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He credits his success to the following criteria: cover, titles, description blurbranking and reference. And you want it to look somewhat professional, not like your twelve year old cousin did it. He does the covers himself using stock photos. Title — Clear title that says what the story is about. I would also think that he puts keywords in his title too so they are extra searchable in Amazon. Description — A good description is super important to get people to buy your book.


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Jump to Latest Follow. ed Mar 8, I'm a pretty good writer, and I'm confident I could write short erotica stories on a regular basis, but I'm wondering if this market is as inundated as every other writing niche? What would be the ongoing rate per word for an entry-level erotica writer? Do some niches within erotica sell more than others? Are there specific sites that are consistently accepting erotica stories? Amanda M. ed Jun 3, You can, but like everything else it's glutted. In addition to that, because it's erotica your backlist is almost useless.

You're basically writing for the present and never building toward the future. The days of good money in erotica are over, too. You're basically trying to scrape by.

So starts the case study …

ed Sep 12, ed Oct 15, I believe erotica market will thrive as long as there is a need for it in the society. And that's because the institution of marriage is not going away any time soon. So, erotica, especially dark erotica, remains attractive and mysterious in what happens to be a phoney society, a world of pretenders.

The day marriage disappears from society will also be the day when erotica will get rendered irrelevant.

Because who constantly thinks of sex when it's freely available, without inhibition and condemnation. Fidelity in sexual relationship becomes irrelevant. It will also be the time when romance genre surrenders it's crown to science fiction genre.

For those that haven’t read it, here are the basic highlights:

Science fiction will always remain relevant as there is always the threat of aliens and cyborgs in future spaces. Drop me a PM if you have any questions. ed Oct 31, VisitasKeat said:. ed Aug 25, Dpock said:. It could just be me, but I think single people read erotica too. ed Aug 14, Lee said:. What everyone else said above, but I also think it depends on your niche. Are you doing generic erotica or catering to a specific audience?

There's a lot of variables in any genre to just ask "can I make a living here?

And how yours can too…maybe

ed Apr 6, The erotica authors' reddit has examples of some who claim to have made some decent money. As for making a living off of it? Good luck. It's probably similar to other genres -- lots and lots of competition. Like probably most genres, you're competing with a few thousand other authors, all trying to make money, too.

The main drawback to erotica publishing is limitations in advertising. For example, from what I understand, you can't advertise using AMS. Not so sure about other popular forms of advertising. So, that could limit your visibility.

ed Feb 18, You just have to write quality stories, and a lot of them, consistently, over time. ed Jun 22, Honestly, read the forum linked from Reddit and do your own research. Money can be made, but it's as hard in erotica as it is in any genre.

And how yours can too…maybe

ed Jun 24, Sex will always be a key part of society, we are sexual beings. Some might try to hide it or find other things to dull their desires. Porn and erotica will always be around unless it's banned. And then something else will step in and take its place. The issue has been told, millions of titles and yours are at the bottom of the list unless you write something that sets you apart from all others you will just be a fish in the sea with millions of other fish. If you try to tell yourself you don't desire or need sex then you are missing an important part of bonding.

Erotica and porn is simply a tool used for dull or non-existing sex life.

It can also be used to spice up a rather bland sex life. Creativity is your friend and exploring and trying new things can be new and exciting. No one wants a Suzy homemaker in the bedroom or a Donald dull in the bedroom.

Wild has its place, don't be afraid to experiment to keep your better half interested.

Don't let the candle burn out, replace it with a flame thrower. If your better half is watching porn or reading erotica, them or become something better than they are reading or watching. My answer is if you have a great erotic story to sell that does not mimic everyones story you have a chance and you have to write many stories to keep the readers interest level high. I'm not sure, but don't you think a good reason to write erotica is because powerful traditional publishers don't touch this topic?

I guess that would spoil their public image and business. So, a great opportunity for indie authors to write here!

But [ Michael Kingswood said:. EVERY genre has been glutted since before the indie revolution started. Hell, every genre was glutted in Nothing has changed, except that writers suck at math, and use the fact that they suck as an excuse to not do what they want to do.

Let's say that there wereerotica stories for sale 5 years ago not an accuratebut go with it. The odds of your one story not being found was The odds of your one story not being found is From a practical perspective, there is no difference between the two - either way, it's not going to happen. Except from pure good luck or unless you take positive action to shift those odds a bit. Quit with the hand-wringing and just write what you want to write. As long as marriage is in vogue, it's by-products prostitution, domestic violence, divorce, homosexuality will remain attractive due to the sexual repression resulting out of religious and cultural practices.

A large plurality or majority Erotica sells because sex sells, and Reddit erotica authors like fantasy of all types, sexual fantasy included. It's human nature. People also forget that erotica comes in many forms for some people, it's rarely just sex like you see in porn movies. There are fetishes and kinks out there that anyone not involved with the genre would probably have a hard time thinking is a real sexual turn on for anyone.

I know I did, and now I write about things sometimes that blow my mind. But that's okay, because it is what the reader wants. So as an author, if you can fulfill that need for somebody, they will be a customer for life, just like with people who Reddit erotica authors enjoy space opera and love your characters.

If you're going to make a 'living' however you define that writing erotica, you really need to know the game you're getting into. It's not a matter of just writing what you think is hot and getting too deep into the weeds about marriage and divorce discussions while interesting is beside the point in making money in erotica.

You have to know the niches, the subniches, what kinks sell, what about the kink that is desired and sells, what will bomb every time, the places you can sell them, the kinds of covers needed to get eyes on your book, what Amazon the biggest distributor for books will sell and what it won't. There are a lot of moving parts when writing erotica, if you want to make a living.

Paedophilia and Necrophilia are byproducts of marriage?! You appear to have no clue about marriage, human sexuality or basically life in general.

I will be ignoring all further posts from you.

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