stunner whore Kelsey
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  • My age:
  • I am just out of my twenties
  • Available to:
  • Man
  • Iris tone:
  • Enormous gray-green
  • What is my sex:
  • Girl
  • What is my hair:
  • Strawberry-blond
  • I can speak:
  • Spanish
  • What I like to listen:
  • Classical


Simon went against his feelings and pulled away from Demi breaking the passionate kiss. Demi was not only broken hearted but she is also embarrassed. Simon felt the same way but had to push his feelings aside with the age difference in mind. She was sure you got the message.


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I just wanna say thank you so much for supporting me! It took her a few seconds to realize that Simon was kissing her.

And well, she kissed him back. She knew most of them, if not all of them, would judge her, but at that moment all that mattered was the taste of his lips against hers; those lips who had probably kissed many women beforebut somehow they felt fresh to her, they felt as if she was the first one to kiss them, and she liked it, she liked that feeling.

She could hear her heart throbbing so powerfully, but it was all beautiful.

Simon cowell 'rushes to the aid of sick contestant as he collapses on stage' during britain's got talent auditions in birmingham

She explored his mouth and he did the same. Everything was getting more blur and her body never felt this heated before. Simon looked at her; she could see a mixture of lust and pure love in his eyes; he seemed even more out of breath than her, and his face was red.

Just knowing she made him feel that stuff gave her confidence. That would not be as much fun as watching Simon forget where he parked his vehicle. When they turned the corner, he stopped causing Demi to stop as well. He frowned in confusion for a moment, which she found extremely adorable, and then looked at her.

He had the funniest look on his face, eyebrows cocked, mouth pursed and eyes wide open. Demi was unable to hold her laugh any longer, so she burst into laughter. His palm began to sweat and she knew it was definitely because of her.

She liked the fact that she made him nervous. However, she resolved to do something she knew would make him feel better; she leaned in and pecked on his lips slowly but passionately.

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Once she broke the kiss, she saw a huge smile on his face. No one has ever caused me amnesia before. I believe your car is in the other direction, Mr. She could tell he had trouble keeping up with her pace, so she chuckled at him. How much she adored the way he talked.

Why are people obsessed with naughty simon cowell fanfiction? — a deep dive into the stories you need to hear

Suddenly, she felt so nervous. Her face got pale and she stared at him without blinking. Then, slowly he took her hand and planted a sweet kiss on top which reminded her of that first time in the club, when he did the same. But this time it was different.

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This time she was certain of her emotions, this time she could do what she wanted to. This time she could kiss his hand back.

They stayed like that, hands entangled, eyes gawking, until a camera flash brought them to reality. Demi felt anger this time, she really did.

The thought that some filthy paparazzi was able to watch them share such special moment was too much for her. She knew her back was facing the paparazzi so, and before Simon could react to her sudden move, she put one of her arms in the air and flipped her middle finger at whoever was taking their pictures, making sure he got a perfect shot, while she continued kissing Simon and feeling that heat all over again.

She was one hundred percent positive she would make the front of every tabloid magazine in the morning.

Did it matter? Fuck you all, she thought.

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She had pulled away but kept her legs around his waist, less than an inch away from his face. He looked at her and at first, he was startled. He had always called her a brat but at that moment she literally was one.

But then, his shock was replaced by excitement. It was all exciting in a hot way. And just like that, he did the same.

He flipped his finger as well and send everyone who was going to judge his relationship with Demi a clear message. Demi returned to her seat, her dress was pulled all the way up and it kind of revealed her underwear. Simon immediately pulled it down, feeling rage.

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Saying fuck you to the paparazzi was one thing, and this was another. He could never let anyone take a picture of her looking half naked and publish it in a pointless magazine so that some horny teenage boys would get the chance to fancy her. No one was allowed to see her like that except him.

Simon had never been the possessive kind of man, but at that moment he was pretty sure he had become one.

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It showed how strong his feelings towards her were. He did what he was told and drove away.

Not that it bothered him or anything; in fact just being with her was enough. She was just too innocent even though she tried not to be. I found you, he thought. See dimonismylove's whole Tumblr.

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