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  • My age:
  • 45
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  • Girl
  • My hair:
  • Ash-blond
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  • None
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  • No


Gf gives boyfriend lap dancing in thong. Blow brunettes dance Stripper gives a lap dance and deep blowjob


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Gf gives boyfriend lap dancing in thong

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Lapdancing girlfriend ch. 01

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Go to first unread. Skip to :. GLaMouR Badges: 0. Report Thread starter 15 years ago 1.

Lap dance from sexy gf porn videos

I've been with my boyfriend for almost three years and have just found that he has been visiting strip clubs on a of occassions. Normally on a l night out.

I wasn't too shocked at the idea of it, but was a bit confused why he didnt want to tell me about it before. He says its because i would flip out at him However, I also found out that he has had private lap dances which he has paid for himself and thought this was going a bit far Some people reccon it counts as cheating or just being insensitive?

S the last one was abroad on a stag night.

Not what you're looking for? Report 15 years ago 2. I was well pissed off to find my bf had gone to one only been in there, not had a dance mind. It was before we met Perhaps you could Gf lap dance at home? Maybe he likes the "look but don't touch" thing and you could do that? Report 15 years ago 3.

Report 15 years ago 4. Private - 'seductive' dancing, usual fully nekkid, no touching on his behalf or he gets beaten up by bouncers. Possibly insensitive, DEF not cheating. Report Thread starter 15 years ago 5. So basically my boyfriend is a pig? And i have a right to flip out? He doesnt see anything wrong with it and says everyone does it and whoever says they havent are lieing Does this justify his actions?

Very Concerned!! Report 15 years ago 6. To be honest if he was going every week then yeah I'd say this is on something is up but is itf out with the l and stag dos then really there's nothing in it. As for private dances they're usually in the bar in full view of everyone and as someone rightly said he's not allowed to touch them at all!

Report 15 years ago 7. To be honest, its pretty juvenile and after the first time lost its novelty for me ive been to 3.

Horny blonde girlfriend gives me lap dance in advance of oral pleasure

To be honest i wouldn't flip out if i were you, he'd just go in a mood or somethin. Probably just a phase, he'll get over it soon though. Report Thread starter 15 years ago 8. What if it was in a seperate part of the room with no one in it?

He does even like it when guys offer to buy me drinks But gives me the guilt trip everytime and thinks i cheat on him every time i go out. Is okay to have a private dance by a naked girl who youve paid to do it even though you have a girlfriend and you know she would NOT be happy about it? Report Thread starter 15 years ago 9.

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Gf gives boyfriend lap dancing in thong.


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