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  • Years old:
  • 56
  • Gender:
  • Girl
  • I speak:
  • Spanish
  • What is my Zodiac sign:
  • Capricorn
  • I like to listen:
  • Country
  • I like:
  • In my spare time I love sports
  • My tattoo:
  • I don't have tattoos


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The System Alliance's Mobile Infantry shows the Turian Hierarchy and the Citadel Council the proper way to conduct a low-intensity 'police action' on a non-Alliance planet. It's Mine!

Games • sci-fi • mass effect trilogy • 28 stories • updated 23 jan

All Mine! Everywhere I Look, Mine! Who in their right mind leaves the backdoor into their home unlocked and without any sort of security setup, whatsoever?

Ship of The Line — Effect Bored with how things are going to play out, Janus interferes more directly in Halloween, making things more interesting and changing the course of the entire Galaxy. I Will Destroy You Falling through space and time a reformed Psychotic is thrown into a strange new world. Imperial Maximus. Abducted by an alien race during his road trip, Xander became a gladiator and then, their Emperor. A Batarian slaver ship reveals the fate of Earth and prompts his return.

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Chaos Effect. With the maiden voyage of the USS Normandy almost underway, what further effects will the Halloween spell have on the universe? Chaos Effect: World Builder.

There are many events that have happened that form the universe we know of. Here are the stories. The Problem of the Ancients.

Commander Shepard made a choice, but there was more that threatened the Galaxy than the Reapers. She is given a chance to make things right. Guided People. Inspired by MarcusRowland's Muse.

Sometimes things happen that cannot be allowed, so unaware champions are chosen. These are tales of a few of them. Always complete, never done.

A night in havarl

Space opera. Shepard, Buffy and Liara are required to attend a diplomatic event: an Elcor performance of The Battle of the Citadel.

Watcher Effect. As things for the new Watchers Council become steadily worse three ultimate powers step in to save them. The Mass Effect universe will never be the same.

The long term effects of October 31, may be enough to bring chaos to the cycle. Zeppo Effect: Fight for the Lost. The Galaxy's Greatest Hero is back from the dead with a small army of the deadliest operatives in the galaxy to take on all comers.

Dulcius ex asperis

Murphys Laws of Combat. What Happens when a bit of his Legendary luck rubs off on another Soldier?

Xander Shepperd is about to find out. Bizzare Friendships Work. Sometimes the most different of people, a Spetre and Pirate Queen for instance, get along.

Citadel: party (mass effect)

Sometimes, Bizzare Friendships Work. Rated T for now, May go up in later chapters. : 1 of 2. All stories posted remain the property of their respective authors; permission from the author is required to publish them elsewhere.

Any trade marks that appear on the site are used without permission and remain the property of their respective owners. All donations are used to provide the service; no profits are made by the site owners, developers, or authors from publishing works on this site.

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I'm Commander Shepard, and these are my favorite fan fics on the extranet.


Please send a to tumbex.


The image hosting service TinyPic has announced they will permanently shut down on September 16,


While it contains verbatim dialogue from the game, it explores the inner thoughts and unseen conversations of Shepard and Miranda as they go from being uneasy allies to friends, and finally to lovers.