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It has been over 15 years since Nalini Jameela shocked the conventional mindsets of society and upset the patriarchy by penning a path-breaking autobiography on her daring and frightful life as a sex worker. Since then, she has been enjoying several identities in life, ranging from a bestselling author and activist to gender expert and social relationship counsellor, and now at the age of 69, she is a recipient of the prestigious Kerala State Film Awards.

Jameela was honoured with the special jury mention for costume de in the movie Bharathapuzha, directed by Manilal, when the state government awards were announced here on Saturday.

For Jameela, it was yet another unexpected twist which the life had in store for her, and she was bold enough to say that the lessons she had drawn from her early life as a sex worker was her base for any new achievement. It was for the first time in my life that I did costume deing for a movie. I cherish this honour as one of the greatest achievements in my life,'' Jameela told PTI. Noting that experience makes a person strong and bold, she said it was plenty of her experiences, whether good or bad, that made her capable to fight all odds and reach this stage of life.

Actress Siji Pradeep played the central character in the woman-centric film, which deals with several gender issues. I never used costly sarees or ornaments in life, and I do not even like to wear a bindi. I tried to reflect those characteristics in the heroine's physical persona,'' she said.

The best sex scenes of all time

Jameela also said while deing outfits for the heroine, and helping her with the mannerisms and body language of a young sex worker, the dreadful memories of the grim past came flooding back. There were scenes in the film which I could relate with that of my life,'' the activist explained. It was her long-drawn friendship with Manilal, the director, that brought her to the tinsel world.

When he had discussed the project with her, Jameela never imagined that she would be entrusted with costume deing. But she made up her mind to take up the new challenge, and managed to complete the work as per the expectations of the filmmaker.

Meet nalini jameela — former sex worker, bestselling author, and now a kerala state film award winner

But, the happiest part was that the director was convinced about what I was trying to say. He had given me the liberty to follow my mind while deing and selecting costumes,'' she added.

A third standard drop out, Jameela was forced into prostitution at a very tender age following the death of her husband, who had succumbed to cancer. While running from pillar to post to look after her family and raise her two daughters, she had no option but to take up sex work as a profession, which the conventional society viewed as immoral and unethical. The years-long life as a sex worker, police brutality, attack by goons, and endless physical tortures inflicted by 'clients,' has only given Jameela an added energy to fight the hardships and shatter the taboo attached to sex workers.

Before turning a sex worker and started loitering in bus terminus and railway stations soliciting 'customers,' she had worked in brick kilns and Sex 101 documentary help to earn daily bread for her near ones. When she published the Autobiography of a Sex Worker in after retiring from sex work, it fast turned out to be one of the bestsellers of Malayalam besides kicking up a widespread debate on the plight of the hapless community.

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After the first book had been translated into several languages including English, she came up with another one, Romantic Encounters of a Sex Workera memoir which revolves around the relationships she developed with the 'clients,' in Besides being a member of several NGOs, she has also been working as a gender and social relationship counsellor, and taking classes in colleges and universities on the subject.

Asked whether she would like to build a career in costume deing, she said she was not sure whether any mainstream filmmakers or production houses would give her an opportunity, and if anything comes her way, she would definitely give it a shot. The year-old woman also cherished a dream of bringing out the cinematic adaptation of her autobiography, and setting up a care centre for elderly people.

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Firstpost Conversations 9 Months S. Home Entertainment News. Entertainment Madres and The Manor from Welcome to the Blumhouse are half-baked horrors with strong foundations The foundations of the two new additions to Welcome to the Blumhouse are inventive enough to distract from some sloppy construction.

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