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Wife wont do anal porn videos

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ed Dec 15, Hi Chris here, I have been with my wife three years. She has known I love anal sex sense we have been dating. Now were married thow she doesn't want to do it anymore. She claims it hurts however during sex she will ask me to finger her anal witch is pretty rough.

I love it but she seems to have cut me off. I have tried to discuss it with her but she says we we will do it eventually and we never do.

Any help epically female would be appreciated. ed Jul 20, She is being honest with you. It hurts her, she doesn't want to do it. But as long as your having great sex other wise Posted via Mobile Device. ed Aug 26, ed Mar 17, Bait and switch, but what can you do?

How can i persuade my wife to try anal?

Any pressure and you'll look like a jerk. OK if it really hurts her then why was she ok with it three years prior and now that were married she says no? ed Nov 15, She has told you she doesn't want to do it, and why. What more do you need? Bear in mind that anal is dangerous - damage the rectal lining and potentially fatal infection can set in.

The harsh truth: why your girl won’t let you in the back door

Even if you don't do that, stretching the anus can lead to a range of unpleasant smelling and deeply embaressing health issues. Best you can do? Tell her you love her, and leave her anus alone.

Give her backside the occasional affectionate pat by all means, but just get over it. Her butt isn't deed for sex anyway. In the long run, you'll both be happier and healthier. ed Feb 22, ed Sep 24, Woman's perspective.

If proper care and time is taken Since then, good possibility you didn't use enough lube, didn't spend enough time warming her up, she was too tense, and thus the "trust" is gone. How often in the past?

Once or twice, so she "tried" it, didn't like it? All replies are appreciated, but I dont feel the need to hurt my wife when we do do it she doesn't complain of pain. I think personally its a control device because she knows I love it. ed Oct 19, Does it seem like she is less aroused during sex than she was before? I think women are generally more receptive to anal when they are very aroused and not otherwise.

How is the sex life otherwise? Has sex declined in frequency or quality since you got married? ed Apr 21, Now anal is not my thing, so maybe this advice comes easy Yeah, it sounds like the old "bait and switch", which would pizz me off, but how important is this one aspect if everything else is fine?

It can be painful for some women, and likely even for most women if it's not done right. Personally if she's not getting a great deal of pleasure from it either from satisfaction from doing for you, or her own physical pleasurethen I'd not want to do it.

I have a sexual bucket list, but my wife won’t play along

I liken it to blowjobs If she were to treat it like a chore and complain that she doesn't like it, well, I'm not going to be pursuing it from her. If she stops enjoying giving that to me though, that may point to bigger relationship issues.

Now if she starts the bait and switch with all things sexual, then I'd have a serious problem with it. ed Dec 3, ed Dec 9, I like anal play a lot. And my wife used to love it and now as her sex drive has lessened separate issue she doesn't. Time, kids, just natural changes make us all different people than when we started our relationships. I don't think it is "bait and switch", but her feelings have clearly changed.

How can i persuade my wife to try anal?

You may need to get used to that. This is a tough one, versus something like oral. There can be pain involved and some women get more self-conscious over time. ed Jul 6, It hurts her. Have you have something up your butt and then thrusted it in and out and been torn and sore for days after? Try it and then see how you feel. And after kids, women sometimes get hemmoroids. I just get irritated by men who think anal sex is a demand.

Wife doesn't like anal i do!

They don't try it, but it's just something that should be done. It's a woman's butthole. If you like anal so much, go get some. I agree TG. It just would have been nice if she told the truth before marrying him. Then he could have decided whether to propose to an incompatible woman or not.

Instead she tricked him and cut it off as soon as she had a ring. WorkingOnMe said:. Just once I'd like to see you sympathize with the male point of view. The leap is believing she liked it before and now it suddenly hurts after marrying. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google.

Wife doesn't like anal i do!

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I feel it is not fair that my wife wont give me anal sex when my ex-partners enjoyed it so much!

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I feel like thats not fair, Ive had other relationships where my partner enjoyed it sooooooooo much.


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