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If family visits me I don't close the bathroom door when taking shower. Sometimes while taking a shower my mom comes in and goes pee even though you can see through the shower.

I saw my dad naked

Saudigirl I have not see her virgina since I was a little kid but if o was to would not bother me. I don't care if she sees me naked. The shower is distorted just enough but you can still see good enough to get off to looking at them if you wanted. My mom has asked me what are you doing and I said what do you think. I was masterbating. It was an accident, of course. My father had very little issues with nudity. He would pretty much always be naked or in his underwear around the house when I lived there.

I need shampoo" And my memories end there. Honestly I didn't care. I'm 15, and it's my father. How is that wrong? Obviously we're not sexually attracted to one another.

That time i saw my dad naked

He'll step into the bathroom if he needs to grab something I'm behind the curtain and I'll come in sometimes and do the same, but on the rare occasion I go to grab something in his room and he's getting changed or something like that, or vice versa, we're just like "sorry" and leave. Share Facebook.

Girlshave you ever seen your dad or brother naked? Add Opinion. MexicanBabe Xper 4. I have seen my moms boobs, no big deal, she and my aunts have seen my breasts after my surgery, my brother has also seen them and even felt them lol it's really no big deal. I've seen my little brother naked when he was changing, he was embrassed but I was like c'mon I changed you when u were little haha. Is this still revelant? Saudigirl Xper 6.

Yes my Mom lol she don't care but my brothers yell at her lol she hate clothes. I saw my dad by mistake. Are you saying your mom walks around naked with family around.

Show All Show Less. I don't have brothers. WhatTheHellAmy Guru. I don't have a sister, and I haven't seen mom naked.

Even that thought seems so sick to me, I don't know. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls, have you ever seen your dad and brother naked?

Boys, have you ever seen your mom and sister naked? Girls, have you ever seen your dad or brother naked or have you ever been seen by them? Girls, have you ever seen your dad or brother naked? Sort Girls First Guys First. Girly opinions shared on Sexuality topic. I used to change my little brother's diapers but otherwise no. Minxxie 1K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. When I was like 4 and then I got my slinky and held it over the toilet and told my mom I was "peeing like daddy" and my parents laughed so hard at me that they cried and they never let that story go!

No I haven't I've seen them in boxers my brother tackled me while in boxers.

I don't have a brother and yes I have seen my dad naked a few times when i was little. I walked into the bathroom by accident Younger brother, yes, fully naked.

But with my Dad, I often saw him topless. Xper 5. I've seen my sisters naked but not my mom or dad ew ateast not as an adult. EmpatheticLady 2.

When I was younger, I saw my brother naked. It's been a long time since then, though. Uhhh, six years old, I suppose. I'm 19 and have three younger sisters and somehow they don't seem to mind me seeing them fully nude all the time. Girlwithcooltats Xper 3.

I've seen both naked numerous times and they've seen me naked and its fine really. What do you think of seeing them naked. Girlwithcooltats would you check them out?

Becky01 1. Prettygurl12 2.

Does it count if they were 3 and in the tub? I was giving them a bath? Like I said, not pleasant. Ruchisingh opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6. Yes I had seen but can't discuss them. Why not PM me we know each as text friends.

I really wonder why you can't discuss them. Was there something bad? CHARismatic Master.

Girls , have you ever seen your dad or brother naked?

FallOutBoy opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Dad and brother after them taking showers, though my brother is younger. No but my sisters used to seeing me naked a lot. Growing up we had a pool and I used to go nude. Related myTakes. Believe all Women!

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My stepdad saw me naked, and fucked my pussy my daddy 26 min.


Everyone's so weird in the comments wtf, same thing happened to me tho LMAO.