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for Free! Spanking on the Ranch "Ranch hand and his roommate get spanked by ranch owner for misdeeds. Score 3. Famous Story. Published 9 years ago.

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I grew up dirt poor on a small farm that never did well. My daddy was a good man who taught me to work hard and get more out of life than he did. Sometimes he taught me by what he said and did. Other times, he taught me by taking me over his knee or put me over the bed and gave me his belt. Through our church, I got a position at a large and very profitable ranch.

In those days, boys would apprentice at such places and, if they did well, be given a position. I was a strapping boy of twenty, six two, pure muscle from working the farm with my father all the time and all the charity work I did at the church.

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Being young and muscular, all of the hard work tasks went to me at the church. Price, the owner of the ranch said on my first day. He was a big man in his fifties, not fat, just big. He towered over me and seemed to control everything within a few mile radius of him wherever he was; everyone bowed to this man, even the pastor. He had his arm on my back as he led me to his office. It had Gay spanking fiction cozy open living room, a convenience kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

He remained silent for a moment. When you do not meet those expectations, or follow the rules, you will be spanked. I believe every boy deserves a chance and things can be taken care of in this way, as long as they are not too bad. I find that boys who come from farms, like yourself, sometimes have a hard time adjusting to a big operation Gay spanking fiction this with all of the temptations like being around so many people, and so much going on.

In fact, it made me feel more comfortable to have Mr. Price act like a daddy to me rather than be a boss who might fire me. That said, I did not like getting spanked, I was sure at that moment that I would never do anything that would allow Mr. Price the opportunity to spank me. Price, I remember that and understand and fully agree. I will do a good job for you. He was a guy in his twenties who had drifted around a lot and got into trouble before coming to the ranch.

The same pastor who helped me get the job helped Derrick get his. I liked the guy. It was hard at first to tow the line and I got a lot of spankings. But, I been here four years and now I settled in a bit. Price is serious when you get inta trouble, you just get your ass whupped bad. A couple of times, it hurt for days. And they are very embarrassing, sometimes in front of people. The first few months passed and everything went well at the ranch.

I fell into the regular routine and found that there were a lot of side projects that were fun, and the other men and supervisors at the ranch were good men who helped me understand what I needed to do. Then, one day, another apprentice, Scott, and I had been working together and Scott decided to go behind the barn and take a nap when we were supposed to be building a storage case for some of the larger tools. Price had taken Scott by the arm and dragged him back into the barn where I was working making Scott scream out as he was being dragged.

Then, you and I are going to have a long talk tomorrow. He was a huge man, well over six feet, red hair, pasty white complexion, but big.

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It was odd seeing such a big man draw up into himself like a tiny dog when he thinks he going to get kicked. Price said, his tone allowing for nothing but compliance.

I started to move away to get out of the barn and give them some privacy. He spanked Scott for a long time and then told him to get up and take off his pants and his shorts.

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When Scott did this, I saw that he had a huge dick; it was surprising to see such a big man get spanked like this. Price said taking off his belt. He turned the chair around and forcefully put Scott over it. Scott was like a tamed animal at this point doing exactly as directed. You will learn what happens when you do.

Price gave Scott more than fifty furious licks with the belt. His ass was red and there were marks from the belt all over his ass. His huge dick swung as he got those licks, and, toward the end, his body Gay spanking fiction and his legs were unsteady.

He was almost unable to stand. Price said as he picked up a small hand paddle. He took Scotts arm, who was somewhat dazed at this point from being spanked, turned the chair around and put Scott back over his knee. The spanking with the paddle was relentless. The spanking with the paddle continued, hard, intense, fierce strokes. Price continued the hard, furious spanking.

Scott broke and cried, quietly at first, but then full out with tears running down his face as Mr. The spanking ended with Scott was crying out loud. Price fixed his clothes, put the chair and paddle away, and left. Scott cried himself out, went into the bathroom for a long time, then came back shyly, but soon went back to work. I gave Scott room and said nothing about the spanking doing everything I could to make the work easier for him.

That night, I told Derrick about the spanking. Derrick asked a lot of questions, the description went on for over half an hour, and when I was done, Derrick said he was tired and needed to go to bed.

By charles hamilton the second

His door was open and he was lying on the bed naked, his hand stroking his hard dick furiously. I watched in wonder never having seen a man play with himself before. Then, he came with such force that he fell off the bed, his cum all over himself. I quietly went back to my room, afraid to be caught witnessing that scene. The next day, Mr. Price came to our apartment in the evening. We were sitting in the small living room playing cards.

I watched Derrick wondering why he would do such a thing and saw his face light up, yet his mouth remained somber. He said nothing. Price continued and I noticed he had a strap in his hand, it was evil looking.

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Price was very quiet. His face betrayed nothing. Price said pointing at the overstuffed chair in the corner. Derrick did as he was told.

Price said in a sharp command to which Derrick complied. I could see from my vantage point that Derrick was hard, not just hard, but pulsating. Price could not see this from his angle, and Derrick was doing all he could to hide it. The strap came down hard and fast. I had never seen anyone get spanked so hard. Derrick was quiet at first, but after twenty or so strokes, he started to grunt, then call out, and then scream.

Price spanked him relentlessly; his ass was dark red with marks everywhere and five or more bruises rising up.

Price yelled when he was done, and then left calmly, Derrick still bent over the chair. When Derrick finally got up several minutes later, he was having trouble getting into an upright position, but I also noticed that his dick was still hard and that there was huge gobs of cum dripping out of it and all over the chair. He moved slowly and cautiously gathering his pants and shorts and went to his bedroom without looking at me.

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I was going to cover my ears not wanting to hear him cry, but before I could, I heard him furiously jerking off, the bed banging against the wall, him calling out like mad, unaware that anyone could hear him. Within minutes, he came with a scream and then there was no noise in his room. Witnessing this both shocked and aroused me. How could someone get so charged up over being spanked? But he had gotten charged up over the story about Scott being spanked the day before, could he have deliberately done something to get spanked?

At that moment, I wanted to jerk off, I wanted to get spanked by Mr. Why was I having these thoughts?

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