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  • I'm 34 years old
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  • Swedish
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  • My gender is girl
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  • My Zodiac sign Capricorn
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  • Marital arts
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  • I like my tragus piercing


If you also do, you may have noticed MANY commercials selling adult diapers or medications for urinary incontinence. The people in these commercials are attractive older women, and appear very happy that their adult diapers fit beautifully under their tight-fitting clothes. As a pelvic health physical therapist, these commercials drive me crazy since I know that urinary incontinence is treatable, it affects MEN and women, and for many, all it requires is some education, lifestyle changes and exercise.


Remember back in elementary school when everyone pulled their undies down to their shoes at the urinal? Turns out this might be the solution. Many young people are in a hurry and simply do not empty their urine all the way.

Brucker tells me that those inevitable spots on your khakis are the fault of your very own penis! The phallus can be several inches and the prostate a few inches on top of that.

Knowing that, I guess it's an uphill battle for everyone. But what if your penis is extra-long?

Man peeing pants images

Surely, there must be a downside to owning a gigantic phallus. Does it even work? Should I be doing something else? Let gravity work its course.

How does a normal bladder work?

Just tailor it to how it works for you. Time is important, gravity helps, shaking, tapping, or trying to milk the urethra is helpful.

Unfortunately, the future is marked with spots, dribbles, and embarrassment. Simply put, your body goes to shit when you get older—especially your penis. As men age, the prostate often grows and squeezes on the tube. This makes the opening narrower for the urine to flow out, like if something is pushing on the outside of a straw. After carefully absorbing the words from my two wonderful new urologist friends, I decided to put their advice to test and make use of the can of Diet Coke I consumed an hour before typing this article up.

I went into the office bathroom, unzipped, unbuttoned, threw those pantaloons to the ground, closed my eyes, and made some sweet yellow. I calmly waited until I was finished to start any semblance of a shake. With a grip akin to holding a newborn puppy, I shook Ladybird the name of my penis until I was positive all urine had been expelled from my body.

I opened my eyes, sighed in relaxation, pulled up my trousers, buttoned them up, zipped, and looked down. Even with expert advice, there is no avoiding those last few drops.

The drip is as old as the universe itself and, like your grandfather's stance on integration, will never change. In a way it's comforting; this is a part of life that every man can relate to.

I talked to some urologists about those last few drops

Jeremy Glass is Supercompressor's penis-obsessed staff writer; he has hobbies, goals, and a penis. Want more of the Culture you actually care about delivered straight to your inbox?

Pull those pants all the way down. Penises are actually poorly deed.

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Relax, be patient, and consider sitting down. My god.

So does the doctors' advice work? Make Fun. Thrillist Serves. Social Media Links.

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Tony Dinozzo and Toby Springs pee in their pants 13 min.