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DC is running check ins with the associated Bat-family ahead of the Batman 50 mega event. The second, the above-mentioned Nightwing vs. Hushwas a character exploration specifically of Dick Grayson.


While Batman has trained many proteges in his long career - from his biological son Damian Wayne to Justice League leader in training the al - it turns out that he nevertheless considers Nightwing his greatest triumph. But what truly sets Dick apart is the close bonds he's built throughout the hero community, forming independent friendships with big-name heroes like Superman and becoming the beating heart of the Teen Titans.

One of DC's most well-adjusted heroes, Nightwing is seen by many as Batman's greatest accomplishment, and it turns out the Dark Knight agrees. While the series is only one possible future for the DC Universe, writer Tom King has revealed it's the ending he envisioned for his acclaimed mainstream Batman run, and the characters' relationships and stories remain as readers have seen them so far.

The series itself sees Selina Kyle taking deadly vengeance on Batman's enemies after his passing, with Helena Wayne the daughter of Selina and Bruce becoming the new Batwoman, working with Commissioner Dick Grayson, who has taken over for James Gordon at the head of Gotham's police force.

ing her daughter to patrol Gotham, Selina and Helena answer Dick's Bat-al summons, and the old allies greet each other warmly.

With Bruce only recently dead, Selina takes the opportunity to share with Nightwing how much his mentor loved him, saying, "You know, he considered you, your optimism, to be his greatest triumph. That he could give you what he didn't have.

I think in his dark moments, that was his guiding light. You're a good kid, and he was proud of you.

After the recent death of Alfred Pennyworth - the Bat-Family's butler, and a man Nightwing considers his second father - Dick Grayson has come into a staggering inheritance. It's an act that shows Dick as an ambitious, optimistic, and committed hero, and one that earns him a phone call from Batman, who tells him in no uncertain terms that he has honored Alfred, thanking him for doing so.

Nightwing was Batman's first partner, and also the one who has grown the most since. Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, and Duke Thomas are still growing into their own as heroes under Batman's tutelage, while Damian Wayne has renounced his father's legacy, choosing to go it alone after witnessing Alfred's murder. Bruce has helped many young people find their way from trauma to heroism, but Nightwing was the first, one of the most personal, and has flown the highest in his life after Gotham, helping Batman to keep fighting even when confronted by failure.

While the Dark Knight isn't much for expressing his feelings, fans should be in no doubt that he considers Dick Grayson his greatest triumph. In Infinite CrisisBatman was confronted by a version of Superman from another reality who claimed his world was better, and the Dark Knight's first argument back was that Dick Grayson couldn't possibly be a better man in any alternate world - a point the rival Superman conceded.

Batman has done a lot of things as Gotham's protector, but it's clear that he's fully aware his most important accomplishment was helping Nightwing to reach his full potential. By Robert Wood Published Aug 28, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Comics News batman robin nightwing dc comics.

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Both are highly skilled and formidable fighters, and neither combatant is to be taken lightly, as Selina Kyle has routinely held her own against the Dark Knight and Dick Grayson has actually replaced him on several occasions.


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Ray : Tim Seeley has written Nightwing extensively, both in his solo series and in a collaboration with Tom King on the more experimental Grayson title.