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Posted September 14, And it's another Better Exceptions report!!! I really do need to post that general rule on posting BEs. I would say posting such a general rule would be to help those folks who post them to better understand why I will be totally ignoring them. But then they wouldn't be posting them if they read such a rule. And those that do continue to post BEs at me are going to get ignored anyway.

Especially when they coincide with a patch I've not yet finished updating for, so the LE or BE will mean nothing to me. Please only post LE reports after I've declared a mod fit for patch level and the LE is saying otherwise. Not BEs that would see me empty half the mods from my folder before it's finally quiet.

I've already stated the mods here are long overdue for an update. And the BE is correct in this instance. If these onslaughts of mod-breaking patches ever give me room to breathe, I might actually get to fix the mods of this thread. Considering Maxis have introduced a new form of Magic Teleportation, I would hold off on speculating the condition of this mod.

Living with depression, anxiety, & occasional hypomanic symptoms one day at a time

If this new form of teleport is anything like the other forms of teleport, and I would strongly guess it is, then this mod will need updating. Whenever there is a new form of moving across terrain, whether that be a new walk style, running, marching, jumping, flying or teleporting, you can bet this mod will need updating to include it.

S4S was only updated to 1. And this has been another big frikken patch, breaking many, many mods.

Do the maths and have some patience please. Your'e all off playing with your witches and wizards. Think of poor, little me. It'll be days yet before I can actually get in game and see any of that for myself for the first time. Patching is no picnic for modders. Gotta give them time. Posted September 12, Great stuff!

Important guide and game notes

Every "moving" thing loves to use them. They'll take a quick shortcut, complete with joyriding Cat, though a teleport pad if available. Such that only one gizmo is needed to cover multiple floors of vacuuming, which default stairs alone does not allow. Posted September 11, Hi MiyuDiana The other problem with blank options is a known issue not caused by mods. It is a problem in the game core files that mods do expose, but they do not cause. For instance, this mod starts with the first pie menu option on a sim called "Cheat Sim Info Options that are not single, direct interactions, but yet another sub pie menu to open even more choices.

Such as "Cheat Emotional Intensity Now, because Maxis made most of these sub menus in this mod, they will appear in all languages, no blank options. However, some of them sub menu options were made by me, and they will appear blank in any other language but English.

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This is an oversight in the core files that I cannot change. It is an error that only mods can expose, but they do not cause. Maxis did not set it up for modded sub pie menu options to give the English text in all languages, hence in you game, running Brazilian language, it will be blank.

Nothing I can do about that I'm afraid. Other modders have also run into the same problem when making modded sub pie menus, so I'm not alone in "exposing" this game flaw with mods.

Given it's an error that only mods can expose, I don't ever see Maxis bothering to fix the oversight. There is a text document in the rar that explains this. But it is in English and it does cover a hard to understand subject, waffling on about sub pie menus. The irony being, most likely only English speaking players are likely to read it all, and they are the ones the glitch does not effect.

You gotta hand it to irony. It's a proper trickster. Aye, thanks. I grabbed it last night before snoozing off. Will probably be patching later this afternoon when I'm free. Looking forward to getting into RoM, so here's hoping I'm not bogged down with patch amendments up the wazoo so I can maybe even sample a bit magic tonight before another inevitable snooze session demands my precious time.

The sims 3 ambitions walkthrough

I've even built a special wizard's Sims 3 naughty reputation meaning extension to my Sulani mansion, ready to go for the magic paraphernalia placements. So yeah, better not be bogged down too long with patch crap. I'm not sure what you mean. Are you talking about TwistedMexi's mod that restores access to debug cheats after Maxis shut them down in the Seasons patch? If so, then no, the mods here are not quite the same thing. With his mod, you still need other cheats active to allow access to debug cheats in the first place, such as the setting on MCCC to give access.

Then his mod will restore the missing debug cheats Maxis removed from player's using in Seasons patch. The mods here just open them up directly on the sim so that no other fannying about with MCCC settings and extra access mods and reveal cheat codes are required. Here the debug cheat options are converted to normal options, and appear on sim just like all other normal options, as if that is all they are, normal options, not cheats.

In a nutshell, MCCC and TwistedMexi have come at it from the angle they agree with Maxis that cheats should be hidden and special mods and mechanisms are needed to reveal them. My stance is to the contrary, and I say fuck it, no hiding them at all, no jumping through hoops and extra shit needed to reveal them. Just let the sims have them as normal options in an extra, unhidden pie menu choice when clicking on any sim. However, there are more debug cheats in the game than the mods here current give availability to.

They can all compliment each other to a lesser or greater extent depending on your cheat needs. I recommend you use them all together as I do, as the mods here may open many sim cheats for player's to use without need of MCCC's Debug setting being activated or TwistedMexi's mods making them work, but they are only "sim" cheats, not "object" cheats. They only effect things about sims, not other objects in the world. Or mods such as my Master Gardener Seasons mod, to do such things as spawn produce on a plant or make it instantly mature. TwistedMexi's mod is still very much needed for that stuff to work.

For the foreseeable future I am only going to add sim cheats to the unlocked pie menu on sims. I have no plans to start opening object cheats to be non Debug. Also, are you saying the "Cheat Age It's there in my game, I've just now checked. TwitedMexi's cheat mod is currently not in my game, though I have it on standby just in case.

Age Cheat is part of the Base Game Alpha cheats. So I cannot see it going missing if all other Base Game cheats are showing. Have you any other mods that deal with the age cheat? I can see any of them outdated relics conflicting if one happens to be in your mods folder.

Mermaids do "naturally" tend to drink more than other sims. I've noticed the patterns for sure. That's why I originally banned them from turning up at the new Island Bar venue. Because their inclination to drink themselves silly is off the charts if they are given a constant, easy access to any source of drinks. But also, if I'm not mistaken, I think I've seen an increase across the board for drink-grabbing since 1. To the point I may have to start locking sources down all over the place to rein it in.

That is to say, more than I already have done. More than what was fine before 1.

Need to step it up more, since Maxis have brought Hydration into the mix and haven't been too careful about locking down the coding to push mermaids only. Like frikken bedbugs, when you see one, you know there's a lot more. And I've already seen one bug with mermaid hydration that effects normal sims who should be taking care of hygiene but go get a frikken drink instead.

As explained in posts. BklynGrl72 Congratulations on the new arrival to the family.

I'm also glad you found the older, outdated version of the mod lurking in your folder. That'll go some way to clearing things up at restaurants. Even so, I haven't liked my recent visits to restaurants, even though I've had no LEs or such the like, it just all feels off and many things just wonky in the worst ways. But here we are, yet another patch dumped on top, and another hope that after I install patch, clean up broken mods and finally get in game and take another test trip to a restaurant, this time some real "magic" has happened in the realms of restaurants and some semblance of what they were like prior to 1.

Because that will take some magic. Posted September 10, Though I do send additional staff to hospital that the All-In-One mod should cover, such as the canteen barista, two massage staff, yoga instructor and a Physiotherapy Coach. For the patients to be gathering outside, several factors could be the cause of this, and it would be due to changes in 1. Are they failing to check-in?

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Officially the second expansion pack Stuff Packs do not really count for the current series of The Sims -- The Sims 3 -- Ambitions was released in June of with much fanfare as, in addition to providing a major patch and update to the base game, it also introduced new career opportunities and an expanded control mechanism into the game that was long desired.


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