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I so well remember when I visited Koko, at the invitation of Francine Penny Patterson the woman who taught Koko a modified form of American Languagefor the first time. She was not the first ing ape I met, for I was already familiar with Washo, the chimpanzee first taught language by the Gardeners, her tuition subsequently taken over by Roger Fouts who also gave lessons to other ing chimpanzees, many of whom I met. In my studies at Gombe of wild chimpanzees, I learned fascinating things about their nature and lives.


Two gorillas at the Bronx Zoo left guests a little scandalized when they began engaging in a sex act in front of zoo attendees this week.

But, after the one ape guided the other to the floor, things quickly escalated as the primate then began to perform oral sex on the other animal in front of guests watching from behind the enclosure's glass.

Visitors quickly began to realize what was transpiring between the two gorillas, as many removed their kids from view of the scene as others laughed.

Oh my God," one man could be heard exclaiming in the clip. As the video came to close, many onlookers remained and gawked over the scene, before the two primates eventually got up and quickly scurried away together. According to a report from BBCoral sex is quite a common practice for various animal species, including cheetahs, bears, spotted hyenas, goats and bats.

Discover Magazine similarly reported that animals do not always partake in sexual activities just for reproduction purposes. The publication noted that gorillas, as well as chimpanzees, macaques and orangutans, are "most likely to display responses similar to humans," meaning that they too can experience sexual pleasure.

Speaking with The New York Post after his video went viral, the videographer — who chose to keep his identity anonymous — told the outlet, "I was shocked and had no idea that was a natural act. Then this magic happened. FB Tweet More.

Gorillas at the Bronx Zoo in You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. Bronx Zoo. Credit: Getty.

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Chimpanzees laugh when tickled.


Bestiality gorilla sex stories.


Visitors to a zoo in New York were left stunned when a gorilla was filmed performing oral sex on its partner.