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Across the country, grown women are being denied control over their own reproductive systems. My OBGYN just said if I want my tubes tied electively then my husbands ature is also required on the release form. I asked her if that was a law, she said it's not but it's their policy.


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Timileyin Akinkahunsi Issues relating to finances have the tendency to cause friction in marriages and relationships if not properly managed. The money is earned by her and therefore, she should be at liberty to spend it as she desires. Generally, the decision on how to utilise funds differs from person to person and from situation to situation.

For a happily married woman, who believes in the family vision and wishes to partner with the husband, she may decide to share some details of her spending with the husband, just to inform him and not necessarily to secure approval.

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A woman should freely utilise her money but not be unmindful of the needs of the immediate and extended families, which she may need to meet from time to time. Also, for investments in major or capital projects, it is ideal for the woman to talk to the partner to ensure the suitability of the project for the family.

Such discussions are believed to engender trust, bond and most importantly, fidelity in relationships. In conclusion, apart from major or t projects, a woman should not need any form of approval to spend the money she earns. A woman should be able to utilise her money to meet her day to day personal needs as well as the domestic needs of her immediate and extended families.

Do wives need their husbands’ permission to spend their income?

My husband is fully aware of most of the things I spend my money on because over the years, I have come to trust him with my finances. Such discussions, however, are for his information and inputs and not for approvals. My reason for taking this position is because it fosters openness. A very typical example is when husbands give the money they earn to their wives for proper appropriation in the home. In a situation where the husband is not open about his financial position, it would be difficult for the woman to open up to him about her financial position.

My money is our money — Peace Ufuoma Aganbi Money issue has been identified as one of the sources of stress in a lot of marriages today. Also, if a spouse earns more money than the other; there is a tendency that the spouse who earns more may be tempted to be in control of financial decisions in the marriage. Money should not be a source of stress in marriage. It is meant to solve problems and not to cause problems.

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Married couples should realise that the two have become one flesh and this should apply to every department of their lives, including finances. Whatever assets they acquire individually belongs to the home. The income that is earned by one or both of them belongs to the family. Couples should therefore be transparent, be able to trust each other, set financial goals, discuss financial issues and take financial decisions together.

From the foregoing, it may no longer be necessary for the wife to take permission before spending her money because any income that comes into the family is their money. Couples should note that their marriage and their families are more important than money and so should not allow any argument about who determines how it is spent to destroy their marriage. Although, for the sake of togetherness, she must let him know about her finances so that they could build trust and confidence in each other. If the money belongs to both of them, the woman can still spend it, but she should be ready to give proper .

I call this ability. It depends on what she is spending the money on — Gloria Akhigbe The issue totally depends on what the woman wants to use the money for.

Do you have to have the ature of a divorced spouse to take your minor child out of the country?

It depends on what the money is spent on — Adams Olugbenga Well, it depends on many things. Does the money belong to the wife alone? Is it from a t ? Also, some pertinent questions must be asked. They need to know what their financial goals are and so on.

A couple should discuss how they want to pay their bills regularly. However, adequate update and detailed information on expenditure should be available to both parties when requested. Generally, women are known to have great financial management skills. For instance, my wife will not need my permission to wear her shoes. However, wives can tell their husbands about their financial plans; if the husband wants to know. For instance, she might want to use her money to buy food or clothes for the children.

This is easy, especially when both of them have a good relationship and do things in common. For instance, he may want to monitor how much his wife spends on clothes for parties and jewellery.

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Some men mandate that their wives should spend their money in certain ways. For crying out loud, a man is the man of the house so he should man the home.

However, I support the Bible that says that a wife should support her husband. Considering this, a woman may want to use a percentage of her income to support the home. This will make her husband to appreciate her more, but this does not give the man any form of right over her money. All rights reserved.

I am travelling with my minor child without my spouse. what documents must i present?

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Before I got married, I enjoyed the fact that I was able to come and go as I pleased.


If you are divorced, you may need to get your child's other parent to off before you can seize an exciting opportunity to travel internationally with your child.


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