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This was written in by me when I was actually I am a teacher and I was having a little chuckle to myself about an incident when I was in primary school and we had a supply teacher for a day. She walked past me and as she did so she let rip really loudly.


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Hey there! In Register. I've often thought that this must be one of the worst things that could happen to a teacher whilst doing their job. Imagine you're teaching a class full of bottom-set year 8s and you suddenly let rip an audible fart whilst everyone is supposed to be listening to you teach!

How on earth would you be able to rescue a situation like that? Virtually the entire class would be beside themselves laughing and it would almost certainly continue for the duration of the lesson and most probably beyond. The kids would go around telling everyone else what happened and no doubt the naughty ones would make fart sounds in that teacher's future lessons and it would all become a running joke.

I'm trying to imagine myself as the teacher in that position and I honest to God can't work out how I'd try to retain my dignity and control of the class.

Today the teacher farted

It really must be a nightmare of epic proportions and the mere thought of it is enough to stop me from becomming a teacher myself. That's great mate. I'd laugh along with them in that particular lesson but then if anyone made fart sounds or jokes in subsequent lessons I'd give them a detention. I'd probably say something like; "Sorry about that .

Teacher ‘farts’ during zoom class with third graders, hilarity ensues

All I'll say is, 'stay off the chilli con carne at lunch, alright?! You're becoming a bit obsessed OP. Farts are funny, never has someone farted I haven't let out a giggle. If I fart, I often find myself saying "Ooo, more tea, Vicar? I think that, compared to being involved in something like Dunblane or Sandy Hook, in-class farting is probably way down the list of things teachers might be worried about.

I also think the OP is slightly weird.

Why don't you take your weird obsession elsewhere, where you can at least be honest about it instead of starting these stupid thre? Jason Posts: 17, Forum Member.

Teacher ‘farts’ during zoom class with third graders, hilarity ensues

There really are some weirdos on this forum, preoccupied with their farts, their shit and how much masturbating they do. CitizenofPhobos Posts: 1, Forum Member. I think the worst I have heard of was an old English teacher at my old secondary school who took a class with his flies undone and tallywacker on full show which got a massive giggle back then in the early 90s but in today's world he'd probably be arrested for indecent exposure.

Bedsit Bob Posts: 24, Forum Member. You'd just have to hope, the headmaster doesn't get wind of it. My brother, now late 30s, loves to recount his tale to my kids about how he farted really loudly in class primary school.

Today the teacher farted

The teacher said, "Stephen do you need to go to the toilet? Gilbertoo wrote: ». Bedsit Bob wrote: ». It really isn't the worst thing that could happen to a teacher is it? One of mine had his head kicked in in front of his whole class and then got sacked because of the reason he was beaten up. Dave Posts: 1, Forum Member.

Farting loudly in front of the class: every teacher's worst nightmare?

I would act shocked and ask which one of the kids did it! Caldari Posts: 5, Forum Member.

No, this would be worse than a fart. Caldari wrote: ». That's so funny on quite a few levels. I think the OP must be a worrier.

Tiggywink Posts: 3, Forum Member. Marley Posts: 7, Forum Member. I like the heft of your jib. In or Register to comment.

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This is the PowerPoint version of my popular poem written in and based on a true event.


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