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  • I am 26
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Louis awoke with a groan, hand pressed to the curve of his stomach that felt uncomfortable tight this morning. Being nearly nine months pregnant officially sucked. He had started to experience Braxton Hicks contractions almost every nigh now, his whole stomach would get hard and tense, and the cramps would spread from his back consuming his whole belly. Last night had been no different. Keep reading.


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One of them is a short one called My Hips I think Request a commission, or advertise for commission here!!! Fri Feb 10 AM, by porterbailey.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Reading the older stories from the old site is fun Does anyone have any ideas, plots, suggestions, that they would like to see written? Drop off your plot bunnies and maybe they will get adopted.

Guys, stop it with the tags. Right now, our site isn't big enough to warrent having a whole bunch attached to a story. At the moment, we are using them to indicate whether or not a story contains sensitive storylines, such as "horror" or "gore". There is absolutely no need to use t Tue Sep 20 PM, by theKicking.

Lyric and the rest of us mods are not really big fans of restricting story content. We know that many of you have different things that you prefer to read and write, and although some of us might not share the same interest, we feel that it is wrong to ask you not to write something because of it.

Birth denial

However, th Mon Mar 21 PM, by theKicking. Leaving the world behind was an adjustment that David was finding very difficult, the windowless facility in which he had been ased to was driving him crazy. The reward for his many golden medals for bravery and action in combat was this?? The thought made him shiver. Several months earlier he ha Thu Mar 1 AM, by Okay, so i got this idea from a birth scene from hereand i really wanted to write it down somewhere.

Hopefully this is good enough for you guys! Thu Mar 1 PM, by Jaery.

He flipped on his ipod only to discover that his battery had completely drained so It's the worst time of the year: the weather is bad, the city is grey and there isn't much to do. That's why I always plan my annual vacation to Miami around this time.

It's the perfect time to get away and stay at my favorite resort and This is probably one of the more developed role-plays I've been involved in. tedSqueek and I have been writing this for over a year, easily. He peered around through the darkened wood, alert to the movement of shadows and the soft Wed Feb 29 AM, by loverofmpreg.

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Prologue: Caliban sighed as he stalked round his lair. He felt agitated and angry. His talons clicked on the cool stone with each step he took. Why was life so cruel to him? Why did he have to love a human?

He growled at his own stupidity. He walked to the lak Tue Feb 28 AM, by manpreglover. I sighed as the suspect in front of me denied committing the crime for the 9th time that night.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

And you don't know how long my cursor has just been hovering over the post button So go easy on me, please!! Feedback will be greatly apprieciated!! Alone in a room with only one way out, and he knew that was not an option. The room was very small, just a medi Sat Feb 25 PM, by mpreg4ever. It seems so sinister, and yet, so sad. There are legends about this place, that those who come here will be marked with a wonderful gift.

Sat Feb 25 AM, by manpreglover. My boyfriend Jay and I had been together for about 3 years. We met at a party, had a one night stand and never shook each other.

Anal birth

We were a good match in a lot of ways, even though we were basically complete opposites. I had a good corporate job, he was a personal trainer. I was more reserved while h Written with help from Brimming I was very excited when HR gave me the ok start interviewing candidates for the new sales position. I knew I'd be looking at a lot of eye candy because most of our clients were female and having a good looking guy sell our product to them often helped seal the deal.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

HR alway Thu Feb 23 PM, by manpreglover. I've done it, I've finally done it. I know how to get you pregnant!!!

No way All that's required is just one simple injection. Thu Feb 23 PM, by mind.

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The construction worker gives birth — part 1 This is the first short story all written by me. Before re Wed Feb 22 AM, by manpreglover. Hi there. I first started writing this story several years ago and I think I might have posted the beginning of it on here or the board.

Then I lost it somewhere so have started writing it again and have got a bit further with it this time.

I thought I would post a new story for the new site. I hope you enjoy. The Show Must go on by Greyson Moore Joey Castillo remembered exactly when and where he discovered exactly how he was very different from other men. It was when he found the hard core porno mag hidden in the garage when he was a senior I have named the trilogy Broken Dreams In California.

This story is a collaborative work with me and Luigifanatic87 on Deviant Art.

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So the new Rise of the Titans movie on Netflix involved a bit of mpreg as a side plot.


M y mum fainted with excitement the day I gave birth.


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Your character lives in a secluded area next to a forest, not far from a small town.