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  • My age:
  • 43
  • Color of my hair:
  • I've short black hair
  • Sign of the zodiac:
  • Libra
  • Figure features:
  • My figure features is quite skinny


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About this game

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About this game

Just out of morbid curiosity, does anyone know of any modules or anything that would be good for a campaign based on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series? There are quite a few but it would entirely come down to what the GM is comfortable with, and how much your willing to tweak them. A Powered by the Apocalypse could be adapted to it, maybe Monster Hearts?.

If your up for custom races List goes on, Though i suppose if you find anyone to run this sort of game i would be interested in giving it a shot as a player. Oh, well, hopefully someone could potentially GM and possibly set down some ground rules. Cause I think GM'ing something like this would probably be beyond my knowledge and experiance. Basically more erp than rp? For a game though, might want to dial back the Erp a bit to throw a story Monster Masume may not be good for story I tried to run it once as none erp but players devolved into hard core erp which include the "r" word.

I had to disband the group by season 2 and block players.

About this game

When i gm it. Also as a side note I would change info on game u want to be listed under ERP that way everyone knows and players not looking for ERP would know not for them like myself. Personally I don't count erp as rp myself why i wont run it or play it. Probably best to get a GM first lol, though my 2 cents is perhaps a mix, though id side more on the monster side. Well, I guess so. But that's just what I'm thinking anyway.

Monster girls

Powered by Apocalypse games are pretty much what your describing, perhaps taking a look at the various versions to put something together you like the look of? May need to talk with each player regarding the race they wish to make something specific due to the variety in the setting. Also needs very limited prep on the GM's side as it plays as a group story telling effort at times.

Sounds pretty good, I guess I could take a look at it. Mind if we chat on Discord to better prep something? Tag for me is; Shanic In what way? Pathfinder is Very heavy in mechanics and I feel like that could possibly get in the way of the main focus point of the game, which would be the interactions and RP with the PC's and NPC's. Shanic said: In what way? If mechanics get in the way of interactions and RP, then someone's doing something wrong.

Card layout

Pathfinder also offers a way to create most races using a points system, so with the exception of the very unusual monster races it's possible to make races for all monster girls easily. Yeah, but there's a LOT to for in terms of the different races and aspects to them, so if anything, it kinda expands the work load on the GM side. I'm not saying no to the idea, just that it would be a LOT more complex than it might be worth. Overall its a far easier system to run with less prep work required on the GM's side.

While it can be done with that system, It would perhaps be easier for all to use another for the type of game hes looking for. Fate would also work, as the monster can be described by the character's High Concept, e.

Monster girl encyclopedia rpg [demo] [kenko_cross]

Definitely something to look through. Though most important thing is the system the person GMing is most comfortable using.

Thus I stumble across this. I can tell you from experience that the "e" in erp can easily be handled by GM moderation. I've played in 2 Monster Girls campaigns cut short by the different reasons, but that's just tabletop life in general. Currently in one again and we mostly go to "fade to black" methods for most things frisky.

The adult level of content can lead to some mature themes explored as always but in general treat it like any regular PF campaign with a little zaniness if you are honestly that comfortable which you need to be as the gm. Going to drop this link here as a list of races were made a while back by my prior GM and hopefully it can help you make a campaign or convince someone to create one for you. At the moment the group is using the Racial Bestiary Levels for most of the Monsters, but as a Gestalt build Are you referring to the content I provided?

Got a bit lost between lack of context there. The humans in our campaigns had a custom system called "spirit energy", equivalent to the custom stamina points of Pathfinder, but humans were quite subpar. We used this list for two campaigns after my gm consulted another person for help in devising that list. Me personally, I have created a decent list of mamono races for 5e based on someone making races for a Monster Musume concept, but once I went into custom material it was kind of fun.

Life stuff got in the way however and I placed it back in the hiatus closet though, but in general that idea and Dungeon World are something I played around with as well. Unfortunately DW would feel a bit trickier in making every mamono feel unique with such a simple system. I was just saying i have it on good information that the person devising it wasnt the GM was all, I was there with the main person doing so to taking a bit of exception to another person claiming credit. Ah okay, it's a Monster girl encyclopedia games world then but that's pretty neat. I still think 5e is the less complexed route, but the free roam of Dungeon World is a good alternative if you feel inclined for the work needed.

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Turn-based strategy game about the monstergirls taking over the world.


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So I was wandering around the internet, looking for fap material, when I came across a few things wasn't sure how well known they were but they looked good and I figured I'd get them a bit of support.


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