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  • Years old:
  • 25
  • I love:
  • Man
  • Eye tint:
  • Brilliant green eyes
  • What is the color of my hair:
  • I have luxuriant brunet hair
  • What I like to drink:
  • Gin
  • Body tattoos:
  • None


Hoffman created his so-called muscle empire out of an oil-burner business that he started in the early s.


He flexed his arm. Fourteen inches of solid rock. All in two months. And my waist has shrunk by 5 inches. I need new clothes all the time.

I just bust out of my old clothes. My chest and shoulders are getting so big.

Except now I need smaller pants with legs big enough for my thighs. But she loves it. She keeps buying me more supplements and stuff.

Muscletown usa

She likes having a stud for a son. I beat him all the time in arm wrestling.

A week after that conversation, my family started on a three week vacation to a lake where we would do some fishing. My dad had a rowboat that would sit on a rack on top of our car. The rowboat was sitting in our garage and we needed to get the rowboat on top of the car.

My dad could barely pick up the back of the rowboat, which was the heaviest part. He waited for me to pick up the bow. I felt like such a weakling.

Thank you!

So my dad put down the boat and cursed to himself. Then he looked next door and saw Bobby coming out of his house. As usual, Bobby was wearing nothing but shorts. Bobby came over and my dad looked at his body. His muscles were bulging under that paper thin skin. You could see the fibers in his muscles twitch as he moved his body.

He flexed his bicep at my dad. You got a nerd here for a son. He walked over and pushed me aside with one big swoop of his muscular arm. My dad lifted the bow to his waist and then Bobby pressed the back of the boat over his head like he was lifting a pillow. My dad barely managed to press the bow up and they put the boat on the car.

I felt totally humiliated, completely disgraced by this muscular 13 year old. My dad went up to Bobby and felt his arm and shoulder muscles as Bobby flexed them proudly. It seems like just a little while ago you were a fat little. A big strong man. He was still a kid even though he had the muscles of a man.

We went on our three week fishing trip. When we got to the lake, my dad needed to find two grown men to help him unload the boat from the car and then to load the boat back up on the car when we left. Even those two grown men strained to lift the back of the boat up to the car.

I thought about Bobby pressing that boat up over his head like it was a feather pillow. Bobby was a man, all right.

The whole two weeks I kept thinking about Bobby. I wondered how much bigger he was getting, how much weight he had gained. I thought about him eating vast quantities of protein and changing all that protein into solid muscle. I thought about him gulping down all the muscle-building supplements his mother was buying him, supplements that were helping his already muscular body add more muscle every day. I wondered how many inches of new muscle he had packed on his arms, on his chest, on his shoulders, on his legs.

Muscletown usa

I could hardly wait to see Bobby when we returned. This collection was originally created as a compressed archive for personal offline viewing and is not intended to be hosted online or presented in any commercial context.

Any webmaster choosing to host or mirror this archive online does so at their sole discretion. For the next month I watched Bobby as much as I could.

O'melissokomos: the bee keeper

I watched him mow the grass and I watched him as he strutted around the neighborhood. He never wore a shirt and was always in shorts, so his body got very tan. He lost all his baby fat after six weeks of lifting weights, so now he was all muscle.

And that muscle kept getting bigger every week. I found out he had switched to a split training routine where he trained different body parts every day. This gave his muscles time to rest and grow bigger.

And those muscles were definitely getting bigger. One day I asked Bobby if he ever read any books. I hate to read. I like playing video games where I can kill and mutilate all the bad guys. I like killing and violence.

I can kick their asses so bad. Here was this kid who could probably read like a second grader getting ready to dominate every kid in his class.

All the smart nerds would be nothing to his muscles. All the smartness in the world would be nothing to his strong fists. He was the man. And he could smash older kids too. Anything he told me to do I would do. He was only 13 years old, but he was so muscular, strong and dominating this 16 year old nerd had no choice.

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