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Keeping your mouth not only open for an extended period of time…but open while applying suction, being mindful of your chompers close proximity to very tender parts, and twirling your tongue in various ways…well, it can make your jaw ache just thinking about it. And that discomfort makes the whole sword swallowing act loathsome for many.


The term "Skin Flute" is a pop culture reference most people have heard at one point or another in their lives.

Now, with the release of the Skin Flute Android App, which emulates playing an actual skin flute, mobile users have a chance to test their skills. The Skin Flute app, developed by Media Outbreak, allows the user to choose a skin and then blow into the microphone while simultaneously using their fingers to touch, slide and play notes on the screen. The creator of this app stated, "We wanted to bring the Skin Flute to the mobile market because we knew it would be a fun gag app for people all over the world.

We envisioned a fun party game and we hope people get a good laugh when showing it off. Future updates and releases are already planned for the Skin Flute which will provide further functionality not included in the initial release. Share Article. Skin Flute, a musical instrument Android application developed by Media Outbreak, gives users the chance to play and make sweet music on their Android mobile devices.

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