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Tolkien's The Hobbit was first published intelling the story of Bilbo Baggins, who bravely left The Shire alongside a company of Dwarves to steal ancient treasure from a dragon dwelling in the halls of a mountain. The Lord of the Rings followed inpicking up the history of Middle-earth some 60 years later when Bilbo is an old man eleventy-one, to be preciseand the attention is shifted onto his nephew, Frodo.


in. How did it come to this? After 14 years and more than 20 hours of epic fantasy brought to life onscreen, we come to it at last—the great marathon of our time. Between ages 10 and 12, I sat mesmerized in theaters each year as LOTR shattered what I thought a movie was capable of depicting and re-forged it on a far grander scale.

It w a s a touchstone for Hollywood and for the 21st century, too. Special effects never went back. Until next year, that is, when Episodes VII-IX blast the status quo to Alderaan and create a whole new series dynamic to take the binge-watching marathon into uncharted territory. Below is your binge-watching guide to some of the marathon possibilities your quest may behold.

Ye green folk have been forewarned.

If you need a refresher on the who, what, when, where, and why of J. Now, strangers from distant lands, friends of old, we press onward. Like the peaceful lives of the Shirefolk, this is a simple but effective viewing order.

The Road Goes Ever On. Chasing the Ring. Starting with these two scenes primes you for a marathon viewing fixated on the ring. You follow the journey of the OG horcrux from Mount Doom to Mount Doom, and it becomes almost a main character in doing so.

Tolkien’s mythology

You see all the other storylines fall into place around it, but as the ring is passed from ring-bearer to ring-bearer, you never lose sight of the gleaming golden evil at the center of it all. The Way of Kings. But I like the name and it works here. Watching in this order is a great way to focus on the internal struggles, ascension and in one case, death, of the two kings in each of these trilogies: Aragorn and Thorin Oakenshield. A few words of wisdom about format.

The hobbit/lord of the rings marathon to end all marathons: a binge-watching guide

Sorry, Pete. Regardless, the ideal way to experience a first viewing of a film like this is with clarity. No shiny, in-your-face distractions, just the sprawling sets and perfectly vivid normal special effects that Eru the supreme deity of J. You can get cute with 3D or HFR on subsequent viewings to compare, but leave the recyclable glasses in their bins on the first run. The Sauron Shuffle. The Sauron Shuffle is not a marathon order for beginners.

The lord of the rings movies and the hobbit movies watch order (chronology and release order)

You move right from a film where the white wizard Saruman denounces the return of Sauron as a farce to one where he betrays Gandalf and raises an orc army in service of his new master. Well, here we sit. Fly, you fools.

George R. Martin once said Hodor to me. Get started.

Best viewing order for hobbit and lord of the rings

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The Hobbit trilogy, a prequel series that grazed the silver screen a decade later, may not have been as great as its predecessor, but it is still amazing in its own right.


There are six movies set in J.


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Pocket-lint is supported by its readers.