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More adventures with saboteurs intent on disrupting giant society, as the group becomes embroiled with the mysterious Dr. North, who is planning a major terrorist outrage. In. Land of the Giants. Episode aired Feb 15, 50min.


Giants and giantesses in norse mythology

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Land of the giants 11

Chapter titles are puns based on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episode titles. Disclaimer : All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. No money is being made from this work. Mark and Valerie and Betty were walking through the giant city one night, when they came to a large compound.

They snuck into the building undetected, and were surprised to see two familiar faces. Do you remember when Fitzhugh and Val and I went to help a scientist named Franzen work on the guidance system for a spaceship??

I wasn? Dan wasn?

Giantess pronunciation

Steve thought that what happened confirmed his suspicions.? Franzen never betrayed us. Logar betrayed him.

He lost his life in an explosion, while insisting on our freedom. Altha tried to kill all three of us with the neutralizer.

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Kobick was after us at the time too, which didn? Hiding behind a large piece of equipment, they peeked out at a giant spaceship. On a giant scale, it was about as large as the time ship left behind by Oles and Fielder had been to the earthlings.

Altha, we? Even while I? Now we can go their world and work the problem from the other end.

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He stopped Dr Greer?? It was largely our doing. He wouldn?

I want to know more. If Logar hadn?

Land of the giants

You did use Wilson? Yes, but I? There was a professor who was working on night glasses that would have made it far easier for us to see and catch the little pests, when they operate at night, as they so often did. His laboratory and all his work were blown up, killing him as well. It must have been the little people. They caused a hydraulic man prototype to run amok and kill its inventor Professor Gorn.

Giants and giantesses in norse mythology

They caused an explosion that took the life of a police chief, because his assistant had invented a chemical foam which would have been invaluable in interrogating these earthling invaders. It just goes on and on.

Chief Bulgar heard of their attempt on a depot, which caused another explosion. Yet Bulgar?

I knew that the only way to get them was to get to their own planet.? We could actually get back to earth and stop them in the process if we snuck into their ship,?

Land of the giants

Inspector, have you ever been married?? I suppose I was too busy rising in the ranks to find the right woman,?

I always thought I? Somehow I doubt you? I could never understand why Dr Berger helped them with our Delta device either. He even tried to frame his assistant Andre for it,? I wouldn? He really talks a lot of propaganda,?

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The fact that she tried to kill us doesn? I think they? Would you take me out to dinner to celebrate what we? But it all came about as a result of your achievements. You even had this compound modified with an opening roof, so our ship can launch from here.?

You got me the freedom to operate unmonitored, in secret, unhindered,? I know a great restaurant, where I once got some chicken to keep me going during that stake out for the little people at the zoo,?

The two giants left the compound. Options Report This. You must register to review. Skin by Artphilia Des. All rights reserved.

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This is a list of episodes from the television series Land of the Giants which ran for two seasons between and


More adventures with saboteurs intent on disrupting giant society, as the group becomes embroiled with the mysterious Dr.


Land of the Giants is an American live action television series created by Irwin Allen , It was broadcast in September


The giants and giantesses were among the first living beings according to the creation of the world in Norse mythology.