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The look and feel of our prosthetics will definetely satisfy anyone with gender dysphoria. Help support our oceans and animals!


We offer a safe, inclusive community for transgender and gender non-conforming folks, as well as their loved ones, to find support and information.

today! I received my LJ last week and wanted to report to everyone how it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly, so you guys can decide if it's something you want to order as well. As I mentioned somewhere in a post I do have body dysphoria where my lack of anatomy is an issue.

IOW I want to pack, stp, and play. Lola Jake prosthetics seemed to fit the bill. The adhesive they recommended works.

Packers, prosthetics and stps

Just shave thoroughly first! That's where the pros for me end. I had custom ordered a color for the shaft and tab, and they matched that.

What I didn't ask for or specify and did NOT see in any of their examples is that the head is dark red. Not a natural red. Not a darker red that matched the color I chose. It basically looks as if I cut off circulation to the head. If you decide to order, go with a shade darker than your natural skin, then go a shade darker than that for the shaft. Mine is still too light in color. And specify how you want the head colored or you may get something as freakish as mine. It's some kind of coating.

It totally kills any kind of realistic feel to the prosthetic. I tried lotions and powders and it still has a plastic-like rubber texture. Maybe that's great for sanitizing after sex, but as a packer it is so NOT realistic. If you are wanting realism to Lola jake prosthetics, stick with the cheapy packy.

I'm NOT kidding. I ordered a Sam Plus, because my intent was to pack daily but be ready to play. Well, if you're not playing, the silicone rod that is removeable is about 1cm thick by about 8cm long. Take that out and you have a flaccid penis all right.

Yes, FLAT. Like a hose. If you thought the texture was off, this kills any hope of realism for packing. They do not sell stp devices and they state that up front.

But be aware that if you put your regular stp device inside, the urine cannot get out that little hole fast enough so it squirts right back at ya. If you're interested in this option, save your money. prosthetics - no longer available

Yes, I could make the hole bigger. BUT: see above; it's not realistic for packing anyway. You can do better by yourself using that you-tube video on making an stps. IMO the stp option is worthless. Maybe the guys on here who have one can comment. Lola Jake Packer: Now this is a nice realistic little bugger and I do like it. It's not shiny so why oh why do they make the play ones that way?

The only con is that the shaft is fixed pointing down. Yes, you can move it; but it's de is to point down. Unlike the cheapy packy which can go any-which-way like a real flaccid penis, this one can't. That may not be as important to some people. Bottom Line: I do not think it's worth the money, personally.

I am not intending this post to bash the company or the product. I just want to put my experience out there so others can decide if they want to order or not. I found that no testimonials on the site and no real product reviews anywhere on the web, other than a few stray comments here and there, but nothing definitive. I would hope that other guys with LJ products will chime in with their experiences with theirs so the info is out there to the FTM community.

Thanks for this information Jay. It is always useful for us guys to hear an honest review of different products. I have always just used the mango and have been quite satisfied with it. The only down sides I see are the fact that it isn't actually attached to you. If you wear it under lose underwear you have to use the harness.

Everybody that has ever felt it has told me that if they didn't know they wouldn't guess it was fake. The trouble with all of these things though is that they are too expensive. I can't afford to try other thing because I can't spare the money. I really don't think any of us guys will ever be satisfied until we can have the real thing. Thanks for the review man!

Im sorry you were disappointed. I guess some things you just have to do yourself if you want them done right. Good luck making your perfect packer. At least this way youll know its what you want and you wont have to wait around a ton to get it.

Thanks Jay for the great review. I've been holding off myself in buying these products because I feel like I do not want to waste my money. I think that I might eventually buy a packer just to feel something down there. Jose Antonio Man, that's a bummer.

I noticed the shiny finish you are talking about in the pictures. Not cool. I wonder if the FTM Prosthetics one is much better in terms of function. Also, I don't know if they have the STP option. Their pics look more realistic, but the price of the dual models kill me.

On another forum people keep telling me that the shiny stuff peels off then it feels real; another guy is ticked his is peeling and says that the silicone is breaking off in chunks. I thought the same thing about the FTM aus. billy giveaway

After having my LJ, I'm thinking the dual may be too big for daily wear; the LJ I bought is the same size and I can't imagine packing with it. LJ threw in a freebie packer for my trouble and that's made of a better material, isn't hollow like a hose, but the shaft is fixed in one position. Maybe what I want doesn't exist: I want the feel or close to it of the cheapy packer in a realistic color, that is Lola jake prosthetics modified, and attaches via a small tab for harness free wear.

Maybe I can modify the freebie to fit those criteria, I don't know. Thank you for letting us all know though how it actually was. Its important we all inform each other of our experiences. Who knows maybe the more of us know about products like this that don't satisfy our wants the more we'll be able to demand companies do something about it by not purchasing what doesn't work.

Hopefully thats something positive that will come out of it. Maybe it is but I don't have a partner.

I still don't like the rubbery feel. Thank you were your extrememly indepth and informative evaluation of this product. It's far too expemsive to be purchased and then not serviceable. Maybe someone in the community will finally come up with an excellant product at an affordable price. I purchased the deluxe pouch and packy from Nick for under You can't use it for intercourse, but for looks and feels it passes the test just fine.

All the models on the Lola.

Jake look good I watched the videos and it seemed quite realistic, so perhaps it's different in different light and conditions. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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