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  • I am 41
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  • Hetero
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  • I am fem
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  • Aries
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  • My body type is athletic
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  • Brandy
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  • Easy listening
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  • Yoga
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  • None
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Welcome Guest - Forgot password? me up! Libraries: EroticaNaruto. One night, Sakura unexpectedly finds Sasuke in her room. She soon finds out he's leaving once more.


Het Romance [] Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around different sex couples.

General Fiction [] Any Naruto fanfiction focused without romantic orientation, on a canon character in the current Naruto Universe. OC-centric [] Any Naruto fanfic that has the major inclusion of a fan-made character.

Non-Naruto Fiction [] Self-evident. MadFic [] Any fic with no real plot and humor based. Doesn't require correct spelling, paragraphing or punctuation but it's a very good idea. Fan Ninja Bingo Book [] An area to store fanfic information, such as bios, maps, political histories.

No stories. The foursome: PT1 3.

The foursome: PT2 4. The foursome: PT 3 5. The Big Date 1: Kuichi's 6.

The Big Date: Ringu 7. Lovers 8. Should We Tell. Sasuke let out a loud moan as Ino was sucking on his dick. She slithered her tounge around like a snake around a tree. Sakura was still unbuttoning Naruto's pants when he picked her up to carry her off to another room.

She had her legs around him as he was walking to the other room.

The return - chapter 1

Finally they got to the room and she finished unbuttoning his pants while his hand was up her blouse. He pulled off her blouse and started sucking her nipple. She pulled off his shirt along with the undershirt. She ran her hand along his chest staring deeply into his eyes.

She let off a minute. She took up a moment and spit. Now get your ass up here.

He started fucking her hard shoving his penis in her vagina. Naruto started ass-fucking Sakura but, gently, not the way that most men would. Naruto acctually cared if he bruised a girl from doing it, unlike Sasuke. Sasuke didn't really give a shit as long as his girl gave him some.

I love you How much would she moan if he fucked her hard. She would probably DIE It had taken her four fucking years to finally accept him and go out with him, and she liked it. Yes they had been going out for a year but hell, wouldn't you? No one that has sex very often wants to get married Wow I guess it hurt them both cause it was so long.

Hentai foundry

That would hurt just about anyone that has feeling in their ass! Naruto turned Sakura around and started eating her out. OH GOD!!!! He had never done this before you should know if you've read chapter one! Sasuke now had Ino pinned down on the couch fucking her mercilously still. She smiled as she panted. She moaned like crazy.

Sakura just kind of stared at it. When did he spurt? I don't remember feeling anything. I just hope he doesn't spurt in my mouth.

Fanfiction net sakura sasuke videos porno

She started sucking his very hard erected penis. This is pretty fuckin sexy!!!

Naruto's pretty damn big As Sakura sucked Naruto, Sasuke started ass-humping Sakura, yet it was a lot softer than what he did to Ino. Ino french kissed Naruto to in on the fun. Strange enough that this was all going on Ino got down by Sakura and while Sakura was sucking Ino licked the side of Naruto's penis.

Naruto then obviously couldn't control himself.

He let it out in Sakura's mouth, but she didn't complain She then swallowed the sperm. That just made Naruto eroused even more. As Sakura was sucking Naruto's dick, Sasuke stopped ass-humping and started to eat her out just like Naruto did.

To be quite fuckin honest Options Report This. You must register to review. Original Script by Rivkacurrent release to be found at Source Forge.

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Sakura finally had her chance.


His arms folded behind his head, eyes closed, and feet kicked up on his desk in an attempt to catch a quick nap while his balls generated more sperm.


The moon was shining brightly over Konoha all the villagers were resting peaceful dreaming sweet dreams, all was peaceful.


By: Gnosismaster Ino is about to discover a world that she had no idea existed.