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  • I am 34
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  • I'm ethiopian
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  • Golden
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  • Italian
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  • Aries
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  • Pop
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  • In my spare time I love sports
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Part 1Part 2.

Wanting more

Part 3b. James came to in a dark room, still tethered to his bed. He groaned in agony as the pain from between his legs took hold of him again.

If he had been hoping the pop he heard before passing out was fixable, the agony informed him otherwise. He clamped his knees together instinctually from the pain. That proved to be a mistake. His cantaloupe sized scrotum was just the right size to settle between his legs when he was sitting with them apart, but the fit was snug. When his knees bent inwards, he accidentally compressed the misshapen package and jostled its damaged contents.

His vision went white and he howled with pain as he learned of the full extent of his testicular injuries. Not just that normal sleep boner that went away by itself after a few minutes, but rock-hard, drooling precum hard. Sarah pranced into the room and flipped the light on, admiring the changes his balls had undergone in the four hours since she left him.

His right testicle sat slackly at the bottom of his well-proportioned scrotum, resting on the sticky sheets below. It had swollen nicely, dark bruises blotching its surface, his blue veins crisscrossing the scrotum like rivers on a map.

While his right orb looked like it was incredibly painful, at least still was an orb. The same could not be said of the other half of his manhood.

The left half of his scrotum sagged deliciously limply, and Sarah giggled as the confirmation that her cousin was irreparably now half a man. The half-boy was trembling like a leaf, and his dick was as hard as a rock. Pretty extreme, dude! She gently cupped the sack extremely full of his manhood both intact and otherwise and hefted it like a grocer with a watermelon.

Huge balls.

Anyway, when she sent the files over, I spent a lot of time on my computer, and you had some good, rare stuff. But WOW, you had a lot of it! The first intelligible words out of his mouth since his rupture had a defeated, nasally pitch.

She continued on nonchalantly. Have you seen it? His most well-worn castration fantasy had her riding his cock between each of his testicular ruptures, plunging greedily up and down as she forced load after load out of his jewels, one damaged, one destroyed. He knew it was going to hurt, maybe even as bad as the rupture itself.

James big balls, part 3a (finishing a story i didn’t start)

Cumming through both his spermatic cords when he only had one nut was bound to be dreadfully painful as the good Doctor had demonstrated dozens of times in p and surround sound. But god, that pussy looked inviting. Short blonde hair, trimmed but not shaved bald, covered the two pink lips that surrounded her tight pink slit. This volume of the trilogy seemed to start with a prologue all for her though.

The most cum and biggest balls (so far)

I doubt even you would be talented enough to make me cum on your first time. Even you. His cock jumped again, thick veins on either side pulsing at the subtle compliment of his seven inch throbbing pink member. Then she was fully on top of him. He loved the way she smelled normally, but the pheromones from her warm pussy were something else entirely. Warm bliss shot through him as he licked her exploratorily, trying to focus on her pleasure instead of his pain and navigate the newfound experience of a vagina on his tongue.

The knowledge that her flavor was reflective of her pleasure made him all the more eager to enjoy as much of it as he could. His screaming was even pleasurable than his inexperienced but very enthusiastic cunnilingus. Maybe it was because it accompanied the fist she had just hammered into the pulped left side of his scrotum, liquefying any remaining solid matter of the former nut.

She rode his face back and forth, her eyes rolling back as she laced her hands together for the next hit, and raised them high above her head. A wet crunch emitted from his crotch when her sledgehammered into his still-whole right nut. She had arced her fists from below Huge balls stories ballsack directly up into him, trapping his nut painfully against his pelvic bone.

The feeling of the new injury forming below her hands put her over the edge of climax. She bucked wildly, her vision going blank as she soaked his face and the bed below in yet another orgasm. Huge balls stories probing inspection brought out new and interesting combinations of vibrations from the beleaguered half-boy beneath her pulsing clit.

As she stood up off of him, he managed to cough out two words through the suffocating miasma of her arousal. Not many guys actually had to give up a left nut to fuck the girl of their dreams. She smiled sweetly. You did a great job down there. She looked at him puzzledly, then burst out laughing.

Story of how i started loving balls!

This is just a side project for me to do while the rest of the family is out of the house. She untied the ropes around each of his ankles and bent his legs upwards. She kept going, until his ass was right over his head and his cock pointed down at his own face, twitching like it would go off any second.

His words left him again.

His cousin stuck a hand between her legs, covered her fingers in girl goo, then wrapped that same hand around his cockhead. Her juices mingled with his precum, and she slowly slid her hand down as she spread the makeshift lube all the way to the base of his cock.

Her hand creeped back up and slid down again, each pump slightly faster than before, until she was pumping away at a brisk pace. Each stroke caused another tiny spurt of precum from his overstimulated penis, and as she pumped faster, more of it splattered onto his face. She had slipped it above the bottom of his upside-down thigh and gently tightened her grasp around his swollen manfruit.

Her fingers sunk into his manhood until he shrieked. Her grip tightened another fraction, and James gasped as a big spurt of precum got in his eyes. He gagged, and the sight of his discomfort and pain and intense, agonized frustration was finally Huge balls stories much for her. Sarah took one hand off his ball and thrust it between her legs, rubbing her quivering clit just in time to get the most out of her sudden unexpected climax. Pulse after pulse of orgasmic pleasure washed through each of the cousins.

He was frustrated and crying from his ruined spurts. She was moaning in satisfaction and relief from her gushing pussy. Their staccato bucking was almost synchronized. Finally, it was done.

Jason’s big problem

She took a fragrant middle finger out from between her legs and scooped up a streak of jizz that had missed his open throat, then stuck her finger between his gaping lips and made him suck off the combination of fluids. You did manage to make me cum your very first time! Wish you had drank more pineapple juice? When he awoke, his ankles were secured and something strongly scented and fabric was stuffed in his mouth.

Sarah was sitting between his legs, a grim look of determination across her face and an old metal-edged wooden ruler in her hand.

‘massive balls’ stories

He tried to ask what that was, but the sweet-tasting gag muted his words. And with a sinking feeling, he realized he already knew.

He wondered desperately when his family would be getting back. If this was anything like his porn, it would be much too late. Your absolute favorite, most watched scenes. Not the first testicular rupture although those were rare and exciting enoughbut that final squelch that accompanied a boy losing his very last working ball.

Gay men with big balls stories

She nodded pityingly. I know you were probably hoping to keep it, but…well, at least you got to have a final orgasm!

Another slap, and James gaped his mouth wider around his fabric gag in a silent scream. View all posts by preunbb. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook.

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I forget when exactly this happened, but I remember it happened during the spring semester of near the end.


This is an experimental story.


Teen athlete Jason unwittingly becomes part of a shady experiment to produce progressively larger cocks and balls that generate way too much cum.


Are you always too conscious of pulling down your boxers in front of her because you think your big balls may scare her away?