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  • Years old:
  • 18
  • Nationality:
  • Kenyan
  • My sexual preference:
  • Hetero
  • I know:
  • Russian
  • Sign of the zodiac:
  • I'm Aries
  • I prefer to listen:
  • Reggae
  • I like tattoo:
  • None


I adore the feeling of being slightly restricted and the tightness around my bottom. There are so many beautiful colours and lacy des now that you can choose from. I feel this is a good alternative to wearing fully under your trousers as i often come over very hot when wearing stockings pantyhose and girdles. I think Victoria probably knows now that you have 5 pairs of her knickers and it is no longer a secret. Yes, very much so. If I can't wear more women's clothing due to circumstances, knickers are the minimum that I'll wear.


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for Free! Any other guys enjoy the feel of wearing panties. I am straight but love wearing them. My wife likes me to wear them too. I wear panties all the time, I am bi and men and women love them on me. I also love the feel of them. I love to rear panties - boy shorts are my favorite.

And I love taking them off, having them slide down my legs and kicking them aside. I enjoy wearing and removing panties for men who enjoy that but honestly it's much more exciting to do it for a woman. A woman who understands, who enjoys having her man be that way. The thought of wearing panties never crossed my mind, but recently, I have found that it turns me on when I see a guy with a nice ass wearing them.

I've been thinking about it for several months and decided to buy some just yesterday, I have to say, I loved the feeling! Couple of years ago I did some exploring and ended up buying and wearing a of panties All sorts of adventures came from it - and even though I no longer do, I did truly enjoy it.

I wear silky panties thongs or bikinis every day and love them. I don't have a problem at all with men wearing panties.

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I think they can be sexy on a man, just as they are on a woman. Besides, I think a lot of men would like to wear panties or underwear that is attractive and sexually appealing. If they are comfortable for them to wear, why wouldn't they want to wear them? Societal disdain? If so, then that's not the type of man I'd date. I love to wear panties secretly. Wife objects but i wear them when she isn't home and sometimes under my jeans and t shirt at work.

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I wonder what the other ladies i work with would think. I also often think about what kind and color they wear. No desire whatsoever to wear panties.

I much prefer seeing them on a woman. Stories I have published. I lose my virginity when my brothers girlfriend gives me a girlfriend experience. The Girlfriend Experience I lose my virginity to my best friends girlfriend behind his back.

Letters From Mom. I love to wear thongs especially when I'm going to have MM sex. Steven Steven has been Verified. I've worn panties a few times, and pantyhose too.

I like the feel and look of them on me. I enjoy wearing all lingerie! Nylon feels so good on clean shaven legs!! Love wearing all types of lingerie!

Panties, stockings, bras - the sensual feeling of it is amazing. Yes I love panties. I love wearing silver stockings and, my favorite, body stockings. If you interested in lingerie for mens, check Amazon. The romantic bi guy. Stay horny my friend. I love wearing my wife's panties.

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She doesn't know it. They feel better and tighter than my own boxer briefs. She picks mine out and i pick hers.

In the back of my mind i think how hers will feel on me when i select them for her. Its not my thing but if it makes you feel sexy or good about yourself you should wear panties.

I admire people who live their life the way they want to. I don't wear paities, but have a huge underwear fetish and love the sexy, strappy, see through products now made for men I'm not into girlie panties but I have a big fetish for the sexy, see through, balls out, up your ass mens underwear I see on tghe web and own a hundred or so examples I love showing off in these underpants I wan to show off and then jack off and then get sucked off While i do not wear women's panties, per se, I do enjoy nylon, silk, and satin men's briefs and slings.

Funny, I'm bi love the taste of cock and cum and have absolutely no interest in wearing panties. I think a lot of people assume the two go together, but I'm loving proof they don't in the opposite way a lot of people probalby assume. Lying in bed kissing a guy while we stroke each other, yes.

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Putting on women's clothes, not really interesting to me. I am a straight guy who likes to wear panties.

When I was younger and my first girlfriend ask me to put on a pair I said no at first and I told her I wasn't gay. She pleaded and she did everything I ask of her so I did and it turn me on because it turn her on so much. My future relationships after my first girlfriend ended up with my in panties, garters, stockings and some pegging. It's not all the time but its fun to go against a taboo once in awhile. I wear panties and pantyhose. I just like the feel and look of both. I'm straight but want to try suck cock and be bi.

I love to wear them, they are so much softer than boxers. Love how they hold everything in place. When I have a pair on under my jeans, I like to look at women and wonder if mine are sexier than hers.

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I was married to a man who liked to wear panties but the point was reached where he went too far. Ensnared: Ropes and knots tie and bond a couple and their divergent needs A shibari flash story! Stepsibling Rivalry: What happens when the success of a stepbrother makes a bitch of stepsister jealous with his success in later life? She plots revenge What taboos will she break to ruin his life?

A Lush Recommended Read! Turning Stephanie Insatiable: Chapter 1, Chapter 2: When a status obsessed stuffy mom sees a friend fucking a much younger man, will she ever be able to control her desires again?

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