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The first time I found out that some women liked being spanked on their buttocks was when I had to discipline my own secretary. They could get it for making serious mistakes or for bad behavior on the company premises. After the annual Christmas party, where a lot of drinking occurred, usually a couple of ladies got their asses whupped. One college intern was caught smoking pot in a stairwell and she was thoroughly punished for that.


Richard Allen lifted his eyes from the papers strewn across his desk and allowed himself to be distracted by the sight presented before him.

Big breasted secretary spanked and caned by her big bad boss.

On the far side of his desk, perhaps eight feet in front of him, was Sandra Holt, his secretary. She had her back to him and was bending over scrabbling around in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet searching for a file of some description. Today Sandra was wearing cream cotton trousers and her position caused the material to stretch tightly across her buttocks and, as Richard had already observed, make the outline of her panties beneath quite apparent.

Had he been standing behind her he would have been sorely tempted to give her a playful smack on the provocative target she presented but the desk thankfully prevented that. In this day and age, such an action could result in a tribunal and an expensive compensation settlement, so best not to tempt fate. At last she straightened up, Richard quickly averted his eyes back to his papers, not wanting to be caught leering at her. She turned towards him file in hand and slightly flushed in face.

Richard Allen was Managing Director of Allen Media Ltd, a company providing web de and marketing services to various clients. He had started the company ten years ago and watched as it steadily grew to become the successful enterprise it was today. It had taken a lot of hard work and effort on his behalf and this was probably one of the main reasons why, although now in his early forties, he was still single. Accompanying him on much of that journey had been Anne, his former secretary and Personal Assistant. She had ed the company in its early days just as it had started to grow and she and Richard had been a good team together, and someone he grew to rely on in many ways.

As her maternity leave came closer, he placed an advert in the local paper and received numerous applications in reply, from which he drew up a shortlist of those he wanted to interview. He interviewed several women who would have fitted the bill adequately, before in came Sandra Holt. She was the last person to be interviewed for the job and, in all honesty, Richard had little expectation of her being successful in getting it. It had Secretary spanking stories to do with her ability to do the job or that she was particularly impressive in her interview, it was more Secretary spanking stories than that; he just liked her, or to be more precise, he fancied her.

Sandra Holt was twenty-six. She had an attractive face, a nice smile and wavy blonde hair that hung down over her shoulders. She was average height, slim, with a good figure and as Richard had already noted a nice pair of legs. She had been wearing for her interview a cream blouse and summery knee length skirt which had shown her legs off to her advantage and had not gone unnoticed by Richard.

That she was also a little nervous and unsure of herself in the interview only added to the attraction he felt for Secretary spanking stories. The following day, when he had phoned her to tell her of his decision and to offer her the position, she had been delighted and accepted without hesitation, starting work the following Monday. Sandra had been appointed on an eight week probationary contract, at the end of which either party could terminate it without notice or the contract would become a permanent one.

That decision would have to be made by Friday of this week at the latest. From a personal point of view, Sandra had settled in excellently within the company and was getting on well with other staff members and clients who all seemed to like her. She and Richard had also clicked more or less from the off and he enjoyed having her around his office throughout the day.

Often, when she brought him a coffee, they would chat together, and often about subjects other than work.

The secretary needs a spanking

She had surprised him one morning when she told him that she was divorced. Although they tried hard to make it work they both eventually realised that they were not really suited to one another and parted amicably around a year ago, her divorce coming through a few months later.

On more than one occasion he had thought about asking her out to dinner but had decided against it. Office romances were not unheard of, but he was aware of the difficulties they could present when between a boss and his employee, and so for the time being at least that was not on the agenda.

When it came to her work, however, things were not quite so straightforward.

And in most other aspects her work was also more than acceptable, apart Secretary spanking stories is from her occasional errors. Richard had first noticed them in her second week; the odd wrongly typed word, silly mistakes, nothing major but still annoying. It meant that he had to check things more carefully than he was used to. Had Anne been an exception and was he expecting too much of Sandra? When he had first pointed out the errors to Sandra, she had been horrified and apologised profusely before rushing away in a state of embarrassment to correct them.

She promised not to let them happen again, but they kept recurring, not always the same mistakes, but it had become a habit with her that she gave no of getting away from. He also found it frustrating because, in most respects, Sandra had the makings of being an excellent secretary and he felt these lapses were down more to a lack of concentration at times rather than lack of ability.

And soon he would have a decision to make, whether to retain her or let her leave and find a replacement secretary.

He could allow her to stay on beyond the end of the week until he found someone else if she wanted to do that. He wondered if one of the other women he had ly interviewed who had perhaps been more Secretary spanking stories would still be interested in the position. But, but, he still liked Sandra as much as he had done when he first set eyes on her, if not more so now he had got to know her a little better.

Did he really want to let her go? Was he going to let his head rule his heart this time? She was wearing a matching blue jacket and skirt with a white blouse. Her skirt was neat fitting and finished just above the knee, with dark tights covering her legs.

When she came through to his office later that morning, he looked up and smiled. Is that okay for you, here in my office?

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As she went out, Richard sat back in his chair and closed his eyes. And then there was a third option. A few minutes later, she returned with two mugs of coffee in her hands. Richard got up from his desk and moved towards the far side of the office where there were a couple of easy chairs and a low table.

Spanking stories

As Sandra bent forward to put the coffees down on the table, he caught a brief glimpse of her cleavage and the top of her bra down her blouse. Sandra was not particularly large breasted, more medium in size he had always thought, but he was distracted none the less. He returned his mind to the matter in hand as she sat down opposite him, crossed her legs and then picked up her mug and took a sip from it.

Little did she know that she was not the only one anxious about what was about to be said in the next few minutes. Have you enjoyed it so far? Richard laughed. Richard considered for a moment before speaking. Richard sighed. Do I keep you on, hoping that you will eventually stop doing these things, or should we Secretary spanking stories it a day now and go our separate ways? He could see Sandra start to panic as she pleaded.

I really mean it. He kept her waiting for a few seconds before continuing.

Sandra looked down at her lap. There was another silence before Richard spoke. It would enable you to stay with the company on a permanent basis, but also I would hope help you to stop making these annoying little mistakes.

Big breasted secretary spanked and caned by her big bad boss.

In what way would I be punished? Richard took a deep breath and steadied himself before speaking. I think having consequences to your mistakes will help focus your mind when you are working and hopefully eradicate these issues. The idea had come to Richard the evening when his mind had drifted to Sandra bent over the filing cabinet, her bottom thrust out towards him.

At first it had been a silly thought, a joke, amusing but never going to happen, but the more he had thought about it the more it had seemed a possibility until he eventually thought, why not? Why not spank her when she made a mistake? It might make her concentrate more, but if not, at least it would give him some way of letting out his frustration when he had to correct her work. He had always had an interest in spanking.

Maybe it came from his appreciation of the female posterior, or maybe it was the other way around; he really had no idea where it had come from. Some years ago, however, he had a brief relationship with a woman called Sarah who had allowed him to spank her occasionally. It was something he still looked back on fondly but had never had the chance to repeat, until perhaps now.

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Stephanie had always considered herself to be completely honest but the offer had been just too tempting and Mr Smith, as he called himself, had been very persuasive.


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Stephanie was 19 and was an attractive girl.


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