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  • Years:
  • I'm 23 years old
  • Where am I from:
  • Syrian
  • Languages:
  • Russian
  • Favourite drink:
  • Vodka
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  • I prefer to listen latin


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She knew she was just a showpig; a hot sow in a bikini meant to attract and with her pheromones, arouse boars to make them want to spend money on consumer products. And, to make a decidedly built-for-speed-not-for-comfort product look more comfortable.

But sometimes, the product calls to her, too. Be out there, on a journey for herself, with no one to tell her what to do. Oh, boy, had that fool professor ever got it wrong. This was certainly no regenerative fountain of youth! Vanessa had felt something was off the minute the water caressed her skin. Not that she wanted to drop all that many years — maybe a decade, to put her comfortably back into her mid twenties. She was known to be a little vain, after all.

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Okay, most of her colleagues would call her stuck up. But as she waded out into the water, the changes that were happening to her womanly body were much more… extreme than she had expected.

But by the time her corkscrew tail coiled out, she understood what was happening. The water was indeed magical; but its effect was to render the bather a mere beast rather than restore their body to a younger age. And the beast Vanessa was becoming was a pig!

A big, fat sow. Worse, she was turning into her new species remarkable quickly. Wading quickly towards shore, she finally lost her balance, falling to her nascent hooves and crawling on all fours like any other pig. Disgusted and afraid, Vanessa waddles quickly towards safety, wondering how much of her humanity will be left by the time she reaches land… and darkly, whether her colleagues on this adventure knew what would happen to her and let her enter the water anyway.

Life as a pig certainly has its benefits, but the idea of transitioning into a fat breeding sow by yourself can be scary for even the most open-minded people. Will you feel alone in the crowded sty? What are you leaving behind?

And while the friendships they form in the coming years with other pigs will be the deepest and most meaningful of their lives, having their sisters beside them will make the first few weeks as sows a much easier experience. Plus, they can express their overwhelming enthusiasm at new porcine joys with each other — whether sharing a big meal at the trough or sharing the amorous attention of the frisky boars. Interested in reading about another family turning into a herd of bloated breeding sows?

I warned you not to go around those boars. I only have two boobs! How will I feed them all? Then give them up and go back to your old life. Your choice. We have several relatives who chose that path. As I give birth, turn me into a sow.

Let me be a pig. Is there any better time to turn into a content pig? Happy Hogust to all! Lindsey had thought she might have potential as a gardener, but her fate will be much more permanently involved in horticulture.

The changing mirror

Warped by chemicals, her humanity and even her status as a mammal will evaporate as she transforms from animal to vegetable! Her head a lily-like bulb, retaining only her talented lips. Her hair sepals giving color to her like a flower. Her breasts human-like but literal melons, enormous and filled with sweet nectar.

Her neck a long green stem, and her extremities leaves and fronds. And then, her hunger will begin. The biological imperatives that push her to obtain sustenance and grow. For she will not be some ordinary shrub. No, Lindsey will discover a new life as a Fellatiflora fornicariaeor, more colloquially, a fuckplant.

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A houseplant, but one greatly treasured by a certain discerning type of owner. She will be left with only her most crucial… her most female features. A welcoming wet orifice tipped with plump lips, and an enormous pair of boobs.

Reduced from an energetic, multifaceted woman to an eager, undiscerning fellatrix obsessed only with pleasuring whatever comes near her bulb.

Interested in reading a story about girls transforming into… ahem… succulent plants? Or a veterinarian. Mariah is one such vain young woman, who has found herself transforming into the simpleminded ass many already think she deserves to be.

Still, Mariah might regret her bemused indifference once she passes the point of no return — a moment that is swiftly approaching. Did you have a good night last night? I know I did!

Come grab a cup of coffee with me. You blink, taking in the appearance of your companion from last night. Were… were you really that drunk? But it was really good, you remember that. Exceptionally good. You could get used to waking up to this. With her. Yes, indeed, this seems like a good morning… to rise and swine. Jaylene was one of the unlucky ones who started to change in the Great Mutation, taking on the attributes of a pig. A modest, sensitive snout.

Floppy ears. An energetic corkscrew of a tail. Her privates, and secondary sex characteristics.

Woman into pig

Embarrassing, and more than enough to knock her down a bunch of rungs on the social ladder, but at least she could still see who she had been when she looked in the mirror, even if her nose was now determined to spite her face.

The only exception is when she pleasures herself, which makes her turn almost entirely into a sow. In fact, she might not even have been asleep. But Jaylene saw herself, and knew unambiguously that it was her future. Her destiny. She was immense. She had truly become a pig, in her spirit. A fat, waddling beast; less concerned with hygiene or human social mores. A monstrosity. Jaylene watched herself move about, her posture bad; her beady eyes darting about like a prey animal who was looking for food.

The gross piggish version of herself grunted and snorted, clearly interested in indulging herself… itself further. Casually, the barely-recognizable woman rubbed her enormous clit through her pants with a hoof, unconcerned with doing it in public.

Maybe that extra stimulation was what was causing her hands to temporarily become hooves; her rows of teats to swell. Or maybe her default form was just continuing to devolve physically as her human poise and comportment and morals decayed. Regardless, the vision was horrifying. This was what beautiful, talented Jaylene had to look forward to.

She would not just be an outcast; she would be an abomination. She watched it squeal, feeding its disgusting face and slobbing refuse on its cheeks and chin and overstretched shirt.

In fact, it looked satisfied. Content with its fate. Jaylene was horrified. Any woman would be. But… but since her changes began, there had been something at the periphery of her subconscious. A noise like static, almost, although sometimes she could swear it was a voice.

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The farm was situated on the outskirts of town.


Or rather, she finds herself hovering between her increasingly plump human form and a pig state.