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Benefits of dating transsexual women

The Ten Best Options for Guys Seeking a Transsexual Girlfriend Over the years, I saw some guys develop long lasting and successful loving relationships with their transsexual girlfriends. Based upon these observations, I noticed several unique paths that can result in success.

Being realistic from the onset improves your chances for success. TS Dating: Answers to Common Questions Go Through Transition with Her Some of the best and healthiest long-term unions I witnessed were guys who connected with and dated their transgender girlfriend when she just started her transition.

Sounds logical, no?

The family friend with benefits: part 2

Some men? You also need to find a gal that will stick to it. Two men I know made this commitment with trans-women that subsequently decided not to go further with the changes.

Supporting a gal through her transition requires patience, love and a willingness to see her as a beautiful woman regardless how she looks now. It helps - if you really like the person under the make-up.

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Live at Trans Clubs Years ago, the absolute best way to find and connect with a lovely transsexual woman was by frequenting trans-friendly nightclubs. Today - with transgenderism having achieved much broader acceptance, very few full-time transsexual women socialize at trans-bars except to occasionally stop-in and visit old friends. However, there are lots of part-time girls around just gaining their confidence in getting-out plus some transsexual women who work as DRAG performers at such clubs.

Both - were very smart about it. They spent as much time looking for a quality person under the trans guise as anyone else. They knew - if you throw money on the table for anyone - the crooks are the first to grab it.

After narrowing their selection and deciding on their ideal match - they now help financially support these gals and do occasional vacations together. These functions are a great opportunity to meet a wide variety of trans-women. If you return year after year - you tend to develop associations and friendships that might blossom into something more.

Look Overseas I met two guys who found their ideal TS wife by looking overseas. This option offers big pluses and some equally large drawbacks.

On the positive side? Stealth occurs almost instantaneously when we get outside our own culture. Brazilians can quickly identity a transgender woman in their own country - but if she moves here?

The family friend with benefits: part 2

Her ethnic features tend to cause her to become completely passable almost immediately. The drawbacks? Most sites that promote such dating connections are littered with gals just trying to extract money. The hardest part for guys in this situation.

Dealing with her ongoing profession. Get Lucky Luck is often defined as: where preparation meets opportunity. If there was ever a subject where this definition applied? Because you might get lucky and meet the girl of your dreams in the most unlikely of places.

The family friend with benefits: part 2

In other words? Timing is everything when it comes to love connections. Again, developing your skills and insights with dating trans-women improves your luck.

Most are only attracted to other transgender girls. However, most performers are gay guys who create a feminine illusion for stage. They know - lots of straight guys end up attracted to their character. Most gay DRAG queens that date such guys are sensitive to his need to only see the girl early on. Enjoy your pornography safely and soundly in the privacy of your own home. Perhaps hook up with a professional transsexual escort once each year to augment those dreams and visions.

Ts dating gude

In fantasy land? Is that really all that bad? Sometimes, what we have now? Its more fulfilling than we give it credit.

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Become an Active Cross Dresser A lot of guys who want to date a transsexual are privately fetish cross dressers. Thus, much of their attraction towards a TS partner is rooted in the fact they privately fantasize being her. If this circumstance is you?

I would strongly suggest you more fully explore your desire to cross dress. Every guy - with the proper transformation tools and skills in hand can be made to look like a woman.

You first acquire those skills by getting a professional makeover and transformation by those artists skilled in working with transgenders. Guess what else? Thus, your likelihood of sexual fun is enhanced as you grow in this regard.

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Do you want to lick some white tranny ass?


I started dating a trans girl that I met during some team building games our corporation put together.