table.

He had a painful erection watching her soft feet; the feet he soon hoped would crush his manhood.

Melissa's toes were just oh so perfectly round, with the rest of her soles being incredibly soft looking and wrinkling with each and every twitch of her peds. Their father was away for the summer on business, and so the teenagers were left with their mother.

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Mom looked a lot like her children and appeared to be an older version of Melissa. Jeff wondered how long it would be before his fantasy took a deeper turn and he began longing for his mother's feet and kicks.

As their mother was about to leave for work, Melissa took the opportunity to beg for more money. Jeff was more interested in observing his sister's soles, as she seemed to be able to make them pout along with her lips. Damn her feet must be talented, he thought.

Why can't you be more like Jeff and get a job and save your money! Their mother ended her conversation by storming Sister ballbusting story of the house on her way to work and slamming the door behind her. Both teenagers listened to her heels recede into the distance as she got into her car and drove off. But wait, maybe her kiss-ass brother, with the big stash hidden in his room, would be willing to give her the cash if she were nice enough.

I'll ah Jeff wouldn't take the bait though. I don't think so. After all, this could go real bad for him. His sister was definitely going to think him a pervert, and might very easily refuse his offer, but might also tell their mom and embarrass him. Probably a blowjob from his hot sister, she thought. Well, for those new shoes I'll GIVE the kiss-ass a blowjob if that's what he wants. Jeff looked at his sister's face. She was grinning at him as if she knew what he would ask for. But how could she? The blood was pounding in his ears so loudly that he didn't even hear what Melissa had to say and had to ask her to repeat herself.

Damn but you're a sick fuck!

Jeff just blushed a deeper shade of red. But why me? I mean your own sister. Why would you want your sister, of all people, to be the one to kick you in the balls?

‘ballbusting’ stories

Don't get me wrong I think you're really hot though, and I'm in love with your feet. So maybe that's got something to do with it. Also, you're kind of bitchy and seem like you'd really be into it and it turns me on to think of you humiliating me and laughing at me once you've just kicked me. I imagine you standing there as I'm on the ground holding my privates. While I'm crying and making funny noises, you're standing over me with your hands on your hips laughing about the fact that you might have just made it impossible for me to have.

Should I charge you by the kick? How about a weekly rate? He was leaning forward in his chair, and it looked to Melissa as if he was rubbing himself through his sweatpants. Will you give me the footjob and then rack my balls? Jeff got up in front of his sister to go to his room. Melissa noticed the bulge Sister ballbusting story at the front of his sweats before he turned and dashed to his room for the cash. She could hear him hurriedly going through his stash and amused herself by stretching out her long legs and imagining what her new shoes would look like on her beautiful feet.

Moments later Jeff reappeared in the kitchen, a wad of bills in his hand and his erection still stretching his pants.

He quickly counted out the money and threw it on the table in front of Melissa. She grabbed it up greedily and counted it slowly while Jeff stood watching her impatiently.

She smiled at his discomfort and kicked one foot up to gently bump against his member. Jeff almost exploded in his pants right then and there.

It took every ounce of self-control he had to keep his excitement from getting the better of him. Finally Melissa was through. She tucked the money into her denim shorts and looked up at Jeff. How do you want to do this? However you want. I might as well make this fun for me as well.

Jeff obeyed instantly and awaited his next instruction. Melissa swung her legs down off the table and straddled Jeff in her chair. Describe them for me. Rounded and beautiful. Your arches are high; your skin is soft and tanned; your heel an immaculate curve. Truly there has never been a work of art as beautiful as your foot, Goddess. Do you masturbate and fantasize about them?

Ballbusting sister stories

Somehow your foot slipped into my mouth and I began to gag on it. Also I got a tremendous erection. I thought you looked so funny on the end of my leg gasping for breath. Tell me what happened to you. She pulled them down slowly until his massive erection sprang out. You got out but decided to get some sun, lying down on that big air mattress we had. I can still picture them now.

He flinched slightly but continued with his tale. Before I knew it, I was out of my swim trunks and stroking my cock. I knew it was wrong. Finally I saw you stretch out, pointing your toes as you did. I erupted all over the bathroom. His story had turned her on as well and she was nearing her own orgasm. The warm goo on her skin excited her even more and she knew what she needed to achieve her own orgasm.

She looked down at her brother sucking his own juices off her toes and exploded into her own orgasm.

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My sister, who is a year and a half younger than me, is a reall ballbuster, and I mean that literally.


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The air was humid that day, as Jared sat in class, overwhelmed with boredom.


Contains ball- and cunt-busting, castration many and big tit and slut-shaming themes.