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Ok I am on a rolling rant this am, it is now 7. I get up with Arianna every morning so we can have coffee together and just talk. I was in a miserable Marriage for 9 long fucking years, wow what the fuck was I thinking. I wanted the Leave it to Beaver thing.


Some except the fact they will never be one, some are happy in that role. I suppose it is the thrill, of sneaking around, booking the hotel room. Always in hiding. If you are happy being two, then be happy. I am speaking from a males prospective, I am giving you the low down, on how we think.

Why we step out when we are married. Last why you are going to get dumped.

If you are seeing a married dominant.

Because he will dump you when you are all used up, or he finds someone closer. A married man steps out because, and I have said this three million times, but no one wants to listen. You are there because there are things his wife will not do. Nothing more nothing less. Maybe she wont dress like a whore, suck cock, anal sex.

Behind the dom

Or just maybe it is a communication thing, which I doubt. Your relationship is based on sex nothing more, that is all you are being used for. The first three months, six months maybe a year go well, your happy seeing your dominant every month or so for a couple of hours.

Then the s become less frequent, the text slow, hardly any calls. So you the submissive, you make sure your phone is charged at all times, your phone is sitting within reach at all times. You receive a text, you look and it is a friend. Really is this the way you want to spend your life? Your job is to sit and wait, until he is ready to use you.

If you are seeing a married dominant.

That is it, nothing more nothing less. Most subs and slaves are needy, slaves more so. This is really normal, if you say your not what a line of shit. Once you become needy with your married Dominant, you now become a liability, you are now causing drama that is not welcomed. You have to go.

What are you learning in a relationship like this? What is he teaching you? He sends an with a few rules. Maybe tells you what to wear on a certain day, what to eat. You will get dumped or in time grow tired of broken promises. Now when you do get dumped, it is not your fault.

Married dominant

It was not because you were not good enough, or you did not listen. It was because you became a liability, nothing more. He the married Dominant is not going to let you come between him and his family.

Remember you are two. You are not at the cook outs. You are sitting on the couch waiting, and hoping he can take five minutes out of his time to call, text, or you a few lines. Your married Dominant is not going to love you, care maybe, but your best work will be on your knees or on your back.

That is what you are for. He tells you that you cannot speak with other Dominants. Why is this? He may be exposed for who and what he is. When you get dumped, I said it again. It is not your fault in anyway. This happens to a lot of new subs to the lifestyle, not so much a slave. Slaves tend to be somewhat more reserved than a submissive.

New to the lifestyle, chances are you will get burned the first go around. I am not sure what the fixation is with married men, I truly do not get it. Maybe it is because you do not want a commitmentand you feel safe.

Married dominant seeks submissive

Maybe you think he will leave his wife and kids, give up his home, pay child support, maybe alimony. Maybe he will quit his job he has had for fifteen years, and move to you. This entry was posted on November 30, at pm and is filed under bdsmCheatcheatingCheating DominantDumpedmarriedMarried DominantMarried submissiveOn your knees on your backproblems. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. I have read just a couple of your blogs so far and while you are well spoken and your opinions are clear I find you to be closed minded in many ways.

While you do make many valid points above you say them in such absolute ways that you eliminate all other possibilities. As if your take on things is the only correct view available. In this post you have completely failed to take into consideration other alternative lifestyles which may make dating a married person feasible and not guaranteed heartbreak. Do you have any My dom is married with swing or polyamory?

Am I a sub? This works for me and my partners it may not work for you and yours. I have lived poly seven years Chong who was Korean, and Beth a small blonde.

Married dominance & submission

She was Chongs toy. It ran smoothly for 6 yrs, until Beth wanted the one position, that was never going to happen. Beth had to go. My main thing with married be it a Dominant or submissive. If your partner knows about the other side of you and excepts the fact that you see others, I am good with that. At some point you get caught, always it is going to happen, not if, but when.

Who do you destroy the family, more so if you have. So if you are married and you find yourself in need of the lifestyle, talk to your spouse, if they do not agree with what you need.

Move on. Do not break their trust, and the vows one took.

I hope I answered your questions. Close minded I am not. You have answered my questions and I see that maybe I failed to read between the lines myself.

If your dominant is married

Thank you for clarifying! I agree that the issue is dishonesty. Not only with your partner but with yourself. Having your cake and eating it too is NOT a solution it just creates larger issues. Maybe not close minded but a bit ignorant. I have been in a relationship for nearly a year with a married Dom; he is a loyal husband and father.

I may not see him every day but we communicate every day from morning till night via text, and work out at the same gym five days a week together. The sexual side of it only comes to her three times a month, but the Dom sub dynamic is strong in us. Your thought process is very boxy. I plan to stay with my guy for a very long time.

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