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Ever wonder how much sex other parents are having? We asked four parents to track their sex lives for five days.


While pre-labor cesarean sections can lead to hormone gaps for MotherBaby, beginning labor before the cesarean birth can limit these effects. This allows hormones such as catecholamine to surge and ready the baby to exit the womb. Skin to skin contact and breastfeeding are post-labor ways to bridge the hormone gap as well. Find out more about Dr. As if home birth needs me to believe in it ha! And less than a year and a half later I would be giving birth in a fishy pool in my living room.

When you were planning to give birth, how many choices of location did you consider? I coped so well through that labour. I was lying in bed but comfortable, totally in lala labourland. But at one point a nurse came in and tried asking me some questions. I was so in the zone that I could only answer with a slight nod of my head. I woke up around 5am due to a light ache in my belly.

Closing hormonal gaps when giving birth by cesarean

I knew that it was a beginning and I felt very quiet. I just knew that we would meet very soon and decided to continue sleeping and give Arturas time to rest. Every morning we had the same things: fresh papayas, oatmeal with dates, sesame seeds and peanut butter, but this time it felt different. It was a strange feeling overall, I felt slow, everything I did was slower than usual, thinking, moving around, almost like taking time to experience every moment in full.

I felt like I had a secret which no one saw or knew about. But there were special processes within me — the little one was coming into this world.

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I felt strong and capable. Guinho took our daughter, took the cord ring and handed it to me. I took my big, slippery baby in my arms. I looked at her face, I smelled her smell, I cried, I cried with joy. I fell back to using my hypnobirthing practices, telling myself to breathe through each contraction rather than letting myself get upset and tense.

I genuinely feel that this mindset is what allowed me to have such a peaceful and wonderful birthing experience.

I climbed onto all fours and leaned my top half over a beanbag for support. My body told me to sway my hips back and forth and I gave in, listening to every cue that I was being given. I was supporting someone as their doula at the birth centre here in Ubud, and Daddy was in Java working. The energy from the birth combined with that of the storm made for a crazy night. Suastini looked at me funny. I later learned that she has an innate intuition for knowing when people are pregnant. Sometimes, it turns out, even before they do themselves.

You were also born during an epic storm on the night that the following rainy season started. It rained through the roof of our house and in through the ceiling of the room we were birthing in. Daddy and I were swimming in a lagoon off of Tsoi Lik, when it occurred to me that my bleeding was Sex stories during birth a week late, which never happened.

In fact, after almost three and a half years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, we were near to giving up hope of having a baby. So I began to envision my upcoming birth.

I wrote a detailed birth plan — things to resolve, changes to make and an experience to embrace. I began a process of undoing some of the fearful thinking that had prevented me from experiencing motherhood on a more blissful level. I also began internalizing the belief that birth — as with other aspects of life — is very much a self-fulfilling prophecy. My state of mind will determine its outcome. Friday night the week spring arrived, I lit Shabbat candles and began feeling s of labor.

I sat on the couch reading a newspaper as my almost-five-year-old daughter played in the empty birthing pool my husband had pumped up earlier. After sharing my birth stories with Debra in Bali, I have never felt so validated and heard before, it was such a beautiful moment to share together and will remain very special to me forever. Debra affirmed my experience, with celebration, gentleness and so much love and understanding, and it was such a pleasure to feel that I could be true to the truth of what happened in those moments of my life.

My first birth although being quick and healthy was still a hospital birth and I felt very far from good Sex stories during birth the whole process. By bornathome5 This is the story of my fifth homebirth. Being pregnant and going through labor and birth has … Continued.

Home birth skeptic to believer

This was the exact … Continued. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. My first 2 I had delivered in a hospital and my third was delivered [as a homebirth] in my living room. So Kayden my 5 year … Continued. Rewind: Feb I helped her birth her footling breech baby girl naturally. In that pregnancy, she got so fed up with the … Continued. Note from Debra: My dear friend, Jaqueline Eddaoudi has been on an amazing journey giving birth to five children at home with her 6th is on the way. Jaqueline and I met when she was my translator for a big … Continued.

For mothers who are thrilled with their birthing experience, For mothers that are not, For mothers to be that have no clue what to expect.

At 00h40 I received a call from your mom telling me that her water broke. I was only asleep … Continued. I always planned a homebirth. My mother had planned for me to be born at home and it always just seemed like normal.

But unfortunately due to a haemorrhage after my first was born I felt safer in hospital for … Continued.

After having a home birth with our first pregnancy, Daniel and I knew we would want to do another home birth with this pregnancy. We thought we would know what to expect… but this time was very different than our first! I teach nursing students … Continued. Shared by Kristyn I was 41 weeks 4 days and had, had several bouts of practice labor that never went anywhere so I was growing discouraged.

Baby had certainly kept me on my toes between having to be manually turned … Continued. Thank you Saskia for sharing your story.

I am honored to Saskia for World Wide Fertility Week where I will be interviewed, along with 17 other experts from around the world, as we share what you can do to … Continued. By Angela Gallo, Australia After a particularly trying week, emotions were running high and that familiar late pregnancy impatience set in with a vengeance. Poor cricket certainly felt the strong pull of … Continued. The last meme in our Pain to Power Online Childbirth Class languageofbirth series is released see slideshow below! Thank you for all the love! We have loved reading all your responses to the languageofbirth series.

Love this. Thank you Jane McCrae, featured … Continued.

Her baby is 2 … Continued. What I learn from home birth stories like this is that you will never know what to expect…. Amanda shares her Birth story and her Ecstatic Childbirth Itzel moon goddess, she of the rainbow Rhea flowing The day before my due date, I woke up at a. I was having trouble sleeping, I wrote two letters that the … Continued. Since the beginning of this amazing journey I have wanted to share my emotions, experiences … Continued.

Three weeks

As the sun rose one morning in lateI gave birth to our son Charlie Reuben in a beautiful and relaxed birth at home. He was the first baby for my man, Brendan and I — and our first … Continued. The extremes of all emotions can be felt in the short hours and long days. Birth can be so different … Continued.

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Submitted by Kathryn Los The birth story of our sixth child begins with my Blessingway ceremony. Three weeks before my EDD, six friends and my sister came to my home to bless me on my journey to motherhood once again. Submitted by Gypsy Whitford, Australia My Pregnancy and birth story… I knew that this was going to be a totally different pregnancy and birth experience- my first two were extremely medical and there were no midwives involved and they were … Continued.

Submitted by Samantha Noel Thank you, my beautiful son, for taking me on a journey like no other. Thank you for showing me patience. Thank you for teaching me to trust myself and for showing me the most blissful side … Continued.

Home birth skeptic to believer

The labor I got, was remarkable. My husband and I expected the average 16 hour first birth. Every birth is a blessing! Being with Naomi was so special and sacred and yet we only met via the day before! When I entered her home during labor I could feel immediately how to the circle of … Continued. By Rebecca Mar Young My second birth was hotly anticipated. Would he come earlier than my daughter, being my second? I was taking no chances. Since my daughter was eight days over, I decided to tell everyone that our son … Continued. Submitted by Shiraz Ariel Drori, Israel I am a mother of three great kids, birth coach and doula and want to share with you a special story.

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The sensual feeling rippled throughout my body.


The one who got caught having sex in the delivery room.


Emily wasn't expecting her labour to drag on as long as it did.


When questioned by Britain's Got Talent co-star Stephen Mulhern how long it took them to have sex post-baby, the year-old quipped, "As soon as possible - you've got to get back on the game straight away!